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RPG Crowdfunding News 105: Occult Secrets of the Underworld, Dark Fantasy Collected, Harder They Fal

This weeks roundup of tabletop RPG crowdfunding campaigns sees dark tidings come to fantasy settings with a sourcebook on the Underworld as well as an adventure anthology for Pathfinder & 5th Ed, a domino based RPG system, Cats protecting us through the ages against namelss horrors, new starships to travel the universe in, and much more. Plus news on the new BackerKit initiative - The Creative Fund!

Occult Secrets of the Underworld – D&D 5E or Pathfinder RPG by AAW Games
(Campaign Ends : Wednesday 1st August 2018; 00:14 UTC)

AAW Games latest Kickstarter heads underground to the realms below, where we unearth the mysterious occult traditions of the Underworld. Occult Secrets of the Underworld is available for both 5th Edition and Pathfinder editions and has been fully written, edited, illustrated and laid out… so is ready to be delivered as soon as the campaign finishes.

The untold vastness of the realms below beckons, and for the first time, we unearth the mysterious occult traditions of the Underworld. Surface-dwellers can now lay their eyes upon the concepts of the Red River that binds all, attain amber enlightenment and transcend the bounds of the flesh with unique and potent magitech! Psychic poisons, mesmerizing spores and the damned of Hel await your command!

Building on the success of their Underworld Races and Classes book, this book supplies us with a collection of “collection of complex and evocative class options for the subterranean races you know and love!” Within this book you’ll find the following available to play:

Pathfinder RPG Dark Fantasy Adventures Collected – Lvls 1-14 by Matthew A. Bogdan
(Campaign Ends : Tuesday 24th July 2018; 19:06 UTC)

Dark Fantasy Adventures Collected is a collection of 7 Pathfinder adventures which cover levels 1 to 14. The anthology clocks in between 444 to 500 pages and contains the following:

1. ESCAPE FROM SKULLKEEP PRISON - 87 Pages. Levels 1-2.
Adventurers must break IN to a prison that is being magically bombarded by a deranged Half-Orc Warlock. Their mission is to rescue a sheriff’s rogue brother, who has been wrongfully imprisoned by a sadistic warden that uses his prisoners as entertainment for his visiting executioner and torturer brethren.

2. ESCAPE THE LAIR - LICH’S BREW - 70 Pages. Levels 3-4.
The Holy Order of Athagos has come to you to undertake a quest that even the heartiest of souls would flee from. The party is asked to destroy a Lich’s tomb and death cache, and everything in it, in exchange for what bizarre treasures lie deep within. Rumors from years ago still persist in the bizarre and outlandish tricks and traps that this Lich delights in. (the Lich in question does not make an appearance, but will leave his mark for many possible future adventures.)

3. SLAUGHTERHOUSE OF THE OGRE MAGE - 68 Pages. Levels 5-6.
An enterprising Ogre Mage has taken over the meat industry in the most unusual ways. He is butchering helpless victims in his fortified slaughterhouse, and feeding them to the town - and his giant gators! Can the PCs stop this deranged lunatic, or will they be invited... for dinner?
he he...

4. THE PINE BARRENS - 64+ Pages. Levels 7-8.
This is perhaps the darkest of the 7 adventures. It is based on the absolutely impossible to comprehend idea of serial killing and thrill killing, cults and the blackest magic. The PCs are tasked with raiding Turzee Island to capture or kill the escaped mass murderer brothers Croothe! But they soon find out there are MUCH darker forces lurking in the Pine barrens. Just one of many is THE TURZEE DEVIL...

5. TOMBS OF FROSTHEIM - 56+ Pages. Levels 9-10.
A Frost Giant that has abandoned his high-ranking position and post in Frost Giant society has been recaptured by the Giants of Frostheim. He, the once epic hero, HELVATH VORPNIR, had been imprisoned in FROSTHEIM GATE awaiting torture and execution for his misdeeds. A famous big game hunter has offered the party a veritable small fortune for his capture and safe return. But is everything is as it seems?

6. GHOST STORY - WINTER’S DARKNESS - 56+ Pages. Levels 11-12.
The illustrious ex-military man, MAJOR ALFREDO MONTCRIEF has sent an unexpected invitation to the party, inviting them to meet him for dinner on his armored steam train. The PCs soon find out that this meeting regards a potentially very prosperous reward… The Major is asking for muscle and the skills of thieves and wizards, to gain entry into THE VAULTS OF ROBECK to claim a variety of treasures fit for a king. Major Montcrief is more than willing to pay quite handsomely for the party’s accompaniment to act as bodyguards and ride on his armored train to the ghost town of Kheegan’s Bluff. There is talk of ghosts and Wikkawak brigand bands that are intent on stopping the Major, not to mention a rival Necromancer intent to get to the treasure first - the notorious MATOS ERONOTAN… Can the party procure the skills needed to force their way into the vaults?

