RPG Crowdfunding News 103: Tiny Supers, Mars, Secrets of the Nethercity, Hall of Judgment, Rise of t

Whether you are after some fantasy, cyberpunk, Victorian science fiction, horror or super-hero action we have you catered for in this weeks tabletop roleplaying crowdfunding roundup!

With Pathfinder, 5th Edition, OSR, GURPS, Ubiquity System, Tiny D6 and bespoke systems powering the games and adventures, hopefully you'll discover something to bring to your adventuring table!

Tiny Supers: Minimalist Superhero Roleplaying by Gallant Knight Games
(Campaign Ends : Friday 10th August 2018; 23:25 UTC)

Alan Bahr’s Gallant Knight Games are at it again with another TinyD6 system RPG. This time they are turning their attention to the superhero genre with the aptly named Tiny Supers. Using the rules provided in the book you’ll be able to play superheroes of any type, “from paragons to exemplars, to super-science heroes of the future or the past, to cosmic guardians defending the far-reaches of the galactic civilizations from untold threats!”

Character creation is simple, fast, and exciting. You pick your character archetype based on the exciting stories your Game Master is going to tell, you pick a few Traits or Powers that each grant a single benefit, and you're done!

Unlike previous Tiny offerings, Tiny Supers not only has a host of micro-settings by a wide range of authors, but also sports its own detailed setting… the GallantVerse.

The GallantVerse is the standard superheroic setting for Tiny Supers! Conceived by Alan Bahr, the GallantVerse is a near-future setting, where superheroes have recently come into being!

The GallantVerse is a setting focused on heroic and exciting heroes, with a slight science fiction bent and a focus on hope and optimistic heroism! All your favorite comic book angles are here, from mystical occultists, to mutants, to paragons of science and technology, and massive cosmic threats! We're hitting all the notes!

Our core of the setting is the coastal city of Sentry City! A technological hotspot, Sentry City is the birthplace of superheroes and the central piece of the GallantVerse.

The micro-settings, or ‘Micro-verses’ as they are called in Tiny Supers, are unique stand-alone settings filled with adventure hooks, and designed to act as springboards to use for your adventures and campaigns. These currently range from the superpowered high-school guardians of Avalon in Angelina and the Guardians of Avalon (by father and daughter writing team of Andrew and Natalie Lucas) to a pulpy supers setting by Joan Albright with more being added through stretchgoals… which seem to be alternating between new micro-verses and new material for the core GallantVerse setting at present.

Tiny Supers will be available as a digest sized (5.5” x 8.5”) 100-150 page Limited Edition Hardcover, with art by Nicolas Giacondino, and as a Softcover/PDF with cover art by Michael Leavenworth.

Space: 1889 – The Mars Sourcebook by Uhrwerk Verlag
(Campaign Ends : Monday 6th August 2018; 21:59 UTC)

Space: 1889 is a fantastic game of Victorian science fiction that was originally published in the late 80’s. It received the Savage Worlds treatment in 2010 with Pinnacle Entertainments Red Sands, and then a complete stand-alone Ubiquity­ system game by Uhwerk Verlag/Clockwork Publishing in 2014. About a dozen supplements and adventures have since been published for the new version of the game and this campaign is looking to give us a 200-page sourcebook on that ultimate colonial prize… Mars!

“ Ever since telescopes have allowed it, mankind has observed the surface of Mars with its massive canal structures. But only when Thomas Edison set foot on the Red Planet almost two decades ago was the truth revealed: Mars is home to a culture whose ancestors built the canals, used to distribute the water of the polar caps, thus enabling the Martians to live on for tens of thousands of years on their dying planet.”

With a land area roughly that of Earth, and reachable in only a few weeks via ethership, Mars is the colonial prize of the Space: 1889 solar system. All great powers of Earth eagerly rushed in to stake their claims on Mars, some exploiting the precious resources and ruling with an iron fist, others as cunning negotiators, salesmen and missionaries, offering protection treaties, knowledge and Earth's riches.

