RPG Crowdfunding News 094: Black Void, Shattered Tower, An Atlas of the Horizons, Wingless, Dangerou

Welcome back to another look at some of the great crowdfunding campaigns running at present. This week we look at some really interesting new fantasy RPGs - The Black Void, Shattered Tower and An Atlas of the Horizons - a deadly collection of adventures for 5th Edition, a PbtA of conscripted angels,a magazine devoted to Dungeon Crawl Classics and two new decks of cards offering GM's assistance.

Black Void RPG by Christoffer Sevaldsen
(Campaign Ends : Saturday 12th May 2018; 06:39 UTC)

The Black Void RPG is a “dark fantasy tabletop roleplaying game about the fall and resurgence of humanity” that oozes atmosphere and fantastic art. The core rulebook is a high-quality 400+ page full-color affair filled with art, interesting species and monsters, rich lore, detailed maps and much more, helping bring the setting to life.

In the days when Babylon was the greatest city on Earth, mankind lived in placid ignorance of the grandeur, vastness and horror of the cosmos. Following cataclysmic events on Earth the fragile veil between reality and the Void was shattered and the truth of existence revealed. As mankind cried for salvation they were torn from their homeworld by Void-torrents and the surviving peoples of Earth were scattered among the stars. Countless were lost and mankind seemed all but perished. Over the decades the survivors, stragglers and ragged remnants of mankind’s tribes struggled for their lives across countless uncaring worlds. However, a few managed to go beyond mere subsistence and travel the Void-currents to congregate in fabled Llyhn, epicentre of the cosmos.

Black Void is a dark fantasy tabletop roleplaying game revolving around the fall and subsequent resurgence of humanity after cataclysmic events have torn them from Earth. Pursuing power, prestige and enlightenment - humanity is struggling to find a new place and purpose in a vast and unfamiliar cosmos. Players can focus on the personal struggles and stories of their characters or expand their scope putting emphasis on the fate of humanity as a species and the part they play in this.

Game themes: The game takes place in a distant past which is both familiar and outlandish in its dark and exotic ambience. As descendants of the survivors of Earth, characters can adopt many roles such as:

  • Serving as emissaries, defending the enclaves and last remnants of human civilization.
  • Travelling the Void-currents as explorers seeking riches and glory across the cosmos.
  • Venturing to find Earth, the long lost cradle of humanity.
  • Seeking influence and claiming a new home for mankind, taking their rightful places as leaders of mankind.
  • Diving into the intrigues of Llyhn or perhaps building an empire in the dark depths of the city’s underworld.
  • Discovering the true essence of existence finding enlightenment beyond the veil of reality; in a Void filled with mindless abominations.

The Black Void RPG is set in a dual reality: A vast cosmos and beyond this evident world an intangible void. The cosmos is the universe we know; home to mortal species such as mankind and many others. In contrast the Void is an entirely alien and bizarre domain; an ethereal ocean constantly fluctuating and inhabited by unimaginable life forms and in its depths the mindless ghostly abominations. The void is chaos and catalyst as opposed to the order and constancy of the cosmos.

A metaphysical entity, known as the veil, divides and screens these contrasting spheres from each other. But the veil is unstable and occasionally perforated allowing the influence of one to emanate into the other and people to cross the boundary and travel between worlds.

The central arena of the game is Llyhn the eternal, a median port and cosmopolis at the heart of a massive convergence of void currents. Llyhn is a vibrant melting pot of species from across the known worlds as well as more esoteric entities, attracting cultural tensions, social intricacies, religious polemic and political rivalry. It is here that humanity is struggling for survival, staring up from filthy alleys and shanties at opulent alien palaces beyond the shadows of looming walls under the watchful eyes of the masked Hohr’loh’kin, the extended arm of the unseen rulers of Llyhn.

