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D&D 5E Roll Up a Random Tasha's Lineage!


He / Him
I created this set of Random Charts based on the Custom Lineage rules in Tasha's Cauldron of Everything. It's fun to roll up a random set of Ability Score Improvements, Feats, Skill Proficiencies, and Languages and see what kind of Lineage you think that would create. I picked Feats from the Player's Handbook, Tasha's, and Xanathar's, and I left out any Feats with Prerequisites.

Tasha’s Random Lineage

Size (1d6)
  1. Small
  2. Small
  3. Medium
  4. Medium
  5. Medium
  6. Medium

Ability Score Increase (1d6)
  1. +2 Strength
  2. +2 Dexterity
  3. +2 Constitution
  4. +2 Intelligence
  5. +2 Wisdom
  6. +2 Charisma

Feat (1d4)
  1. Roll on the Feats of the Mind Chart
  2. Roll on the Feats of the Mind Chart
  3. Roll on the Feats of the Body Chart
  4. Roll on the Feats of the Body Chart

Feats of the Mind (1d20)
  1. Actor
  2. Alert
  3. Artificer Initiate
  4. Chef
  5. Dungeon Delver
  6. Fey Touched
  7. Gunner
  8. Healer
  9. Keen Mind
  10. Linguist
  11. Lucky
  12. Magic Initiate
  13. Observant
  14. Poisoner
  15. Resilient
  16. Shadow Touched
  17. Skill Expert
  18. Skilled
  19. Telekinetic
  20. Telepathic

Feats of the Body (1d20)
  1. Athlete
  2. Charger
  3. Crossbow Expert
  4. Dual Wielder
  5. Durable
  6. Great Weapon Master
  7. Mage Slayer
  8. Martial Adept
  9. Mobile
  10. Mounted Combatant
  11. Piercer
  12. Polearm Master
  13. Savage Attacker
  14. Sentinel
  15. Sharpshooter
  16. Shield Master
  17. Slasher
  18. Tavern Brawler
  19. Tough
  20. Weapon Master

Variable Trait (1d20)
  1. Darkvision
  2. Acrobatics Proficiency
  3. Animal Handling Proficiency
  4. Arcana Proficiency
  5. Athletics Proficiency
  6. Deception Proficiency
  7. History Proficiency
  8. Insight Proficiency
  9. Intimidation Proficiency
  10. Investigation Proficiency
  11. Medicine Proficiency
  12. Nature Proficiency
  13. Perception Proficiency
  14. Performance Proficiency
  15. Persuasion Proficiency
  16. Religion Proficiency
  17. Sleight of Hand Proficiency
  18. Stealth Proficiency
  19. Survival Proficiency
  20. Darkvision

Languages: Common, and… (1d20)
  1. Abyssal
  2. Celestial
  3. Deep Speech
  4. Draconic
  5. Dwarvish
  6. Elvish
  7. Giant
  8. Gith
  9. Gnomish
  10. Goblin
  11. Halfling
  12. Infernal
  13. Minotaur
  14. Orc
  15. Primordial
  16. Sylvan
  17. Undercommon
  18. Unique Language
  19. Choose a Language
  20. Roll Twice

Alright, roll up and post your Random Lineages!
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He / Him
Here are some I randomly generated:

Medium Sized
+2 Charisma
Feat: Sentinel
Skill Proficiency: Stealth
Languages: Common and Sylvan

Sybilants are guards, spies, and ambassadors to Faerie Queens and Kings. They are tall and lithe, with large almond-shaped eyes and antlers.

Small Sized
+2 Constitution
Feat: Observant
Skill Proficiency: Animal Handling
Languages: Common and Halfling

Borderkin live in the outer reaches of Halfling territories, hunting and taming animals. It is said their vigilance keeps the Halfling villages safe. Borderkin look like stocky halflings, but have a magical third eye in their forehead, often made of gemstone.

+2 Dexterity
Feat: Resilient
Skill Proficiency: Acrobatics
Languages: Common and Infernal

Lements were created in the flesh forges of Hell. They served as slaves to devils, each created with a specific purpose in mind. In a revolution, the Lements escaped to the Material Plane and now live in insular colonies. They are humanoid with plain, almost featureless faces, though they differentiate themselves with wild tattoos, masks, and outfits.

Small Sized
+2 Dexterity
Feat: Piercer
Languages: Common and Celestial

The Kirrine are descendants of Ki-Rin, left on the material plane to guard and maintain temples high in the cold, icy mountains. They are small, with metallic scales, equine features, flowing colorful manes, and a single horn in the middle of their forehead.


He / Him
Okay, this time I tried to create a "Core 6" group of lineages. To do so, I made sure I got all 6 ability scores, and I changed some of the names of languages (Dwarven = Terran, Orc = Porcine). I also rerolled some feats or skills if they were the same as another lineage. I tried to think of how these six lineages would interact with each other, and what kind of world would emerge.

Based on these lineages, I think this is a Fallen Kingdom kind of world. Think ruins of ancient cities and civilizations, taken over by wilderness. This world used to be ruled by two opposing forces: the giants and the dragons. But both are basically extinct, and only their descendants and former servants have survived in a land that is very much a living graveyard.

