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Free [Rolemaster] Rolemaster Actual Play: (E103) Twilight of the Old Order “Punch Drunk”

🎲 Adventure Awaits! 🌆 Journey with the Twilight party as they venture into the enigmatic Free City of Jebi Retana. Their mission? Connect with Jaasir al-Hafeez, leader of the formidable Solar Council. 🌞 But it's never that simple, is it?

👖 Recap: From donning luxurious outfits for a crucial meeting to unexpected encounters in the streets, our heroes found themselves amidst chaos and excitement.

🥊 This Episode: Dive headfirst into the thrilling "Punch Drunk" saga where a seemingly casual stroll turns into an unforgettable brawl! 🍻

🎥 Watch the Action Unfold: Rolemaster Actual Play: (E103) Twilight of the Old Order “Punch Drunk” Watch now 👉
Join us and be a part of this epic tale! 🌌 #rolemaster #twilightoftheoldorder #rolemasteractualplay

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