7. NO MAN’S LAND - 43+ Pages. Levels 13-14.
Those that delve into Hell are not ensured to find their way back… The Hellpits of Hellvath Tor is an undiscovered layer of The Underworld that is supposedly a gladiatorial arena for a variety of wicked underworld fiends. Some of these fiends happen to be human… Can the PCs survive this brutal grand finale WITH their souls intact?

Quickstarter: Harder They Fall by James Iles
(Campaign Ends : Tuesday 24th July 2018; 11:22 UTC)

Harder They Fall is a storytelling game “of earth-shaking combat and toppling titans, played using dominoes.”

The ground shook with the sound of the titans' approach. As their heads crested over the horizon, I recognised their vanguard: Xeni, avatar of oceans, surging and coral-encrusted. I forced myself to stop a muttered prayer to the titans - they had betrayed the faith of my mothers. Instead, I activated my mech's systems and began charging weapons. Today, gods would fall.

Welcome to Harder They Fall, a game of final battles for the fate of the world. With a few friends, you’ll tell the story of a climactic battle between titanic foes.

You’ll decide what sparked the conflict, where the battle’s happening, and the weapons, motivations and doubts that define each fighter. Then you’ll play out the battle, setting up chains of dominoes that grow as your fighter gathers momentum and topple as titanic blows shake the battlefield.

As you place dominoes down you’ll make statements about your fighter’s impact on the world, their growing doubts, their fraying connection with their allies and growing alliance with their enemies. When all the dominoes are toppled and peace falls over the battlefield, will you be left standing victorious? Will it have been worth it?

Harder They Fall is great for telling self-contained stories of titanic confrontations, but can also be used to supplement a roleplaying game using another system. Use it to play out your campaign's final battle, a flashback to a legendary clash of heroes, or as a mass battle system representing the clash of armies.

Playing Harder They Fall is simple:

First, you set up your conflict. Who are the sides, and why are they fighting? What strengths does your fighter have, what oaths motivate them, and what doubts linger in their heart? Finally, what features define the map - settlements, forts, armies, hazards, sites of beauty? To finish setup, each player draws a domino from the pile and places it on the map as their fighter's starting position.

Then, the battle begins. On your turn, you have a choice:

Raise the stakes by drawing a domino and placing it on the battlefield. Depending on its value and where you place it, you'll ask your foes a question: how does your advance terrify them? How does your burgeoning power sear the battlefield? How do your doubts give you pause?

Or you can Knock Them Down by toppling your chain of dominoes. The more you knock over, the more damage you can do to your foes. And if you can knock over some of your allies' dominoes in a team-up attack, or knock over your foes' chain and send them flying, that's even better! Once all the dominoes are fallen, pick one to start your new chain, and let the battle continue.

You keep taking turns - setting up dominoes and knocking them down, describing your titanic struggles and their terrible costs - until one side is defeated or you're out of dominoes. The battle is over, and it's time for you to assess the aftermath. Each player asks the rest of the group a question about their fighter or the battlefield, the group considers potential answers, and all surviving fighters vote on the outcome.

Cathulhu – Tails of Valor and Terror by Golden Goblin Press
(Campaign Ends : Sunday 29th July 201; 16:11 UTC)

Tails of Valor is a collection of three adventures for Sixtystone Press’ Cathulhu – Velvet Paws on Cthulhu’s Trail; a horror roleplaying game using the call of Cthulhu system where the players portray cats investigating the Cthulhu Mythos. This adventure anthology, using the 7th Edition of the Cthulhu rules, supplies three historical adventures – set in Ancient Egypt, Ancient Rome and Dark Ages France.

Triumphus Felis Ferae (set in 41 A.D. Rome), by JeffreyMoeller– First the vermin became scarces, and then kittens and cats began wandering off, never to be seen again. Later, people began acting strangely by, disobeying the Praetorian Guards attempting and attempting to enter the Imperial Palace. Then the Emperor Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus Germanicus (known to later history as Caligula) himself vanishes from within the imperial residence, leaving the city teetering on the edge of utter chaos. Can a band of brave and proud Roman street cats solve this mystery, and restore order to the Empire?

Shadow Harvest (set in 5th Dynasty Egypt), by Stuart Boon – As harvest fast approaches, strange things are happening in the Temple of Bast outside of the city of Bubastis. Two of the oldest and wises cats have disappeared and a kitten has been found murdered on temple grounds. Can a group of heroic and cunning cats of the temple discover what has befallen their kin, and uncover the dark secrets and blasphemous horrors that threaten all of Egypt?

The Undesirables (set in Dark Ages France) by Oscar Rios – The cats of Paris struggle to survive in a city driven mad with fear. The streets are filled with the dead, dying, and the terrified as a deadly and mysterious plague runs rampant. The church places the blame on Satan, black magic, witches, and their familiars… namely cats. As a purge of such undesirables begins will the PC's (player cats) strike out against the true threat by putting a stop to the actual witches spreading this vile pestilence, or seek to escape the chaos and reach the countryside?

