Free Rolemaster Actual Play: Twilight (E108) & Hero (E85) "Shores, boars and snores”

We're excited to present Episode 108 of #TwilightOfTheOldOrder & Episode 85 of An'it No Place for a Hero; our two Rolemaster actual play campaigns are now again woven together!
Journey with our heroes as they navigate tricky terrains and engage with influential figures in Jebi Retana & explore the sinister shores of Jewel Island. Critical decisions & electrifying encounters lie ahead!

And guess what? For the very FIRST time, you get to see the faces behind your favorite characters! We've come together in person to share this experience. Ever wondered who plays your beloved heroes? Your curiosity ends here.

🎥 Dive in & check out the story: View attachment 43672

View attachment 43673

View attachment 43674

Join the conversation with #rolemaster #rolemasteractualplay and tell us, are the players what you imagined? 🤔🛡🎭

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Interesting to see the game layout with the DM that far away from the group of players, always fun to see how groups “gather” around the table. Thanks for sharing!
Nice one - thanks for the comment @EthanSental. Yeah just the lay out of our lounge + furniture or rather its lack on hand determined how we set the game room up.

Worked okay I think. People had fun which was the main thing anyway!

Happy gaming to you :)

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