RPG Crowdfunding News 096: Arcane Scrollworks 2,Savage Worlds Sovereign Stone, HeroBook, Archives of

In this weeks crowdfunding round-up we take a look at a couple of interesting accessory products, with the HeroBook and the second installment of the Arcane Scrollworks series, as well as four brand new RPGs, a Savage Worlds version of Larry Elmore's Sovereign Stone, and a couple of adventures for 5th Edition and OSR.

Arcane Scrollworks 2: Second Level Spell Scrolls by SkeletonKey Games
(Campaign Ends : Thursday 31st May 2018; 16:00 UTC)

After a very successful campaign last year, raising funds for a series of 1st Level Spell Scrolls, SkeletonKey Games have returned to Kickstarter to produce a range of hand-finished prop scrolls of 2nd Level Spells, for use in tabletop RPGs and LARPS.

“At SkeletonKey Games we love bringing depth, detail, and immersion to RPGs. Arcane Scrollworks 2: Second Level Spells brings spells from popular fantasy RPGs into your games as hand-finished props. Include them in your next treasure haul, gift them to spell casting PCs, or decorate your game room with them.

This is our second Arcane Scrollworks campaign and we are continuing this series with eight finely crafted scrolls. Once funded, additional scrolls will be added as "stretch-scrolls" and the spells used will be chosen with backer input.”

The scrolls in this collection are designed, illustrated, and hand finished by artist and SkeletonKey Games founder Ed Bourelle. The scrolls are printed on acid free stock and weathered by the artist. Hand-cut stamps and acrylic paint are used to finish each scroll using archival quality materials.

Spell scrolls are between 6.5 to 7.5 inches wide by 10 to 10.5 inches tall. Size varies by scroll.

You can also buy some blank scrolls as add-ons, to customise your own.

Savage Worlds Sovereign Stone by Ian Liddle
(Campaign Ends : Friday 1st June 2018; 21:17 UTC)

Sovereign Stone, as a setting, is a no stranger to RPGs. Created by renowned artist Larry Elmore, and developed in a series of novels by New York Times best-selling authors Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman, Sovereign Stone had its first taste as an RPG back in 1999, from Corsair Publishing, with a rules system that was the foundation of the Cortex system. Sovereign Stone courted the d20 market in 2002 through BB Publishing/Sovereign Press with a 3.0 edition (a 3.5 edition followed in 2005 from White Silver Publishing). In 2013 the setting got the Pathfinder treatment, courtesy of Timeout Divisions (which Ian Liddle also worked on). Now the world of Loerem is getting the Savage Worlds treatment, courtesy of Ian Liddle’s Applied Vectors Ltd.

The Sovereign Stone is a lustrous crystal pyramid of four triangles that form a quadrangle at the base and come together in a point at the apex. Approximately sixteen inches tall, the artifact is carved of a single piece of crystal. It was given to King Tamaros of the Vinnengalean Empire, and in order to broker peace, he separated it into four equal pieces. One quarter went to the humans, one to the elves, one to the orks, and the last to the dwarves.

Here is where the story grows murky, clouded over with rumors and tales, few of which can be believed. One thing that is known for certain is that an army led by one of the King's sons marched on the city, and consequently the human portion of the stone was lost in a cataclysmic explosion which obliterated Old Vinnengael and left very few survivors, little accurate accounts are told of those last, terrible days. Much of what people know about King Tamaros and the Sovereign Stone is rumor and myth that has been building for the past two hundred years.

Since that day men have quested for the lost part of the Sovereign Stone to no avail. Old Vinnengael is now a cursed and abhorrent landmark. Few who venture there ever return alive, but still there are those brave or foolish enough to attempt it, drawn by the magic that pervades the city ruins and the riches said to be buried in the rubble.

There are accounts of a dark army marching across Loerem from the west, but few trust the tales. Still, some learned scholars have renewed their efforts to find the lost portion of the Sovereign Stone and reunite its parts in order to combat this or any other threat to the people of Loerem.

Do you dare trespass into Old Vinnengael or are you brave enough to face the threat from the west?

