RPG Bundles, Freebies, and Sales News (May 1, 2022)

Welcome to the Bundles, Freebies, and Sales News, the weekly column at EN World that helps make sure you don’t miss out on big tabletop RPG bundles, charity fundraisers, and sales from around the internet.


Freebies and Pay What You Want

Starting out on the DM’s Guild we have Descent – Legend of the Nasto by Remo Wakeford, a one-shot adventure for 7th level characters where the party investigates the lost Nasto, a hulking 600ft long ship that vanished without a trace.
  • Price: Pay What You Want (Suggested: $0.00)

If the recent Spelljammer announcement has you wanting to explore adding more science fiction elements to your D&D games, The Voidfarer’s Guide to the Verse is a 47-page sourcebook with a lot of pulpy 1950s style sci-fi fun. Vehicle rules for flying saucers and rocket ships, strange alien creatures, new gear and weapons including a lasersword and holobow, and a brand new class: The Space Ranger.
  • Price: Pay What You Want (Suggested: $4.00)

Benjamin Dickenson created a full conversion of the 4th Edition introductory adventure H1 Keep on the Shadowfell to 5th Edition rules. This 63-page document updates the full tomb with new magic items and monsters. You can also pick up the original as a companion on DM’s Guild for free as well.
  • Price: Pay What You Want (Suggested: $0.99)

Over on DriveThruRPG, the system-agnostic Christian Blair adventure The Cursed Ring tasks the party with retrieving a powerful magical ring deep inside a forbidden forest where madness awaits. The 8-page adventure will work for any “generic fantasy TTRPG or similar” and is designed for low-level characters for a 5-6 hour session.
  • Price: Free

The Tome of Taverns by Lyall McDicey helps you find unique and creative rest stops and meeting places for your party with 20 different taverns with their own themes and personalities.
  • Price: Pay What You Want (Suggested: $0.00)

I’m not sure how many will get the reference to a particular old Halloween Saturday Night Live sketch featuring Tom Hanks, but Jay Boryczko definitely remembers with his Mork Borg sourcebook Davig S Pumpkins featuring stats for Davig S. Pumpkins himself as well as his B-boy skeleton posse ready to scare the hell out of you. Any questions?
  • Price: Pay What You Want (Suggested: $0.00)

Finally, Terry Herc is back with another set of random tables for 1d100 Random Cults. There are four columns with different aspects for each cult: Cult Name, Leader Name, Important Location, and Significant Rumor so you can quickly pull together a cult that can be either a friend or foe to the party.
  • Price: Pay What You Want (Suggested: $1.00)


Bundles and Sales

The #KiwiRPG Week Bundle 2022 features a dozen RPGs from different creators from New Zealand hosted by Kēmu Whakatau O Aotearoa on Itch.io. Genres of these adventures, settings, and full games range from mecha piloting to heave metal inspired pulp to horror-mystery to dreamlike narrative to animal friends trying to raid the trash and more.
  • Price: $30 (41% off)
  • End Date: May 10, 2022

Tired of the same old alehouses and pubs in your games? The Shops Collection on the DM’s Guild has four unique tavern locations with their own theme that brings something different to the tavern experience: Cookie Shop, Fast Food Deluxe, Nutty Tavern, and Tea Shop.
  • Price: $4.75 (32% off)

Also on the DM’s Guild, the Encounters Mega-Bundle is…umm…I tried to do the math on how many different encounters across all the books offered and lost count in the several hundreds. There are over two dozen different collections of encounters based on environment, setting, or theme ensuring you’re always prepared with a new encounter to drop into your games including a book of 200 non-combat encounters.
  • Price: $49.95 (50% off)

On DriveThruRPG, you can also find a collection of quick adventures for Call of Cthulhu with the One Page Cthulhu Adventures Bundle. The four different one-page adventures has the entire plot and rules needed plus exact page references for rules and stat blocks from the Call of Cthulhu core rulebook. You also know exactly what you’re getting by clicking on each product as the preview contains the full adventure as well.
  • Price: $5.96 (25% off)


Charity Bundles and Fundraisers

On Bundle of Holding, the Hostile Bundle gives you everything you need for deep-space horror using the Cepheus Engine from Zozer Games inspired by Classic Traveller. The retro-future setting of the game is inspired by movies like Outland, Blade Runner, and Alien featuring claustrophobic space freighters and brutal industrial colonies. The base level includes the core rules, a referee screen, and the weapons guide Gunlocker. The Level-Up price adds on three guides to survival on hostile worlds, two bestiaries, two hardware and vehicle guides, and a campaign framework “well described by its title: Crew Expendable”.
  • Price: $9.95 (78% off) with variable cost Level-Up option
  • End Date: May 5, 2022
  • Charity: Direct Relief (10%)

And still on the Bundle of Holding is the Old-School Treasures bundle featuring recent books for Old-School Essentials. The bundle includes the Old-School Essentials Rules Tome featuring the core rules of this OSR version of the B/X rules, three rules supplements from Third Kingdom Games, and the Old-School Essentials Referee Screen, while the Level-Up option adds a collection of four adventures and four issues of two different zines with sandbox settings, maps, tables, scenarios, and more.
  • Price: $9.95 (83% off) with variable cost Level-Up option
  • End Date: May 2, 2022
  • Charity: Direct Relief (10%)

The Arkadia Bundle on Bundle of Holding is a good way to jump into the Hellenistic Greece setting for 5e featuring a mix of the historical and mythological. This bundle features the core rulebook for the setting, the Fate of the Oracle campaign-length adventure, and the music pack Arkadia – Music and Ambiance.
  • Price: $9.95 (75% off)
  • End Date: May 3, 2022
  • Charity: Direct Relief (10%)

The Black Library’s Tales of the Space Marine Chapters Bundle set in the world of Warhammer 40,000 is in its final week on Humble Bundle. The bundle comes with three levels, the $1 level gives 6 ebooks, the $10 features eight more books for a total of 14, and the top tier of $18 has everything from the prior level plus ten more books for a grand total of 24 novels.
  • Price: $1/$10/$18 (94% off at the top tier)
  • End Date: May 5, 2022
  • Charity: EveryLibrary Institute (user-defined, default 5%)

That’s all for this week! This is still an experiment so if you have any feedback, please leave a comment. If you know of any bundles or sales starting soon, please contact me on the EN World Discord or send me a message here on EN World. Discount percentages have been rounded to the nearest whole number and are based on the standard retail price provided by the site. Note: Links to Amazon, Humble Store, Humble Bundle, and/or DriveThru may contain affiliate links with the proceeds going to the author of this column.

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