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RPG Crowdfunding News 073: Capharnaum, Book of Contemporary Magical Places, Monster Hunter Internati

RPG Crowdfunding News 073: Capharnaum, Book of Contemporary Magical Places, Monster Hunter International, Forbidden Caverns of Archaia, RPG Tablecloth II, Dungeon Alphabet

Welcome back to our weekly look at tabletop roleplaying game, and accessories, crowdfunding roundup! Each week we’ll be looking at a few campaigns currently running that have caught our eye as well as occasionally speaking to some of the creators about their campaigns, or looking at some of the ‘behind the scenes’ business aspects of putting together, launching, operating and then delivering a crowdfunded project. If you have anything you’d like us to cover, or questions about anything we talk about, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment or contact me directly.

Capharnaum – The Roleplaying Game by Sarah Newton
(Campaign Ends : Monday 18th December 2017; 00:00 UTC)

Capharnaum – The Tales of the Dragon-Marked is an Arbaian nights flavoured roleplaying game that originally came out in French a decade ago. Sarah Newton’s Mindjammer Press have translated the game and are now offering it to English language audiences for the first time. I remember when the game was first released, and picked up a copy in Paris at a convention that Sarah was also at. We both loved the look and feel of the game so I’m very pleased to see the campaign not only offering the 400-page hardcover rules but looking at releasing the adventures and supplements too.

Capharnaum – The Tales of the Dragon Marked is a fantasy roleplaying game set in an imaginary Arabia-like world. It borrows from the tales of the One Thousand and One Nights, as well as semitic legends and the ancient and mediaeval epics. Capharnaum doesn't aim to be a historical game, but a heroic one, a flamboyant refraction of historical, cultural, and mythical themes, filled with light and thrilling adventure!

In Capharnaum, you play the Dragon-Marked, heroic individuals with a special destiny, born with a birthmark on their backs in the shape of a dragon's claw. The Dragon-Mark announces to the world that you are capable of astonishing feats, for good or evil. Chosen by mystical dragons in accordance with an unknown divine will, you are offered a place in the great game of the gods. You'll be cast into colourful adventures, political, military, and magical intrigues, and much more...

Capharnaum is a simple yet profound game. We all know the tales of Sinbad, of Ali Baba, of Aladdin and Scheherezade - we grew up with them, they form part of our personal culture. The world of Capharnaum is familiar, easy to pick up and play.

And yet – scratch the surface and a whole world opens up. Meticulously researched, Capharnaum aims to provide fantastic takes on real-world Mediterranean cultures, from ancient Greece and Rome, Egypt and Sumeria, right through to the crusader kingdoms, dark age and mediaeval Europe, the kingdoms of Africa, India, and the distant East. Uniquely, Capharnaum is centred upon a fantastic version of the Middle-East, where all these cultures meet, clash, come into conflict with the profound cultures of the peninsula of Jazirat, and where something new is being born.

As the Dragon-Marked, you transcend cultural differences. You're united by an unknown, mystical, yet common destiny. Side by side with people who would otherwise be your foes, you adventure in this vibrant, chaotic land, where the fate of the future is at play, and where you are destined to change the world...

Apart from the core rulebook the campaign is also hoping to raise funds for Arcana of Adventure (Player’s Guide), The Eater of the Gods and Other Tales (Adventure Pack including five adventures), and more. You can download the 44-page Capharnaum Quickstart, “The Tears of Ampharool”, for free now.

The Book of Contemporary Magical Places by Stygian Fox Publishing
(Campaign Ends : Saturday 9th December 2017; 11:47 UTC)

The Book of Contemporary Magical Places continues Stygian Fox’s series of systemless sourcebooks (check out their The Book of Contemporary Magical Things which is now available in PDF) for modern-era games. This 100 page book looks at modern locations that hold magical powers that you could use in your game.

Some are barely noticeable; the Graveyard of Whispers acts as a one-way radio to the dead beneath. Some are powerful places like Jim Tang’s Bar which exists in many space/time bubbles at once enabling patrons to visit a 1920s speakeasy, a punk rock club, a drum and bass club, and a booth bar from 2077 all at once, enabling you to drink a Rheingold™ while listening and dancing to Liquidity with flappers from 1923. A few are extremely powerful, such as Tower Bridge in London, protecting the city and the wider world from extra-dimensional incursion.