The People of Loerem

Humans While once having been a largely unified race in the nation of Vinnengael, war and time have split them apart into varying nations and ethnic groups,

  • Vinnengaelian: Similar to medieval England. Once had the largest empire in all of Loerem, now their civilization is on the decline.
  • Dunkargan: Effectively a third world nation, a terrible civil war tore their nation in two.
  • Karnuan: A militaristic offshoot of the Durkargans they are attempting to conquer the world. They dislike all races, and bear a great hatred for the Durkargans.
  • Nimran: They are great sailors and traders and are allied with the Orcs, but were fighting them in the past because of trading routes and sovereignty on the sea.
  • Nimoreans: An offshoot of the Nimran. They emulate the elven culture as well as the nimran culture.
  • Trevenici: The Trevenici are fierce warriors and hire themselves out to other nations as soldiers. They have no formal government and live in small villages. They share a symbiotic relationship with the Pecwae race.

Elves Elves segregate themselves from the rest of the world. The Elves live in very dense family homes with several generations of their family. Elves practice a form of ancestor worship.

Dwarves They are master horsemen, living as nomads on the great plains. Any dwarf who is unable to ride with the tribe or is convicted of a crime is sentenced to be "the Unhorsed" and cast off in one of the three "Cities of the Unhorsed".

Orks are excellent seafarers in touch with the magic of the water. They are master engineers and are dedicated to the reading of omens.

Pecwae skilled earth mages and always live near a Trevenici tribe. They have a symbiotic relationship with the Trevenici.

Taan a beastlike race that have a way of life similar to the Trevenici. They embed gemstones believed to possess powerful magic in their thick hides.

HeroBook – The 5E Player Character Notebook by Material Components
(Campaign Ends : Thursday 24th May 2018; 12:00 UTC)

HeroBook is a really handy notebook for use with your characters in 5th Edition games. Coming with a choice of four covers, each notebook is 160 pages, A5 (5.8” x 8.3”), and is packed with useful player information from the 5th Edition System Reference Document, such as the game rules, races, classes, adventuring gear and more. “By simply using it to help you play the game and recording your account of the stories you weave with your friends, you create an artifact of your character's saga that will last a lifetime.”

HeroBook is packed with rules and references for 5th Edition, containing everything you need to play the game in a quick, easy reference format. Using the included tools, create a character from scratch using nothing but your HeroBook and your dice. Keep those heavy hardcover books and loose, disorganized note paper in your bag of holding - and keep that smartphone in your pocket!

HeroBook has a reusable character sheet on the inside cover that works with wet and dry erase markers, so you'll never need to reprint your character sheet or scribble over outdated stats ever again. The coated, erasable surface allows you to write and erase your hit points, track your spell slots, and update your ability modifiers over and over as your hero's story grows. A full character section inside the book records your more permanent details, and a second reusable surface on the inside back cover gives you extra space for erasable notes.

At the back of your HeroBook are plenty of blank note pages to keep track of spells, equipment, or anything else your quest might throw at you. The unique 4-in-1 note paper combines lines for writing, grids and isometric dots for maps, and blank pages for sketching. With time, use, and customization, your HeroBook grows into an artifact of your character's adventures - and should they ever face defeat, it becomes a cherished relic of memorable moments.

Archives of the Sky: Epic Sci-fi Roleplaying by Aaron A. Reed
(Campaign Ends : Thursday 31st May 2018; 17:04 UTC)

A million years from now, humanity has spread across the galaxy and taken countless forms. Vast empires have come and gone like waves against an unimaginable shore.

But some strange voyagers chose to remain outside the churn of civilizations, pursuing a greater purpose. When a new force comes to the galaxy, will these eternal wanderers remain who they are—or, at long last, change?

Archives of the Sky is a tabletop storytelling game with an epic sci-fi backdrop and a focus on very human stories. This is a roleplaying game, but no gamemaster or advanced preparation is required. You and some friends will collaboratively create a great House, a group of interstellar wanderers with a set of inviolable core beliefs—and then, like any good storytellers, find a conflict that pits those beliefs against each other.

