Roll20 Goes Mobile

I must confess that I've never used a virtual tabletop. I understand that they're very popular, though (Roll20 says it has close to a million users, and it won an ENnie last year). I just got sent a link to a press kit for Roll20's new mobile apps for iOS and Android. The short version is that Roll20 is now available on Android and iPad. The long version is below, along with a nifty video of the iPad app in use.




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the compatibility restrictions aren’t good, won't play board with My Samsung Note which is huge but still a phone or my nexus 7 (2012) which isn’t or my Galaxy Tab which is a 7inch tab as well, I was looking forward to a networked character sheet

Works OK on my Hudl from Tesco. I believe there is a minimum version for Android (4.4 or later from the docs). At least the GM has to have a higher level of subscription than Free to get Tablet support but anyone who is in my game gets to use their 7"+ tablet as well as a PC or Mac (probably running Chrome as some browsers aren't supported). The tablet app is optimised for 7"+ tablets and doesn't support phones according to the app notes. I wouldn't want to GM a game from a tablet but it allows for die rolls and chat. The tablet app will have the Pathfinder SRD built-in (it's in Beta at the moment).


Should work on phablets (5"). Maybe require at least 720p screen instead of restricting to a known list of tablets? I got very high-rez screen (2560x1440) and very good near vision to go with it.

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