Space 1889: Mars will put you in the boots of scouts and diplomats, big game hunters and archeologists, airship captains and scientists as you explore the Martian realms, the lost cities and the numerous natural marvels of a planet that may be dying … but surely isn't dead yet!

Secrets of the Nethercity by Autarch
(Campaign Ends : Saturday 14th July 2018; 03:59 UTC)

Secrets of the Nethercity is a full-color adventure designed for a party of experienced mid-level adventurers for the Adventurer Conqueror King system and other d20 OSR games.

For three thousand years, the secrets of the Nethercity have been hidden. Now the delving of man has breached the ruins, and the lore and treasures of the ancients wait in the darkness below for those bold enough to seize them. But an inhuman evil slumbers in that darkness, and the time of the Awakening is at hand....

With Secrets of the Nethercity you get:

  • An epic "kilodungeon" with 240 location entries spread across 20 different dungeon sub-regions that can be explored in a nonlinear fashion over the course of your campaign
  • 12 new monsters, including the chryselephantine statue, faewyrd, hydropian, and terror of death
  • 30 new magic items, including the bag of faerie seeds, the funerary barge of the cults, horn of the eagles, scepter of sacred power, and shadowcowl robe
  • 4 new character classes, including the elven cultist, hierophant, and warlord
  • A special appendix providing step-by-step worksheets to adapt the Nethercity to your favorite campaign setting
  • A home base (the city of Cyfaraun) for use by your adventurers in between dungeon delves. The city is presented in summary format in the adventure itself, and the city and the sewers below it are presented in more detail in a supplement called Capital of the Borderlands (available at $20 and above pledge level). With every bonus goal, we'll expand the city and sewer levels!

The Nethercity, the city, and the sewer level in between are all beautifully mapped by the incredible cartography of Dyson Logos and Simon Forster. You get maps of the city, sewers, and Nethercity, as well as zoomed-in sectional maps of each major area.

Hall of Judgment – a Dungeon Fantasy RPG Supplement by Douglas H. Coles
(Campaign Ends : Sunday 15th July 2018; 03:00 UTC)

The Hall of Judgment was originally a Viking-flavored adventure called Lost Hall of Ty written for 5th Edition and the Dragon Heresy RPG setting. It has now been adapted, and expanded, into a micro-setting for the GURPS powered Dungeon Fantasy.

The adventure is suitable for 4 to 6 characters, using a 250-point build.

Odd that the basis of law and justice would come out of the savage barbarian lands. Yet out of the Norðurlönd came law, order, and indecipherable conjugation of word forms.

Deep in the mountain peaks where even the wild berserkers of Norðlond fear to travel was the Hall of Judgment, the famous Dómstóllinn.

Here the God of Law himself was said to guide the Norðlending in the ways of honor, law, retribution, and justice - both in war and life. It was a place of deep learning, and underpinned by its teaching and wisdom, the Norðlending (Northlanders to everyone else: Barbarians) carved a swath through neighboring realms, raiding and making gleeful war. Then the way to the Hall was lost, and the teachings lost with it.

The hall itself was hidden by the power of the Gods from those without permission to enter. Until now . . . a mystical skilti, sometimes called a Tyrstakn, has been brought to the town of Isfjall in the wild north. It is an item of true-seeing, a wayfinder, that helps to guide pilgrims and seekers to the Hall.

Who will take up the Tyrstaken - armed with their wits, their weapons, and an ancient riddle - and rediscover the lost Hall of Judgment? The clerics and guards in the city of Isfjall have been hard-pressed for years to keep the wildfae from reaving the quarries, forests, and farmland surrounding Isfjall, and cannot spare the manpower for the journey. It must fall to bold adventurers to find the Hall, and return with the location and any artifacts of historical significance.

Great rewards, and even greater renown, await.