From a single seat on a bus to multiverse shattering monolithic temples, these places are there for you to use as a Gamesmaster in your modern, horror, sci-fi, or superhero campaigns.

Organised into a pyramid format, the places vary in power from many slight and seemingly harmless effects to a few locations of great power, so dangerous that mere mortals should not be allowed near them.

Monster Hunter International RPG: Savage Worlds Edition by Gallant Knight Games
(Campaign Ends : Thursday 7th December 2017; 16:08 UTC)

Monster Hunter International RPG is based upon the New York Times Bestselling urban fantasy series of novels by Larry Correia. The series is about professional monster hunters who battle against the things that go bump in the night.

Using the Savage Worlds rules system, a favourite of Larry Correia himself, the book will include…

· Full details on MHI and it's history, it's organization, missions and tactics.
· World information on PUFF, how the various governments handle monsters and more.
· NPC stats for a variety of characters from the books, including Owen Z. Pitt, Julie Shackleford, Agent Franks, Susan Shackleford and more, written up by the creator himself!
· Rules for playing over two dozen teams in the MHI Universe!
· New monsters for your hunters to face down!
· New MHI details and fictions right from Larry!
· And a lot more!

As with all Savage Worlds licensees, you will also need a copy of Pinnacle’s Savage Worlds Core Rulebook to use this 200 page setting guide.

RPG Tablecloth II – An Innovative Battleground by Smirking Dragon
(Campaign Ends : Friday 8th December 2017; 16:24 UTC)

Smirking Dragon are back with a second collection of RPG Tablecloths – 59” x 79” (1.5m x 2m) high quality tablecloths to drape over your gaming table and use for your games. The tablecloths are machine washable and you can use chalk on them if you wish too.

The campaign is introducing a number of new design; Medieval City, Endless Space, Forsaken Sea, and Barren Wilderness. Various grid options are available (on selected maps) including square grid, hex grid, or no grid at all.

Dungeon Alphabet 4th Printing by Goodman Games
(Campaign Ends : Wednesday 6th December 2017; 07:59 UTC)

Goodman Games have funded the 4th printing of Dungeon Alphabet with their latest Kickstarter campaign. The book has proven incredibly popular and this latest printing has certainly benefited from Goodmans offer of selling the book for only $12 (plus postage depending on location), which is 40% off its usually $20 RRP, due to the campaign running over Black Friday. You can also buy copies of their Monster Alphabet too (also at 40% discount) through the campaign.

The Dungeon Alphabet is a book of fantasy inspiration. It is filled with random tables that are themed to letters of the alphabet. For example, A is for Altar, B is for Books, and C is for Crypts. The target audience is dungeon masters and anyone who wants ideas for dungeon design. We have heard over the years that many players also enjoy looking through the book as well.

Each page of The Dungeon Alphabet uses a letter of the alphabet to provide inspiration. In the first printing, so many years ago, there were 26 entries for the 26 letters. With each new printing, we have doubled-up on select letters to add even more material. This 4th printing is now up to 41 entries, including 2 completely new ones and others collected from our annual Gen Con Program Guides, to add a total of 7 letters that are new since the 3rd printing:

· C is also for Crypt
· G is also for Guardians
· H is also for Hazards
· L is also for Levels
· O is also for Omen
· Q is also for Quests
· U is also for Underwater


EN Publishing, the publishing branch of EN World, is currently running a Kickstarter for Xenomorphs: The Fall of Somerset Landing – a brand new setting & adventure book for the What’s Old Is New (W.O.I.N.) system. A limited ‘Xeno’ edition of the N.E.W. – Science Fiction Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook is also available through the campaign. Xenomorphs was co-written by Russ Morrissey, Darren Pearce and myself. The campaign is running until Friday 1st December so check it out!


If you like what we do here at EN World (the Forums, Columns, News, ENnies, etc) and would like to help support us to bring you MORE please consider supporting our Patreon. Even a single dollar helps Thanks!


If you have a forthcoming Kickstarter, or see one that excites you, please feel free to drop me an email on angus.abranson@gmail.com You can follow me on Twitter @ Angus_A or on Facebook where I often post about gaming.

Until next week, have fun and happy gaming!

Angus Abranson


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