Rogue Games and Knightime Studios Partnership


April 9, 2007 (Chicago, Illinois) -- Rogue Games and Knightime Studios have entered into a partnership which sees Rogue Games taking over the distribution of all Knightime Studios games.

Knightime Studios is jim pinto's freelance workshop dedicated to quality advertising, graphic design, and writing. jim is best known for his role as an Art Director for over 20 games in the gaming industry as well as the lead writer and managing editor of the World's Largest Dungeon. He's worked for companies big and small.

"jim has been doing some fantastic work with us, and this was a decision that was easy for James and I to make," said Richard Iorio, President of Rogue Games. "jim has a wealth of experience, and his design philosophies are very much in synch with the vision we have for games and game design."

Founded in January 2007, Rogue Games has followed their core philosophy: Games so good they sneak up on you.

From the start the founders have been committed to creating games different from the norm. They strive to experiment with mechanics, as well as presentation and game style.

The first Knightime Studios to be released under this partnership is Stranglehold, a roleplaying game about professional wrestling entertainment.

"Ladies and Gentlemen. Boys and Girls. Children of all ages. XSW proudly presents STRANGLEHOLD! Tonight's Main Event features two giants of the Wrestling Industry, in a terrifying death match that we recommend no children should miss! Get ready for 3 full hours or carnage!"

Stranglehold gives players control over almost every aspect of wrestling, with interviews, vignettes, tag matches, interference, valets, factions, commissioner decrees, and specialty matches like lumberjack and cage matches. Instead of focusing on the day to day toil of an individual wrestler, Stranglehold allows players to enjoy an entire evening of wrestling entertainment, filling their league with as many wrestlers as they want.

Available August 2007.

Cookie Jar, a quick dice game for any number of players, releases in August as well, for an impossible $2.

Murdercycles -- another roleplaying game -- is due shortly thereafter.

"jim has already added his own unique touch to some of the games we have in development. I'm very pleased to be working with him and I think our games will certainly stand out because of our collaboration with jim." said James Maliszewski, Vice President of Rogue Games.

About Rogue Games

Based out of Chicago, Illinois and with an office in Toronto, Canada, Rogue Games is dedicated to creating games that make you think, laugh, and more importantly make you want to play. The Rogues live by one simple motto: Games so good they sneak up on you.™

Contact the Rogues at for more information.
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