[Rogue Games] Rogue Games Releases Kitchen Kombat


May 10, 2007 (Chicago, Illinois) -- Rogue Games is pleased to announce that the Kitchen Battledome is open!

Released today via PDF is Richard Iorio's (designer of Geek Wars: Battle for the Con and World Championship Dodgeball from Goodman Games) latest card game Kitchen Kombat.

Fast paced, Kitchen Kombat is designed to be played in 30 minutes. Pitting player's against one another in the highly competitive and dangerous world of competitive cooking, you work to complete as many dishes as you can, while trying to escape the sabotaging attempts from your opponents.

Consisting 110-cards Kitchen Kombat inaugural release is as a PDF and is available for immediate purchase via Key 20's online store.

Suitable for ages 8 and up.

Cost $12.

About Rogue Games

Based out of Chicago, Illinois and with an office in Toronto, Canada, Rogue Games is dedicated to creating games that make you think, laugh, and more importantly make you want to play. The Rogues live by one simple motto: Games so good they sneak up on you.

Contact the Rogues at info@rogue-games.net for more information.

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