Shattered Tower RPG by Andrea Macchi
(Campaign Ends : Monday 14th May 2018; 13:00 UTC)

Shattered Tower is a brand new fantasy RPG set on the world of Tyntyr, that focuses on discovery, exploration and survival. The campaign is for a 200+ page hardcover rulebook and three adventure modules.

Tyntyr is a vast and extremely hostile world that has risen from the ashes of a war between the world itself and an ancient and advanced civilization, fallen into ruin, shattered and partially forgotten.

Players will travel through an environment heavily dominated by nature, ruled by the Dra-Idjias, mystical and powerful creatures that imprisoned, and now control and govern the offspring of that ancient colonizers that survived the war centuries ago and still lives on the planet.

Players will be part of the Vanguard, a guild composed by the few people of their respective races able to bypass the tight control of the world’s sentinels and visiting the world outside, with the purpose of discovering what once was.. and what still can be…

The player's job is to incarnate explorers and adventurers, to get in the shoes of pioneers finding a home in the Vanguard, willing to risk their lives, far from civilization, fighting to death just to earn the respect of the companions and to bring knowledge to mankind.

The System:
Shattered Tower works on the peculiar D6System we created.
How does it work - we've got a classic but versatile list of skills (which also includes COMBAT as an ability, for example) and we put it together with the kind of mechanics that you can nowadays find in modern narrative RPGs, creating a unique system which feels very functional to the setting.

Long story short, every character's got his skills set with ability scores (from 1 to 6) determined by the construction of the player character (PC) build.

Those points define the number of dices the player's gotta roll when trying an ability check. success is gained when dices give only 5 or 6.

The few basics of this system also include that the difficulty coefficient of the test that is faced - when higher than the score of the PC - determines the deprivation of X dice to pull, where X stands for each point by which the difficulty exceeds the score of the PC.

An Atlas of the Horizons RPG by Benjamin Williams
(Campaign Ends : Sunday 13th May 2018; 03:00 UTC)

An Atlas of the Horizons sounds like an intriguing new fantasy setting, with a nice mix of classic fantasy and emerging technology.

The descendants of ancient Mayagispar had spread throughout the charted lands, from the Masudi Mountains in the east, to the Teeming Sea in the west. From the barren expanses of Helenisian desert to the lush gardens of Bvortane. Under the protection of the gods, the culture thrived and expanded, but lived without meaningful contact with other peoples, due to the gods’ Decree of Isolation.

But the gods have left. They’ve sealed themselves in their temples and filled their sanctuaries with vicious beasts, searing fire, and toxic miasma.

Centuries later, the chosen people stand on their own. They are trading with new cultures. They are building machines to make life easier now that they must fend for themselves. They are debating new forms of government and law.

It is an exciting time to be alive—a time of blossoming ideas and frontiers both physical and metaphorical.

The game features budding technology and evolving politics in a fairy tale fantasy world. Armored knights square off against pistol-wielding ne’er-do-wells. Magi fan their internal magic to produce powerful spells, but must be careful not to consume themselves in the flame. Brilliant machinists construct never-before-seen wonders of engineering in a world populated with staunch traditionalists, cunning witches, political visionaries, and talking animals.

To the north, a mysterious autocrat, never seen directly, has conquered a collection of foreign peoples and rules them from a crimson-curtained palanquin. The newly-named Adainians struggle to integrate with the descendants of Mayagispar as revolutionaries seek to undermine their despotic new lord.

In the deserts, the clever Helenisians study the monolithic fragments of the moon Gadeos, which fell from the sky in splinters a century ago. The strange flora and fauna will need to be studied, and in some cases contained or eradicated before they upset the balance of the desert biome.

In the cradle of this empire, the temple-rich city of Fen Yashur is all but abandoned. The divinely-wrought monstrosities and disastrous magical aftershocks that erupt from the city’s hundred sanctuaries make the land uninhabitable to all but the bravest. Now the ancient metropolis is sparsely populated by those who maintain their devotion to the gods, and those who wish to remain undisturbed or undiscovered.

