RPG Crowdfunding News – Empire of the Ghouls, Traveller, The Fantasy Trip, Big Bad Con, and more

May 31st to June 6th sees the end of nearly 30 RPG crowdfunding projects including the newly extended Kingmaker project. Projects from Steve Jackson Games, Paizo, Kobold Press, and many more end end during those seven days. From among that distinguished crowd, I look at eleven of them.Empire of the Ghouls: A 5th Edition Campaign vs. the Undead by Kobold Press

  • END DATE: Fri, May 31 2019 4:00 PM EDT.
  • SYSTEM(S): Dungeons & Dragons 5e
  • PROJECT TYPE: Adventure module
  • MOST POPULAR PLEDGE: $85 + S/H for the PDF and hardcover of the sourcebook, PDF and softcover of the Player’s Guide and the Underworld Lairs, maps and more
“An alliance of cultists, ghouls, and vampires. A scheme of the dark gods against humanity. New maps, dark realms, monstrous societies! A few torches, and a mountain of courage. That's all it takes to go down into the lands of endless darkness. This project delivers a full 5th Edition campaign of dark fantasy adventure. It begins with undead plagues upon the surface, and then sends the heroes into the Underworld. Into the hungering dark. Allied with vampires, the darakhul of the Ghoul Imperium turn their attention to the surface. Emperor Nicoforus the Pale remains wary of further expansion, but others are not satisfied with caution. These ghouls have set plans in motion to gain further control of the surface world and spread their dark religion across the land. This project delivers a full adventure from levels 1 to 13 that begins with stirrings of ghoul trouble in Zobeck and eventually sends heroes into the Underworld to confront the leaders of the ghoul uprising. And it doesn't stint on the dangers of the Underworld: purple worms, bone collectives, kobold tinkers, otyughs, the derro and their strange madness, and, of course, the ghouls with their baronies and armies, implacable and alien and utterly without pity.”
Spaceships & Starwyrms: A 5e Sci-Fi Game by Audrey Stolze

  • END DATE: Thu, May 30 2019 11:59 PM EDT.
  • SYSTEM(S): Dungeons & Dragons 5e
  • PROJECT TYPE: Core rulebook
  • MOST POPULAR PLEDGE: $35 for the PDFs of the rulebook, an adventure, a sourcebook, and all unlocked digital stretch goals
“A d20 tabletop game compatible with 5e that brings science fiction to the gaming table. Whether you want to play space opera, cyberpunk mystery, or hard sci fi horror, S&S has something for you. Clocking in at nearly 400 pages, the Core Sourcebook offers new classes, species, monsters, spaceship combat, and more. At its core, S&S is born of our love for all things sci fi, from Blade Runner to Star Wars to Firefly to Halo. More than that, we wanted to stay true to the 5th edition philosophy of simplicity and accessibility. We strive at every turn to keep our rules and mechanics in the spirit of 5th edition while still bringing a plethora of new options to the table. With your support, we expect to deliver a full-color, 300+ page Core Sourcebook in addition to a Kickstarter-exclusive galactic adventure module and our very first supplementary book for the system: the Galactic Primer on Natural Environments, in both PDF and print formats. Our team consists of seasoned and new game designers, editors, graphic designers, and playtesters, so you can be sure you're getting a high-quality product that will help you bring science fiction and science fantasy to your gaming table in an accessible, familiar format.”

Monster Menagerie: Gruesome Foes by Rogue Genius Games

  • END DATE: Fri, May 31 2019 3:00 AM EDT.
  • SYSTEM(S): Pathfinder 1e
  • PROJECT TYPE: Sourcebook
  • MOST POPULAR PLEDGE: $10 for the PDF and POD of the book
“A creepy collection of Pathfinder-compatible templates to help you customize your gruesome foes. We’re not done with our line of Pathfinder-compatible products yet, and we want to offer you a collection of templates to turn monsters into things that will remind players why most people don’t go adventuring! At our base funding level, we’ll provide you with 43 Gruesome Templates (and one sample monster for each), written and developed by industry veterans Owen K.C. Stephens, Dan Dillon, Steve Helt, and Stephen Rowe. Built off the series of popular Gruesome Monster books by RGG, these templates have been revised and expanded to apply more easily to any monster you need to strike fear into the hearts of your players.”

