Roll Call of Published EN Worlders!

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Does OOP stuff count? If so...

Username: Zander
Real/published name: (Dr.) Alexander Simkin

- Character Record Sheets published by The Armory (now part of Chessex) in 1990
- A single page piece in Dragon a few years ago


Inventor of Super-Toast
Username: demiurge1138
Real Name: Nick Herold

One monster in Bastion Press' "Into the Black"
"The Beasts of Beowulf" article in Dragon 329.

Demiurge out.


diaglo aka David Temporado

Evaluation of a Two-Step Approach for Large-Scale, Prospective Genotyping of...

oh, you meant in the RPG industry...

nothing as me. only a few random letters to Dragon and Dungeon as anonymous.


First Post
Ack! I dislike talking about myself, but here it goes...

Abulia, aka Don Mappin

Several published works. I only count paid work as professional, and that list can be found here.


My name is Malcolm Sheppard. An incomplete list of my credits apears here:

In addition to what's listed in the entry, I've written portions of Mage: The Awakening. In my role as the developer and primary writer of Adamant Entertainment's Terminal Identity cyberpunk genre line, I've contributed to every product therin. Outside of the list, that includes: TACTICAL IMPLANT: The Definitive D20 Guide to Cyberpunk Combat and BLACK MARKET: The Definitive D20 Guide to Cyberpunk Gear

Upcoming work includes two more OGL .pdfs, Boston Unveiled and Guardians of the Veil for Mage and several additional projects that must remain under wraps for now.


Nicholas (or Nick) Luna

d20 Weekly (RIP): Damaged - An Alternate Spellcasting System for Low Magic and Low Fantasy Games
Pyramid: Object Lessons (parts 1, 2, and 3)
The Rifter #11: Super Powers (contributor)
Powers Unlimited: reprint of the powers from Rifter #11.

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