Each nation has its own unique agendas, problems, history, and motives, but all are poised to prove themselves and rise out of the shadows of the gods into their own glory.

The core rulebook will be around 225 pages, full color, and available in PDF or in print in a 6” x 9” digest paperback format.

Wingless: An Angelic Role-Playing Game by Landon Swartz
(Campaign Ends : Tuesday 8th May 2018; 01:35 UTC)

Death is a way station with only two trails to follow: one leads to Eden, the paradise of promise, and the other leads to delusion, where lost souls wander. Most who come to the After travel to Eden, fewer wander the After in their delusions, and rare are those who choose neither.

Those who choose not to move on are filled with conflicts: regret, remorse, yearning, desire. Whatever their reason, they refuse to move on with the cycle of life, and the Author cannot have that. Any soul who chooses neither to wander nor ascend to Eden are conscripted into the Author's security force against the dangers of the After. They become Keepers: guardians over living souls, protecting them from Wanderers, Fell, and unnameable horrors, until their souls are prepared to make a choice.

They become Wingless.

Wingless is a tabletop role-playing game that is Powered by the Apocalypse. It uses the framework of Vincent Baker's seminal Apocalypse World and applies it to a single question: what is the life of a guardian angel?

In the world of Wingless, guardian angels are known as Keepers, and they are charged with protecting a single Ward from the negative influences of Fell (soul-devouring entities), Wanderers (delusional, lost, and selfish souls), and other forces. Keepers fight these forces back in the After while empowering their Wards, managing friendships, relationships, and alliances, and coming to terms with the nature of death.

Dangerous Descents 5e by Dragon Turtle Games
(Campaign Ends : Wednesday 30th May 2018; 18:00 UTC)

Dangerous Descents is a collection of old school one-shot dungeons for 5th Edition. The dungeons are for 3 to 5 players, covering a variety of levels, and will usually take 1-3 sessions to complete. The authors recommend using characters that you don’t have strong ties to as the adventures are pretty deadly.

Each Dangerous Descents adventure contains everything you need to run the dungeon, including:

The Adventure backstory. Information on the background of the adventure site is included at the very beginning of every PDF. This may be learned by the players in time, or just used to inspire the Dungeon Master.

Call to adventure. How did the characters find themselves at the dungeon? Each adventure includes four great reasons that your endless stream of characters might be standing before the precipice.

Encounter Details. Each encounter features read aloud text, and flavour text for the DM’s eyes only. We also include details of monsters and items in each encounter, as well as information about how much treasure and XP to award the players.

Player map and a DM maps. Every adventure comes with a hand drawn DM map detailing all of the secret tunnels, traps, and other nasty things, as well as player-safe map that doesn’t ruin any surprises.

The Big Boss. What is the Tomb of Horrors without Acererak? Alien without the Xenomorph? Mordor without Sauron? Every great story needs a terrifying enemy, and these are no different. Each Descent features a truly terrifying foe to ruin your party morale.

How to expand the adventure. If your characters survive, they’ve earned great rewards. This section will detail how to take the surviving characters forward and continue their adventures.

Appendices of the custom NPCs, Monsters and items. Each adventure features at least one custom NPC, Monster or item. These are balanced, fun, and original to keep your players on their toes!

Dangerous Descents is a collection of four adventure modules for specified levels. Each module features level appropriate challenges, monsters, and traps for a party of 3-5 characters. The modules are presented as both full colour PDFs that look fantastic on any device, and as a printer friendly PDF designed to save you ink and look great on paper for that truly old school feel.

The Wailing Fields (Level 1)
Many foolish travellers and merchants ignore the warnings, and attempt passage through the tall grasses of The Wailing Fields, dismissing the stories of the blood hungry Shiverworm as myth.