You might have played GM-less roleplaying games like Microcsope, Fiasco, or Downfall before; but even if you haven't, Archives is a great place to start. This thrilling style of roleplaying involves every player in the creation of the story from scene to scene. Rather than one player preparing a setting and a story in advance, everyone gets to help create the world and plot, which gives rise to unpredictable stories brimming with ideas sparked by constant collaboration with your friends at the table.

This might sound intimidating, but Archives has been fine-tuned through over a year of playtesting to help even novice storytellers build an incredible world together, and then tell a meaningful story within it. The mechanics are carefully designed to help unleash your inner Ursula Le Guin, Alastair Reynolds, or Gene Roddenberry:

  • You'll create a deck of words from your favorite sci-fi novels, and draw from it when you need inspiration or a random outcome.
  • Take turns playing roles like "the Epic" and "the Intimate," focused on making the story breathtaking and huge in scope,or keeping it grounded in human details and sensations.
  • Threaten the values of your characters and your House with new plot developments, and build towards a dilemma that puts them in conflict.

In three to four hours, you'll invent, tell, and resolve a complete story with a galactic scope and a very human conflict at its center... with the option to keep telling more stories with the same characters the next time you play, or create a whole new galaxy and start again.

Archives will be available as a full-color 6” x 9” softcover, consisting of between 80-100 pages, as well as a PDF.

Children of the Fall by Gareth Graham
(Campaign Ends : Thursday 31st May 2018)

Children of the Fall is a GMless game for 3-5 players which can be played either as a one-shot or campaign-style games, for about 2-4 hours per session. The game sees players take on roles of survivors of an apocalypse that has turned all the adults on the planet into “evil, bloodthirsty savages known as the fallen.”

As a group, the players will explore and develop the world and story together in a completely collaborative system. Players will need to keep an eye on the ever shifting hierarchy of their tribe, build and grow their haven and do the jobs that need doing to ensure the tribe’s survival. Agency is shared amongst the players, and the game uses a brand new streamlined and simple rule set, which keeps all the players engaged in every scene.

The book will be available in a 6” x 9” softcover, or a Limited Edition hardcover, as well as in digital formats.

Barrowmaze: HighFell – The Drifting Dungeon by Greg Gillespie
(Campaign Ends : Wednesday 23rd May 2018; 23:40 UTC)

HighFell – The Drifting Dungeon is a brand new megadungeon designed for Labyrinth Lord but compatible for any OSR game. It’s been designed to support low-level to high-level play and should clock in at between 180-250 pages when completed, giving you between 500-600 encounters.

HighFell opens with a gazetteer that outlines the region in which the adventure takes place. This includes a cultural history as well as the detailing of several small villages that can provide a base of operations for an extended campaign. Like the mounds in Barrowmaze, or the caves in Forbidden Caverns, HighFell also provides some low hanging fruit above-ground to get (wise) players started. The dungeon proper will be leveled in a traditional style, albeit in a floating dungeon context with twists and surprizes. This approach merges my own particular vision with inspiration drawn from modules like The Village of Hommlet, Dragons of Desolation, and The Ghost Tower of Inverness.

HighFell, an ancient keep long abandoned and in decay, now drifts slowly across the landscape.

A millenia ago, black wizards founded the keep as a school of eldritch wizardry atop a remote mountain called the Dwimmerhorn. Only the most gifted students received instruction within its walls.

In time, HighFell was deserted and fell into ruin. Its towers, battlements, citadels, and catacombs became home to all manner of wandering monsters. Adventurers and dungeon explorers began making the dangerous trek up the mountain in search of arcane lore and magical treasures.

In recent months a strange green light was seen emanating from the ruins at midnight. The light slowly intensified until a great explosion rocked the Dwimmerhorn. HighFell pulled away from the mountain and now slowly drifts - and occasionally phases in and out of place - over the Great Steppe of The Northern Reaches.

Are you brave (or foolish) enough to explore the ruins of HighFell - The Drifting Dungeon?