Rise of the Nefarious: A 5th Edition Campaign by Pacesetter Games & Simulations
(Campaign Ends : Sunday 15th July 2018; 22:56 UTC)

Rise of the Nefarious is a 1st - 6th level campaign for 5th Edition. The campaign will be about 120 pages and available in PDF and Hardcover, with a Kickstarter only Softcover also on offer.

Your adventuring party is on the way to the mystical yet forgotten city Macandire. The road you are traveling is uncharted; however, you know you are supposed to travel west until you pass the mountains. The path is going in the correct direction to the city, so you continue to follow it. The lands surrounding Macandire are fabled to contain treasures beyond measure. However, with treasure comes the likelihood of hazard. Other than great treasures, not much is known about Macandire and the land surrounding it. While traveling along the path toward the city, your party comes across a small village. It came as a bit of a surprise due to the thick mist that surrounds this area and the darkness overcoming the sky due to dusk approaching. As you approach the town, it seems to have little life to it. It is hard to find a sociable person, and the majority of people do not seem welcoming; however, after a little digging you find out the name of the village is Mistwood. Since it is late, you decide to stay at the inn for the night. Your party gets a nice room with a warm hearth, and you quickly drift off to sleep. Once you wake up, you find a note slid under the door that reads, “Please help us”. Once you open the door, you are surprised to find another note pinned to the front of the door by a dagger that reads, “Go away”.

The evil around Mistwood has been eradicated. Once all loose ends are tied up, you journey to Macandire. As you pass the mountains and approach the city, a man and a woman are running towards you on the same path you travel. As they grow closer, they explain that the city is still somewhat functional; however, dark overlords have made the remnant's their home. The city is now split up into three factions: the Legion of Fury, the Spectral Order, and the Clan of Misfortune. All three heads of the organizations refer to themselves as the Apocalypse Council. Each head member is a descendant of the dark men and women who were a part of the ruination that took place in Macandire. Long ago, high mages were practicing new kinds of magic. The city funded this research as they thought the mages were attempting to discover new magic that would make Macandire more prosperous; however, all of the members that were assigned to this special project were eventually corrupted by an unknown evil. They kept experimenting, and eventually caused the destruction of the city. They created a spell that sent Macandire more than 300 feet into the ground. However, they did not stop there. They corrupted many people and monsters to eliminate anyone who would not swear allegiance to them. It is now up to you to make right by the city of Macandire and explore this once great city!

Villainous Compendium: Villains & Henchmen for Pathfinder/5E by J. Evans Payne
(Campaign Ends : Sunday 15th July 2018; 16:29 UTC)

The Villainous Compendium is a 300-500 page full-color book that has its origins as a stretch goal from a previous Kickstarter campaign. Whilst a Pathfinder version is currently in development the aim is to also produce a version for 5th Edition.

The book itself is a great resource for DMs, containing dozens of instantly usable Villains, Henchmen, supporting NPCs, maps, quests and a lot more. Each of the villains is ready-to-play, with a detailed background, motivations, and not only personal descriptions but also details on their lairs and hideouts – including maps.

The Villainous Compendium is slated to contain over 35 Villains, and 58 Henchmen and associated NPCs, for a total of over 90 characters.

Each NPC gets the "Quadded Statblock" treatment: four complete statblocks for the character, supporting a wide range of difficulty levels and challenge. The goal here is that the book's crunch is instantly usable for ANY gaming group, no matter how many PCs or what their level is.

In all, you get a minimum of 375 complete statblocks.

Each villain is intended to be a full-featured character you can drop into your gaming sessions immediately, with zero additional preparation.

The content provided for each and every villain should support 1-3 dedicated play sessions... so the book itself should support 30-100+ gaming sessions!