+2 Strength
Feat: Savage Attacker
Skill Proficiency: Perception
Languages: Common and Draconic


The Wyvren are descendants of the Draconic Sovereigns that used to rule over the Sentinel Mountains. Most live within anarchic hordes, where the strongest survive. Wyvren have dragon-like features, although none align to a single draconic type; instead, they have horns, scales, and crests of different colors. Wyvren are as comfortable walking on all fours as they are on two legs, have long, strong tails, and are able to smell with their forked tongues.

+2 Dexterity
Feat: Polearm Master
Skill Proficiency: Nature
Languages: Common and Terran


Veldtan are nomadic hunters, traveling the grasslands and forests that grow between the Graveyard Cities and the Sentinel Mountains. They are humanoids with sharp teeth and long manes of thick hair. Veldtan are expert hunters and have deep knowledge of the land. They carry long wooden spears carved with their family histories, as well as accountings of their greatest hunts. It is said that the Veldtan were the only people never enslaved or created by the Giants or Dragons.

+2 Constitution
Feat: Magic Initiate
Skill Proficiency: History
Languages: Common and Giant


The Urkith carry forward the legacy of their descendants, the Giant Lords. Urkith are very tall, usually near 8 feet, and have round features and brightly-colored skin, often in shades of blue. They live in scholarly communities in the Graveyard Cities, maintaining small farms and preaching a religion based on the deification of the Giants. Urkith can be shy, but will send brave individuals out into the world to find more stories of their holy ancestors.

+2 Intelligence
Feat: Gunner
Skill Proficiency: Arcana
Languages: Common and Arcana


Long ago the Draconic Sovereigns summoned powerful elementals to forge weapons of war. The Eldjinn are all that remain, small humanoids with metallic skin and eyes of flame, ice, stone, or lightning. Eldjinn are still crafters of explosive magical weaponry, and have used it to carve out kingdoms within the Sentinel Mountains.

+2 Wisdom
Feat: Telepathic
Skill Proficiency: Investigation
Languages: Common and Porcine


A power vacuum existed after the extinction of the Draconic Sovereigns and the Giant Lords; in stepped the Porcine. With pig-like features, and thick skin covered in bristly fur, the Porcine give the appearance of brutes. However, they have sharp minds, and have taken control of the Graveyard Cities through their expertise in the mercantile and political arts. Furthermore, Porcine are telepathic, and so can plan conspiracies and betrayals free from the eyes and ears of spies.


Size: Medium
ASI: +2 Con
Feat: Sharpshooter
Variable Trait: Investigation Proficiency
Language: Common and Goblin

This sounds like a Bugbear assassin to me. I'm imagining he's a strong, silent type. He watches his target, learns their patterns, figures out little details about them based on what they wear, or what path they take walking to the market. Then, once he completely understands who they are and how they think.... that's when he finishes them. A single black arrow and a corpse. Our assassin friend is long gone.


I created this set of Random Charts based on the Custom Lineage rules in Tasha's Cauldron of Everything. It's fun to roll up a random set of Ability Score Improvements, Feats, Skill Proficiencies, and Languages and see what kind of Lineage you think that would create. I picked Feats from the Player's Handbook, Tasha's, and Xanathar's, and I left out any Feats with Prerequisites.

Size (1d6)
  1. Small
  2. Small
  3. Medium
  4. Medium
  5. Medium
  6. Medium

Ability Score Increase (1d6)
  1. +2 Strength
  2. +2 Dexterity
  3. +2 Constitution
  4. +2 Intelligence
  5. +2 Wisdom
  6. +2 Charisma

Feat (2d20)
  1. -
  2. Actor
  3. Alert
  4. Athlete
  5. Charger
  6. Chef
  7. Crossbow Expert
  8. Dual Wielder
  9. Dungeon Delver
  10. Durable
  11. Fey Touched
  12. Great Weapon Master
  13. Gunner
  14. Healer
  15. Keen Mind
  16. Linguist
  17. Lucky
  18. Mage Slayer
  19. Magic Initiate
  20. Martial Adept
  21. Mobile
  22. Mounted Combatant
  23. Observant
  24. Piercer
  25. Poisoner
  26. Polearm Master
  27. Resilient
  28. Save Attacker
  29. Sentinel
  30. Shadow Touched
  31. Sharpshooter
  32. Shield Master
  33. Skill Expert
  34. Skilled
  35. Slasher
  36. Tavern Brawler
  37. Telekinetic
  38. Telepathic
  39. Tough
  40. Weapon Master

Variable Trait (2d12)
  1. -
  2. Darkvision
  3. Darkvision
  4. Darkvision
  5. Darkvision
  6. Darkvision
  7. Acrobatics Proficiency
  8. Animal Handling Proficiency
  9. Arcana Proficiency
  10. Athletics Proficiency
  11. Deception Proficiency
  12. History Proficiency
  13. Insight Proficiency
  14. Intimidation Proficiency
  15. Investigation Proficiency
  16. Medicine Proficiency
  17. Nature Proficiency
  18. Perception Proficiency
  19. Performance Proficiency
  20. Persuasion Proficiency
  21. Religion Proficiency
  22. Sleight of Hand Proficiency
  23. Stealth Proficiency
  24. Survival Proficiency

