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RPG Crowdfunding News 037A – Maps Special Edition: RPG Tabletop Fantasy Maps, Vanguard Station, Mean

Welcome back to a ‘Maps’ special edition of RPG Crowdfunding News! Here we take a look at four campaigns currently live on Kickstarter that are looking to cover our tabletops with pretty images.

[h=3]RPG Tabletop Fantasy Maps by Gaudreau Steve[/h]
(Campaign Ends : Tuesday 14th March 2017; 03:59 UTC)

This is Steve Gaudreau’s seventh Kickstarter campaign but this time he’s doing something different. All the maps included in this campaign are completely finished – only the stretch goals are going to need to be designed. Most of the maps here have been available in previous campaigns but are being digitally bundled together for the first time. Nine maps are included, plus a Sci-Fi Map Pack – plus any stretch goals that may be introduced and unlocked over the course of the campaign (an outdoor map has already been unlocked as of writing this).

The maps available in the initial rewards are as follows: Necromancer Room, Alchemist Lab and Library, The Precious Fountain, The Flesh Crafter, The Fey’s Portal, The Wizard Private Quarter, The Crafting Store, Cemetary Map and Underground Temple, The 7th Sea Map (Treasure Island with all the Treasure Layers) plus the aforementioned Sci-Fi pack – which also includes loads of art components to make your own maps.

[h=3]Vanguard Station: Map Poster & Miniature by Ryan Wolfe[/h]
(Campaign Ends : Friday 24th February 2017; 04:55 UTC)

I have some of Ryan Wolfe’s previous deck plan sets and they are of excellent quality and really nice to have when playing/running in a sci-fi campaign. This latest campaign sees him travel in to deep space with the double sided map of Vanguard Station!

The poster map will be 24 x 26 inches and the station will cover both sides of the poster. Information about the station itself will also be supplied in digital form. Along with the poster map a miniature of Vanguard Station is also available.

This Vigilance-class listening post was designed as a deep-space station that could serve a variety of functions. The small outpost is just over 160 feet tall and houses a permanent crew of 10. There are also barracks and facilities provided for 16 additional personnel (typically law enforcement r military) or guests. It boasts a dedicated detention center and hangar bays for two shuttles.

The station lounge and administrative offices are open to the public. The food is only rehydrated government fare, but the drinks are good and the patrons understandably well behaved. Whether the characters are just visiting (voluntarily or not), or looking for a place to call their own, this little station can fit the bill.

The Vanguard Station has previous been released in Future Armada Issue 7. Every backer whose pledge includes a digital copy will receive this issue that includes expanded information on the interior of the station, sample stats for the station and crew, as well as the deck plans in both black & white and full color.

[h=3]Meanders 2: Table Top Terrain Maps – 400+ New Designs! By Kris McDermott[/h]
(Campaign Ends : Sunday 26th March 2017; 13:10 UTC)

Welcome to what will hopefully be my sixth successful KS campaign: and it’s an absolute monster. Meanders 2: Brave New Worlds seeks funding to add a veritable deluge of dozens of new designs, expansions, entire tiers, blenders and more to your Meanders 1 sets and introduce hundreds of new stand alone designs in a he range or sets showcasing new skills, new techniques & new ideas as part of a second wave.

This campaign will primarily focus on Digital content: standard Meanders in 27x18” in high resolution PDFs + low-resolution VTT-Ready maps – but I will also be offering physical 27x18” professionally printed six-fold boards as was done in the previous campaign for backers to continue or start their collection.

If you’re not familiar with meanders: Synchable Terrain – in a nutshell, Meanders uses dynamic 2.5d scenery with a repeating entry/exit point system that allows all Meanders to be joined to one another to create endless sprawling paths for adventurers to wander upon. The layout is deliberately assymetrical to enhance the impression of randomness but you can orbit any Meanders around another and you’ll find their paths match up so you can quickly create huge regions of adventuring space in a diverse variety of themes without having to arrange dozens of smaller tiles.

[h=3]Hex Kit by Cecil Howe[/h]
(Campaign Ends : Saturday 4th March 2017; 21:47 UTC)

Hex Kit is the first campaign from Cecil Howe and is a “a multi-platform map making software with hand-painted hex tiles. For GMs, players, world builders, artists, and designers alike!”

Hex Kit runs on Windows, Mac and Linux and is a “simple to use, lightweight map making program with a few extra features for use at the table.” 1300 unique tiles have been created so far, with the aim of creating a further 2000 to bundle with the software. The tiles will cover a variety of genres, including fantasy, modern and sci-fi. The software will also come with templates for you to create your own tiles.


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Happy gaming!

Angus Abranson

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A Title Much Cooler Than Anything on the Old Site
Hex Kit looks like a great deal for $20. I'm in, even though I have also have Worldographer and Hexographer.

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