Afterlife: Wandering Souls by Angry Hamster Publishing

  • END DATE: Fri, May 31 2019 9:22 AM EDT.
  • SYSTEM(S): An original system
  • PROJECT TYPE: Core rulebook
  • MOST POPULAR PLEDGE: €11 for the PDF of the book and all unlocked digital stretch goals
Afterlife: Wandering Souls is a tabletop RPG about recovering lost memories and exploring strange worlds. Afterlife: Wandering Souls is a macabre fantasy game set in the surreal plane known as the Tenebris. You take on the role of a Wanderer—someone who died, but didn’t end up in Heaven, Hell, or any other traditional afterlife. Devoid of any memories of your life on earth, you find yourself in an endless desert filled with gateways. Search different planes of existence for clues of your former life - or a semblance of one. Along the way you'll encounter strange inhabitants, alien cultures, and other humans who’ve lost all hope and are bent on destroying you. Stepping onto the Tenebris for the first time you realize you're in an outlandish world full of creatures, cities, and customs you don't recognize. A city built atop a giant skeleton, a roadside diner in the middle of the desert, a vast dark pool of inky water. Nothing here is truly human and you're the alien here, far from home with no hopes of return. Salvation lies in the memories you've lost so you travel and search - you are a Wanderer. Afterlife is Alice in Wonderland meets What Dreams May Come set in a world inspired by the works of Guillermo del Torro, Hayao Miyazaki, and surrealist artists.”

The Crypt in Cadaver Canyon & More! By Purple Sorcerer Games

  • END DATE: Mon, June 3 2019 3:01 PM EDT.
  • SYSTEM(S): Dungeon Crawl Classics
  • PROJECT TYPE: Adventure modules
  • MOST POPULAR PLEDGE: $27 for the PDF and POD copies of The Crypt in Cadaver Canyon and The Sullenlands Adventure Omnibus and Guide
“Exciting new Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG content from Mark Bishop and Purple Sorcerer Games. We’re excited to announce The Crypt in Cadaver Canyon, another thrilling Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG adventure from the mind of author Mark Bishop. This campaign will also help us combine the new module with Mark’s previous adventures to create a massive new omnibus version: The Sullenlands Adventure Omnibus and Guide! The Crypt in Cadaver Canyon challenges 4-6 2nd level adventurers to save a hidden desert city (along with its cursed inhabitants) from the wrath of a devious and chaotic god. Its 48 digest-sized pages are packed with dangerous environments, exotic threats, and a world-shaking finale with thousands of lives on the line! When complete, The Sullenlands Adventure Omnibus and Guide will come in at almost 300 digest-sized pages of adventuring goodness, taking your players from zero to 3rd level and beyond!”

The Fantasy Trip: Decks of Destiny by Warehouse 23/Steve Jackson Games

  • END DATE: Mon, June 3 2019 6:05 PM EDT.
  • SYSTEM(S): The Fantasy Trip
  • PROJECT TYPE: Deck of resources
  • MOST POPULAR PLEDGE: $100 + S/H for all five of the decks, the megahexes, the playmats, and more
“Many, many new cards and accessories for use with Steve Jackson's The Fantasy Trip roleplaying game! This boxed set brings new cards, megahex tiles, and (possibly) other accessories to The Fantasy Trip, providing both players and gamemasters with tools to jump straight into adventure. As of the start of this Kickstarter campaign, the Decks of Destiny box includes the Player's Pack - One set of 13 combat option cards (perfect for new players), one blank fighter dry erase card, one blank wizard dry erase card, one dry erase marker, and one character journal which serves as an expanded character sheet where you can record both game stats and campaign information. Rumors & Treasures - One deck of 30 -- now 44! -- dry erase rumor cards and a rumors journal where the GM can record card usage . . . plus one deck of 60 -- now 74! -- dry erase treasure cards and a treasures journal. Adversaries - One deck of 15 -- now 20! -- dry erase orc fighter cards, one deck of 24 dry erase skill cards (use to turn any fighter card into a talented character), one deck of 15 -- now 20! -- dry erase double-sized wizard cards, and one deck of 30 -- now 40! -- dry erase double-sized creature cards. Labyrinths - One deck of 62 hex-shaped dry erase cards to quickly build labyrinths, and a labyrinth journal where you can pre-plan adventures . . . or record the results of random adventures. Megahex Tiles - 6 -- now 9! -- new sheets of double-sided, dry erase megahex tiles. Blank on one side, illustrated on the reverse side. A new drop table printed on the inside lid of the box; quickly stock your labyrinths with opponents, treasures, and surprises! 8 -- now 10! -- character sheet bookmarks.”

