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Hi all I'm reaching a point in my main campaign where I am prepared to give my character a beautiful death, to stop his evil twin and save the world.

The character I have in mind to replace him would be a Fairy from the royal bloodline. He is about a foot tall(DM wants him to be smaller than the book suggests at 2-3 feet and I agree). His father having heard the plight of Fey creatures living on the material plane and seeing his kind relentlessly hunted and slaughtered is preparing his armies for a great conquest on the material plane. My character being his son and always wanting to travel to the material plan and learn the ways of other folk, and to test his hand in battle and protecting the innocent pleaded to his father but was dismissed and told to return to his studies as he is one of the potential heirs to the throne. My character deciding at 250 years old it is time for him to make the decisions he believes right, goes through a portal in the palace to the world of the living.

I plan to play him like a normal Fairy, and I've spoken to the DM about homebrewing a ability on the material plane where he looks like a non imposing typical 6ft tall peasant, as a means to hide his Fairy identity, and I would try to keep his Fey heritage from the party as long as I could and play him like a sword wielding peasant for as long as I could.

So I have all this RP stuff going on with the character but when it comes to which class/build to choose I am STRUGGLING

I like Druids but with him having racial faerie fire I feel like it would be a waste to go druid when I could give a class that doesn't usually get faerie fire the ability.

I know I want to be casting spells in someway as its my favorite part of DnD

Mainly I was thinking Eloquence Bard to make him the ultimate support seeing as with my Divine Soul Sorc gone from our campaign he could buff and enhance the party.

But I love the idea of a tiny little 1ft Fairy zipping around the battlefield with a rapier and blasting spells as a bladesinger

I also thought about some sort of Bard/Rogue combo to make him tiny and almost undetectable.

What kind of ideas do you guys have?

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