Languages: Common, and… (2d8)
  1. -
  2. Abyssal
  3. Celestial
  4. Deep Speech
  5. Draconic
  6. Dwarvish
  7. Elvish
  8. Giant
  9. Gnomish
  10. Goblin
  11. Halfling
  12. Infernal
  13. Orc
  14. Primordial
  15. Sylvan
  16. Undercommon

Alright, roll up and post your Random Lineages!
You will not have a uniform distribtion on feats, languages or traits because tusing two dice added. For exameple:


He / Him
You will not have a uniform distribtion on feats, languages or traits because tusing two dice added. For exameple:
Ha ha, just last night I was having trouble falling asleep and I suddenly realized that. I think running some models in my head actually finally got me to sleep.

Blue Orange

I guess you can roll a 1d40 and a 1d16!
d16's actually are for sale...

(the last one is actually numbered in hexadecimal for maximum nerd points)

d40's were harder to come by but I found one:

Usually though the thing you do is roll a d6 and use the first half of the table if you roll 1-3 and the second half if you roll 4-6 or something similar. Dice with a very large number of sides tend to roll too much.

Plus, of course, with random number generators you can roll any number you want--you can roll 1d17 if you want.


He / Him
With that done, I rolled up three more lineages! I decided to make each themed around the gods.

+2 Dexterity
Feat: Resilient
Skill Proficiency: Religion
Languages: Common and Gnomish

Gemcutters are a special line of gnomes blessed by Garl Glittergold with superior height and speed. Their holy mission is to travel the lands, seeking new sites for mining precious gems and building temples to their god. Gemcutters are usually six to seven feet tall, with lanky limbs, puckish features, and tattoos of gemstones and precious metals.

+2 Charisma
Feat: Observant
Languages: Common and Orc

The Gorogan are descendants of a tribe of orcs who pledged themselves to the worship of the gods of the night. They look somewhat like orcs, with lantern-jawed faces and prominent brows, but they are distinguished by the dark black or blue hair that covers much of their bodies, and their enormous, pale eyes. Gorogans often serve as nightguards for their Orcish brethren, or scouts in places dark and dangerous.

+2 Constitution
Feat: Linguist
Skill Proficiency: Acrobatics
Languages: Common and Minotaur

Long ago, the gods tasked mortals with constructing complex labyrinths to trap enemies and monsters. The gods themselves then made the Labyrin to maintain these mazes, and to record the histories and mythologies of those trapped within. Labyrins have the appearance of humanoid geckos, with colorful smooth skin and long fingers. They are slightly regenerative, and live exceptionally long lives, climbing about their labyrinths and recording the life stories of the poor victims who wander the halls.

Longshanks the Tall
+2 Intelligence
Feat: Actor
Survival Proficiency
Speaks Common and Halfling

A Human street child adopted and raised by a Halfling theatre troupe.


Fey Halfling
Size (2): Small
Ability Increase (5): +2 Wisdom
Feat (2, Mind 12): Magic Initiate
Variable Trait (15): Persuasion Proficiency
Languages (16): Common and Sylvan

Raised within the Feywild these halflings serve as groundskeepers for an abandoned Temple in the Feywild called The Refuge.
The Temple is dedicated to Sehanine Moonbow and is home to the Fey Celestial Archon known as Kestra.
These halflings use to live within the world known as Exandria until a massive war forced their evacuation into the Temple grounds an undisclosed number of years ago.
They have adapted to the situation and due to the Temple shifting locations within the Feywild their former home is no longer available to them.
The majority have rebuilt their lives literally underneath the Temple itself as its quite literally the only real point of safety in the Feywild unless they risk travelling into the Shadowfell or the new world the Temple now has an opening into.
Because of the Feywild they have developed various mystical abilities relating to nature, arcane and even divine on occasion.
They are on better terms with some of the surrounding inhabitants of the Feywild, but few choose to risk that relationship given how chaotic things can get with the Temple moving every now and then.


+2 Con
Medicine Proficiency
Common & Gnomish

When the mages warred, they tore fire from the sun, and rained it down on their enemies. Their enemies retaliated, and the stars fell. In the end, civilization was in ruins, the cities of man lay ruined, and refugees fled, simply looking for a safe place to start over. Others wandered, unable to seek refuge, either broken by what they'd seen, or forever seeking loved ones that had likely died. In the power vacuum, warlords arose, little more than thugs.

Garl Glittergold transformed a number of gnomish volunteers to go out into the chaos, and provide healing where they could. They came from various background, some were clerics, some alchemists, and others had other talents that could be put to use. As the years cycled to decades and then to centuries, others joined the order of healers. In time, communities, more like bases of operation, arose to house, support, and train new hospitalars. And though still dominated by the gnomes, due to the hospitalars preferring to marry those of like mind, enough non-gnomish blood entered their breeding pool to where they can be considered a distinct line from other gnomes.

Level Up!

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