LatchKey by In Search Of Games, LLC.

  • END DATE: Tue, June 4 2019 12:28 AM EDT.
  • SYSTEM(S): An original system
  • PROJECT TYPE: Core rulebook
  • MOST POPULAR PLEDGE: $40 for the PDF and hardcover of the rulebook
“A simplified, cyberpunk, tabletop roleplaying game designed to be an introduction to new players. Set in the year 2075, you take on the role of a young adult during the rebuilding of Nashville, Tennessee three years after a civil war. Suddenly, three figures invade and split the city amongst themselves and it's up to you and your party to embark on journeys, solve mysteries, drive these mysterious intruders out of the city and restore it to normalcy. LatchKey is a tabletop roleplaying game I developed with the intention to initiate new players into the RPG experience. LatchKey is meant to teach new players the details about an RPG, without sacrificing the storytelling or the challenge that usually comes with an introductory game. LatchKey comes with a black & white PDF or Hardcover book containing 6 playable classes, an introduction & directions to the LatchKey Game System, a 25-page introductory adventure, and a section on running the adventure as the Game Master (GM).”

Fearsome Foes: And Where to Fight Them by Joshua Greer

  • END DATE: Wed, June 5 2019 5:00 PM EDT.
  • SYSTEM(S): Dungeons & Dragons 5e
  • PROJECT TYPE: Sourcebook
  • MOST POPULAR PLEDGE: $35 + $10 US shipping for the PDF and print of the tome plus more
“An advanced monster guide to help spice up encounters for experienced adventurers, and new worlds for them to inhabit! Moving from the Pathfinder Role Playing Game to 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons, I was instantly taken in by how streamlined the game was and how much easier it was to run a campaign. Still, after a few sessions of being a 5th edition Dungeon Master, I started to notice a pattern with some of the core game’s monsters. Attack, multi-attack, cast a spell if they were clever… it seemed like the same thing again and again. Many of them were lacking something unique, something that really set them apart from a mechanical stand-point. Fearsome Foes and Where to Fight Them seeks to remedy that - making each and every monster in it a unique and memorable encounter! Every creature is fleshed out and can be handled in a multitude of ways! These creatures have been play-tested by seasoned veterans and new players alike to ensure proper balance in any Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition campaign or one-shot session. Let these Fearsome Foes take your encounters to the next level! Here's what each book will include: 40 monsters from CR 2 to CR 30 for adventurers of all experience levels, 10 new spells for creatures and players alike, 5 new magic items to entice players and enhance enemies, and 3 new settings for you and your players to explore and conquer!”

Big Bad Con 2019 by Sean Nittner

  • END DATE: Thu, June 6 2019 9:59 AM EDT.
  • PROJECT TYPE: Gaming convention
  • MOST POPULAR PLEDGE: $60 for a 4-day badge
Big Bad Con is a tabletop and live action gaming convention built on great games and a welcoming community. Big Bad Con is happening this October 10-13 in Walnut Creek, CA. It's accessible from either SFO or OAK airports, and it's hosted by the Walnut Creek Marriott, where we have over 20,000 square feet of gaming space! What can you expect at Big Bad Con? Phenomenal tabletop game offerings. We’ll have over 400 events; you can see early submissions on our events page. Amazing players and GMs. They are what makes the convention special! 40 private game rooms for RPGs and LARPs. Online registration for games. Have your entire schedule ready when you arrive! Games on Demand. Didn't sign up for games in advance? No worries, swing by GoD and pick from our amazing menu of games! Big Bad World. Our con-long larp of being awesome to each other. Community Coordinator and Safety Advocates. Folks that are there for you if something comes up. Thursday evening social events. Soda pop social, fencing lessons, stitching circles, dance parties, and more! Every year we look back and see what could be done better, here's what new in 2019! POC Dinner, an opportunity to meet and mingle with other amazing people of color. All Ages Dry Lounge, a chill spot for teens and adults to hang out. Expanded Games on Demand, more room, more tables, and more games! A new board game library, donated by our friends at EndGame! Outreach, we're teaming up with The Game Academy to run some great games for kids before the con! Big Bad Game Jam on itch.io, we're collecting fable and folklore inspired games with proceeds from the anthology going to our scholarship program. Babble On Equity Project, a fund to bring more people of color to Big Bad Con. Accessibility loaner gamer gear, jumbo dice, braille dice, card holders, dice trays, easy to hold pens and pencils, and more.”

