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Release RoleEver - RPGs by chat


Master of RoleEver
Hello everyone!

Since 2020 we've been beta testing RoleEver with the italian community and now we finally have an english version ready to test for everyone.
What is RoleEver? Well, RoleEver is a mobile app (for Android and iOS) to play any kind of tabletop rpg by chat. It works very much like a messaging app, you create a Story (group), players than join, create their character and role by chat.

Here are a few of the main feature we have at the moment.

Game Chat Currently a Story has two chats: game and off. The game chat is where you can only write as your character and roll a dice, the off chat is a normal chat where players can exchange messages freely.

Dice Roll You can roll a dice in the chat! The app interfaces with your character sheet and the results are calculated automatically.

Game turns Yep, that's right. You can set up turns and each player can role (write in the game chat) only when it's his turn. Turns duration and order can be changed by the master anytime. The master can also set an automatic pause (for example at night) and players can decide to skip their turn.

Stories Board Is like a gaming lobby, where as a master when you create a campaign (we call it a Story in RoleEver), if you make it public any player looking for a party can join.

Reader Mode You can follow a Story as a spectator and can read the game chat, characther sheets and the master notes.

Laboratory Here you can create your own game systems, including character sheet and dice rolls. Once you're done, you save it and can create new campaigns with it. You can also decide to share it so other players can use it. In the future we would like to expand it also to Characters, Items, etc like DnD Beyond Homebrew.

Here are some useful links:

Download: Android , iOS (you need to install TestFlight first)

Our socials: Facebook , Instagram and Twitter

If you wanna say hi we have a Discord server where we pretty much live 24/7 or for any question feel free to ask here.

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