Each villain is a 10-50 page chapter unto themselves, and has all of the following:

  • Complete statblocks, including Quadded Statblocks to support a wide variety of difficulty levels.
  • Background, motivation, appearance, combat behavior, and other "non-crunchy" character description.
  • 0-4 Henchmen, each with full Quadded Statblocks.
  • 1+ Quests dedicated to the Villain and/or her henchpeople.
  • Full-color maps for a lair, hideout, or Quest-specific area. Each Map comes in both GM and Player-redacted formats, and you also get ultra-high-resolution image files for each and every map to use in VTT or other gaming apps.
  • Hooks to use to provide motivation or to get the PCs engaged.
  • Rumors & Lore to fuel character interest, give the Villain a real-world feel, and provide further hooks / incentives for engaging.

Dark Times – Cyberpunk/Supers RPG by The Polyhedral Knights
(Campaign Ends : Friday 13th July 2018; 02:02 UTC)

The Dark Times Roleplaying Game sees us enter a world of cyberpunk where corporations have created Superhumans. These Superhumans are considered company property, but unsurprisingly not all of them agree. Some of these become rogues and criminals, whilst others are simply renegades trying to survive and avoid the clutches of the corporations that made them. Both are targets of the Peacekeepers, dressed in their corporate power armor, and the loyal Corp Supers.

Twenty six years ago a man named Dr. Anton Valasakis changed everything with the discovery of a gene that unlocked superhuman powers. He started his experiments at pharmaceutical supergiant Prometheus Medical, working first on “willing volunteers”, and soon he was sanctioned by the government.

By this time Prometheus Medical was already a powerful corporation and had its hooks deep in controlling many politicians. Many of the first test subjects were prisoner who were on death row. This was a chance for them to gain a chance at life. Many died, and not much is known about this few who survived.

The experiments continued and soon a rash of industrial espionage broke out. Many large corporations, seeing the potential in customized superhuman technology, were now in a race to have their own Enhanced on their payroll. These laboratory creations were treated as slaves and many fled their masters, hiding in the slums. Some of the ones that got away even had kids.

Now there exists a second generation of Enhanced and still the corporations view them as company property. By now the laws had been warped to protect the rights of the corporations and their “investments” and not the people.

This is just the tip of the iceberg.

In Dark Times, players work together with their powers, protect their people, and build their community, all under the shadow of a corporation that has replaced the government and seeks to enslave them since they are viewed as “company property”.

With a little bit of cyberpunk, a little bit of noir, and a whole lot of superpowers, Dark Times mixes old-school and new-school design to create a game that is fast, pulpy, immersive, and fun to play.

Survive the Night: A Horror RPG by David Kish
(Campaign Ends : Friday 13th July 2018; 00:43 UTC)

Survive the Night is a beginner friendly horror roleplaying game that uses a d6 mechanic. The game has grown out of a homebrew that begin in 2013 and has been playtested, and expanded, at shows such as Origins and at games stores and clubs around the Columbus area.

Not much information about the setting, or system, is available on the project page but that hasbn’t stopped it from already being funded.

The shadows move on the far side of the room. The floorboards creak behind you. Something goes bump behind the closet door. Dark things are brewing, and it will be all you can do to Survive the Night.

Survive the Night is a horror RPG that throws you up against the stuff of nightmare with nothing but your wits and whatever eclectic advantages your character may possess. The dark tone mixed with an emphasis on story and simple rules makes it a unique and memorable experience for the whole table no matter how experienced (or inexperienced) the participants may be.

Dice Hoarder Enamel Pin by Max Dlabick
(Campaign Ends : Thursday 19th July 2018; 07:51 UTC)

Dice and Pins. Pins and Dice. Two very collectible items by themselves, yet alone combined. I’m sure many of us are ‘dice hoarders’, I certainly have pots and jars overflowing with various polyhedral playmates… and now Max Dlabick has designed a range of dragon pins guarding their prized dice hoard.

Each dragon is a little over 1.5 inches (40mm) and the Red Dragon, Rainbow Dragon and Green Dragon are currently available as of writing this column, with the Gold Dragon hopefully also becoming unlocked well before the campaign finishes.

The range, on Kickstarter, is only available to US customers but will be opened up to international customers on his website once the range has been produced.


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