Rotted Capes: The Superhero Zombie RPG just announced!



The Golden Age of Superheroes has ended, not with a BANG but with a BITE!

The Dead have overrun the world and humanity’s protectors are either missing, dead or worse yet, Z’ed! Dismissed as the Poor Man’s Super Hero, you are mankind’s only hope for survival in this horror-filled world where the greatest threat is not the Living Dead, but the Super Zombies that sit at the top of the food chain looking hungrily down upon you!

Rotted Capes is a cross genre Role-playing Game where the gleaming world of Superheroes crashes headlong into the gritty and horror-filled world of Zombies!

Using a streamlined version of the Arcanis RPG system, Rotted Capes is a fast paced game which can be played in which ever style best suits your group – Campy or Horrific seriousness!

It’s the near future and Z-Day has come and gone. No one knows how or where it started, but when the dead started attacking the living, the populace turned, as usual, to its Super Heroes! But this was a threat unlike any other and the unthinkable happened: their Heroes failed!

As one of the B-listers, men, women (and aliens) who were sidekicks or low powered superheroes or villains, you’re all that stands between the ravening hordes of the Unliving and humanity’s total extinction.

But as if mindless zombies weren’t enough to deal with, many of those Heroes everyone looked up to have been Z’ed! Now they too hunger for flesh and with their super powers and inhuman cunning and intelligence, they may be unstoppable!

No one ever said being a Hero was easy!

Rotted Capes: Coming this Summer from Paradigm Concepts, Inc.

I can't seem to get the logo to show up, but you can view it here: Musings of a Coryani Centurion

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I would play a one-shot of this in a heartbeat. And the name Rotted Capes? Pure gold.

Anyone familiar with the rules system?


Hello Kevin,

I would play a one-shot of this in a heartbeat. And the name Rotted Capes? Pure gold.

Thanks! I usually have poor skills at naming things, but this one rolled off the tongue.

Anyone familiar with the rules system?

I am! :)

But seriously, the basic Task Resolution is based on 2d10 + an Attribute Die + Skill Rank = or greater than a TN. We also use the "Clock" for initiative as it gives more of an organic feel to the combat.

Now, granted the original system was created for Arcanis, an epic fantasy RPG, but it has been streamlined and retrofitted for Superhero goodness!

If you're interested, there's a fairly detailed review of the Arcanis Core Book on RPGNow here: - Arcanis: the Roleplaying Game PDF Reviews

Hope you enjoy the game!



Hello Olaf,

The concept sounds hilarious. Is it meant to be a serious game, or more a tongue-in-cheek, lighthearted game?

That's the beauty of the game. It's written so that you can choose the play style that you and your players prefer. If you like Campy, we can do that. If you prefer Dead Serious, uber angsty drama, like Walking Dead, you can do that too!

We basically give you a tool box with a default setting and then give you a choices so that you can bend the rules to your needs.

During playtest we had a group go completely Campy and they had a great time (with Heroes like the Brewmeister, how could you not?).

Whereas I tend to enjoy much more dark and gritty games, so I ran mine in that fashion and people had a nerve-wrackingly fun time.



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As a fan of both zombies and superheroes, that sounds like a lot of fun. I wonder if I can get my players on board when the current game ends?

I've been considering running something like this since I read [ame=]Ex-Heroes by Peter Clines[/ame]and its sequal. They're a fun read. It's zombie apocalypse in a world with super heroes. The main characters aren't the B-list, but in the process of fighting the initial outbreak some of the A-list also got turned, which presents a few problems for the survivors.

Having a game system already designed around incorporating the two genres will help me pitch it to the play group. I'm looking forward to seeing what the final game book looks like.

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