Nobody ever reaches the other side, and it is said that at night, you can still hear the endless screams of these poor souls.
Occasionally, a handful of treasure hunters will arrive at the fields, mad or greedy enough to enter, and attempt to claim the centuries of lost gold and precious stones.

Shadows Below Cadisium (Level 3)
"Every trading post within 100 miles of here is abuzz with rumours that the cult of the Rotwraith is operating beneath the ruins of Cadisium. According to the traders, the cultists are raiding towns and caravans to gather the required materials to strengthen the recently summoned Rotwraith.

If you ask me, that's a load of rubbish, if the wraith had been summoned, we would sure as fire know about it. Nonetheless, I want you to check it out.
Bring back proof that there isn't any cultist activity, or on the off-chance that there is, deal with it before the wraith gets a chance to leave the ruins"

Treasure of King Aethel (Level 5)
They say that many centuries ago, the mad King Æthel had an entire mountain excavated and within was built his Kingdom's unbreakable vault. The King and his bloodline were the only ones who could deactivate the traps, stand down the clockwork guardians, and reach the treasury.

On what would be a rather fateful day, the King suddenly died without an heir, leaving the vault unreachable and throwing the ancient Kingdom into poverty and disarray. A whole Kingdom's worth of reward lays waiting for those who will deactivate the mountain, and take the gold within.

The Sultan’s Tomb (Level 7)
In the farthest reaches of the desert lays the tomb of the long dead Sultan Shirat. The great wealth and magical artefacts with which the Sultan were buried draw dozens of adventurers a year, each hoping to make it past the many traps and secret passageways of legend.

Will you be the ones to finally conquer the tomb and claim the treasure? Or will your corpses join the piles that already decorate the tunnels?

D.A.M.N. Magazine – DCC RPG Magazine and News by Paul Wolfe
(Campaign Ends : Wednesday 9th May 2018; 12:23 UTC)

This campaign is raising money for the third issue of D.A.M.N. (DCC Adventure Magazine and News), a magazine dedicated to the Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG. The magazine is around 84 pages in length, color cover with black & white interior, and includes at least two multi-session adventures (this months are Demon Serpent of Balmorphos – the first part of a serial mega-dungeon – and Cannibal Tiger Woman of Tasru), one of more single session adventures (Portal to the Plane of Probability is this issues offering), and various other DCC content, previews and news… such as new classes, spells, etc.

The Deck of Many Dungeons Tabletop Map Accessories by Rob Cuninghame
(Campaign Ends : Friday 11th May 2018; 10:04 UTC)

The Deck of Many Dungeons is a deck of 54 100% plastic cards that aim to provide a cheap and easily transportable mapping solution for GM’s. 53 of the cards show various map elements which GMs can use to build their dungeon map – either randomly creating one by shuffling the deck and seeing where fate takes your intrepid adventurers, or by using the cards to form your own custom design.

There are 12 unique designs in the deck, multiple copies of each are included, allowing thousands of different combinations to be built. As the cards are 100% plastic you can also write on the cards, and wipe them clean at the end of the session, with appropriate markers.

Quick Plots RPG Cards by Gamers Tool Kit
(Campaign Ends : Saturday 5th May 2018; 21:23 UTC)

Quick Plots RPG Cards is a deck of 52-cards that has been created to help GM’s come up with “creative plots, town gossip, and quick side quest ideas”. This set can be used for any fantasy game and each card features a ‘Plot’ and then three possible variations, giving you 156 quick and unique possible adventure ideas.


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I'd like to add a mention for core::2050 by Legendary Pants, a fantasy/cyberpunk conversion for D&D 5e that's just launched their Kickstarter.

I've been having good fun running a game based on this system using their SRD, and also watching their recent Let's Play series on Roll4It.


I'd like to add a mention for the Battle Mat Books kickstarter, funding a set of open and play books full of Battle Mat locations, there are two sizes that cater for fantasy and Sci-Fi RPG's.

Campaign is in the last few days and finishes on Tuesday.

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