ORC STABR by Limm Ghomizar
(Campaign Ends : Thursday 31st May 2018; 14:20 UTC)

ORC STABR is a fun, fighty, and simple RPG where you take on the role of Orcs. It’s only one page long, as Orcs aren’t the best readers.

Orc Stabr uses a point buy where you can make your own orc. Each point gives you one more dice to use when you try to solve problems with your Orc skills!

Orcs die really easily, so dont get too attached, there's loads of us orcs though, so when you die, just make a new one and get back to stabbin'!

Orc Stabr is set in Limm's world! Lots of Orcs and Humans and Dragons and Monsters who want to steal orcs! In Orc Land, all Orcs live peacefully, spend time building big towers and digging BIGGER holes! All Orcs live for The Orc Hunts! This where Orcs travel outside of The Big Wall and try to get into some fights with a big monster, a dragon, maybe a human army! It's fun! The humans sometimes take this too seriously and try to invade orc lands too!

In Orc Stabr, you go on an ORC HUNT to slay a big monster or fight a big army! Maybe human invaders get in the way before you get there, maybe monster is a DIFFERENT monster! Maybe TWO monsters!!!! lots of choice, very rich world!

The game will be uploaded for free for everyone to play when completed.

Endless Realms RPG by Lunar Games
(Campaign Ends : Tuesday 29th May 2018; 15:00 UTC)

Endless Realms is a new fantasy RPG that is raising funds for two core rulebooks – a 300+ page Core Rulebook and a 280+ page Creature Compendium – that will allow you to explore the world of Lumis.

Welcome to the Endless Realms – a crossroads of infinite civilizations, animals, peoples, and abominations that gather in the world of Lumis. Those that live there readily manipulate the cosmic energies that the gods themselves used to forge the world, creating tools and resources that mighty spirits seek to claim for themselves. Riddled with tears in the fabric of time and space, Lumis has become a vibrant and turbulent melting pot.

Lumis is the crossroads where an endless number of realms overlap. The species that have made it their home – by fate, chance, or nefarious purpose – each have their own lore, history, and culture, providing rich soil from which to weave intricate and interesting narratives. Their complex views of morality present a scheme far greater than the simple axis of good and evil.

Open the core rulebook, step through the gate and enter Lumis – a world where reality is torn, where portals to other dimensions have woven a tapestry of different cultures, beliefs, personalities, and conflicts. The rich earth is an excellent place to harvest stories – your stories, populated by characters you build and live through.

As gamers, we do not live one life. We live many.

For storytellers, we appreciate that your skill is narrative architecture. We've got solid and consistent mechanics here to make your stories impactful and tangible, full of relatable dangers to challenge players and hundreds of items to spark creativity. For players, we present a world of limitless possibilities. The depth of this book allows for two characters of the same race and class to play entirely differently from one another, meaning that every time you set out on an adventure you're going to end up with something new. You are what you put in, and your imagination will be rewarded like never before.

In our world, physical and social conflict alike are driven by choices and consequences, seasoned by the roll of the dice. Every tool in our box has been built to be cohesive, logical, intuitive, and believable.

The Creature Compendium is a full-color book gorgeously illustrated by the talented Jen Elliott. The book features over 250 new creatures, some familiar and most anything but, all aligned with rules for creating your own monsters, animals, and villains. Even players that have read the book may be surprised by a storyteller with an eye for customization, and within are the tools you need to tailor challenges for the players at your table. Our creatures are bound to keep your players on their toes, and maybe cost the unwary a few of those squirming appendages.

A Delve in the Cave: 5th Edition Adventure by Jamie Chambers
(Campaign Ends : Tuesday 22nd May 2018; 18:00 UTC)

Something is terribly wrong in the town of Shadowhaven and it’s only getting worse with each passing night. This curse may be linked to the community’s founder, whose remains are interred in a cavern under a hill. But the evil that stirs thrives in darkness… and there is no place darker than the cave known as Brin Brenin.

A Delve in the Cave is a 5th Edition adventure for 1st level characters, combining mystery and atmosphere with the exploration and combat of an old-fashioned dungeon crawl, written by Origins and ENnies award-winning game designer Jamie Chambers.


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