Traveller Fifth Edition by Marc "Traveller" Miller

  • END DATE: Thu, June 6 2019 11:00 AM EDT.
  • SYSTEM(S): Traveller 5e
  • PROJECT TYPE: Core rulebook
  • MOST POPULAR PLEDGE: $100 + $7 US shipping for the PDF, CDROM, and 3 hardcover slipcase plus more
“The updated Traveller 5 dot 10. Traveller is back and it's better than ever! We've listened to your feedback over the past couple of years and have returned to bring you what you've all been asking for: a brand-new print run of Traveller Fifth Edition complete with errata and a handful of useful upgrades! We are also incorporating the lessons learned after that edition: feedback on systems, errata, and even some new systems. Most evident is our new, easier-to-use format. The original Traveller, many years ago, was three Little Black Books (LBBs) - 48-page black-covered booklets with the titles Characters and Combat, Starships, and Worlds and Adventures. We're formatting this edition as three Big Black Books (BBBs) with the same titles, but 280 pages (Book 1) or more (304 pages for Book 2 and Book 3), and all in a slip case.”

Five Torches Deep by Sigil Stone Publishing

  • END DATE: Thu, June 6 2019 1:00 PM EDT.
  • PROJECT TYPE: Core rulebook
  • MOST POPULAR PLEDGE: $10 for the PDF and POD of this book
“A tabletop rpg combining the best of 5e and the OSR. Five Torches Deep (FTD) is a streamlined adventure game combining the best mechanics and principles of 5e, the OSR, and modern game design. The core of the game is familiar to anyone who has played 5e or previous editions of the game, but every mechanic has been pared down, modified, or expanded upon to create a coherently gritty, resource-focused, roguelike, old-school experience. The game’s about tough choices, risk vs reward, and using as much out of character smarts as in-character mechanics. It’s just about everything we (Ben and Jess) have come to expect from an OSR adventure game: brutal, challenging, streamlined, and accessible. FTD is a blend of old and new, digital and tabletop. It loots the corpses of four decades of gaming in just 48 packed pages. It’s able to comprehensively recreate an authentic OSR experience while bringing plenty of new subsystems to the table. Heavier than Knave or Into the Odd, more concrete than the Black Hack, less epic than 5e, more familiar than the White Hack, and less “edgy” than LotFP. It hits the sweet spot between post-clone ultra-light rules and burdensome mechanics.”

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Egg Embry

Egg Embry


Thanks again.

Anyone know more about that 'Starships and Spacewyrms'. Seemed to come out of the blue (well for me anyway) ;)

I have Esper Genesis and thinking the two would be great compliments to each other. Does S&S have more 'generic' classes?

Between them, might be able to run a Star Wars game. (Though my preferred rules-set for that right now is the Year Zero Engine :p).


Well, that was fun
Staff member


Well, I backed Traveller 5 (again) for the new printing. And I'm going to back Five Torches Deep to see their version of 5E. Traveller I knew about (they e-mailed me and everyone who backed the first version), but I would not have known about FTD. Thanks!

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Empire of Ghouls Kickstarter (Kobold Press)

[FONT=&amp]As we enter the final week of the Kickstarter, we are ecstatic, humbled, and ever-grateful for your support. You are helping us bring our story of ghouls and the Underworld to (un?)life.


  • 29 stretch goals unlocked so far!!
  • Almost 1,600 backers and counting!!
  • $117K and still going!!
Click the link below to see ALL 29 of the stretch goals unlocked so far:[/FONT]


The Kickstarter ends this Friday, May 31st, at 4:00 PM EDT!

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