The Council of Kingsport - The collection closes with a group of nine very important NPC's, for use in your regular 1920's Call of Cthulhu, Dreamlands, or Cathuhu campaign. The Council of Kingsport are a body of nine cats, which are living their ninth life, and revered for their wisdom, bravery, and leadership. These cats are defenders of the city of Kingsport, both in the Waking World and in the Dreamlands. Each detailed feline will include a photograph from a backer's actual cat!

Also included in the campaign is Tails of Terror, a collection of thirteen cat themed horror short stories. This includes “stories about cat heroes, cat villains, ghost and demon cats, feline Dreamlands adventurers, cat people, and cat-centric stories inspired by such H.P. Lovecraft classics as The Rats in the Walls and The Dreams in the Witch House.”

CYNTEK: Starship Maps & Miniatures by Ryan Wolfe
(Campaign Ends : Wednesday 25th July 2018; 03:00 UTC)

We’ve covered a number of Ryan Wolfe’s campaigns in this column, and I’ve backed a few myself. The campaigns are well run and the digital product is quickly delivered (I’ve only backed at digital levels, but friends have received physical copies and the miniatures quick enough too).

Each campaign offers poster sized deckplans of the starships in question, some starship miniatures, and a guide detailing the ship(s) in question . The ships are perfectly suitable for Starfinder, Traveller or any sci-fi RPG.

The ships on this occasion “are sleek designs intended to represent either advanced human/synthetic technology or a wholly alien culture. They are called the "Cyntek" in my world but are meant to take on whatever role best fits your particular game. The campaign includes two distinct posters and three unique models.”

Complete deckplans are provided on a pair of a full color, double-sided, 24x36 inch posters. They are drawn to a 1 inch equals 5 ft scale and have a subtle 1-inch grid built into the floor. Posters are shipped rolled.

There are three unique ships included in this project: a freighter, a cruiser, and a small scout ship. They are laid out with the freighter and scout taking up the front side of both posters while the cruiser stretches across the back sides. This means that with a single pair of posters you can lay out either the full freighter or the full cruiser.

The GMs Tarot – Story Telling Made Easy by Wartorn Games
(Campaign Ends : Monday 30th July 2018; 19:00 UTC)

The GMs Tarot is a system neutral accessory designed to be quick and easy to use to aim GM’s in plotting campaigns, adventures, and encounters. The initial “General” deck offers almost 200,000 combinations of themes and these can be further expanded through additional decks, such as the “Wilderness” and “Urban” decks which may be unlocked during the course of the campaign.

The deck not only helps GMs build their story, but they can also replace encounter tables, generate plot ideas when the party have diverted off course, and help GMs come up with quick, unexpected, puck-up games.

Each of the decks will include 17 Location Cards, 17 Encounter Cards, 17 Hook Cards and 3 Wild Cards.

Hiraeth Module – Tabletop Gaming Fantasy RPG by E11even Entertainment
(Campaign Ends : Saturday 28th July 2018; 21:39 UTC)

The Hiraeth Module is the first part in a series of books that will detail the world of Sonder, a new systemless setting that can be used for any game. It reminds me, in its general approach, of Harn by Columbia Games which produced (and still produces) a very detailed range of setting guides.

The Realm of Sondar is comprised of several continents, eleven countries and a massive undiscovered region open to be explored. The world has been laid out with detailed maps of the terrain, weather, trade routes, and loads more, supplying GMs everything needed to tell rich stories. Detailed digital maps and documents show building elevations, sewer systems, crime statistics, in the effort to make the world a believable fantasy setting.

Hiraeth is one of the continents, about a third of the size of Australia, and is the first entry in the series. A realm inhabited by multiple races for less than 200 years. It is a bustling new world, rich with resources, steeped in possibility and with a new danger to serve as the catalyst for many of the regions campaigns. Characters will have a number of quests to choose from and game masters will have an entire land, extensively mapped out for their players to explore; dungeons, lost civilizations, cities, and the under earth.

The basic pledge will get you a map of the entire world and the Hiraeth realm with its cities, characters and history. The adventures will be presented so that the module can be used with any gaming system

Primordial Power: Apocalyptic Magic for 5E by Christopher Knapp
(Campaign Ends : Monday 30th July 2018; 12:00 UTC)

Primordial Power is a small 28-page supplement for 5th Edition that looks at the primordials, a chaotic race of elementals that waged war with the gods. Although they lost the war, being either destroyed or sealed away, cults worshipping them have remained.

The supplement features profiles of five prominent primordials, a playable genie race, a new druid subclass devoted to fighting the primordials and stopping their influence on the mortal plane, a new scholarly bard subclass who studies the rise and fall of civilizations in the primordials wake, new spells for magic users to tap into the apocalyptic powers, primordial-related foes, and a guide to creating your own primordials.

BackerKit Launches The Creative Fund!

On 11th July BackerKit launched The Creative Fund, which aims to back every Kickstarter campaign with an equal amount to support independent creators. The campaign has already pledged over $12,000 to over 11,000 projects. Now whilst an average of $1 per campaign might not, on the surface, seem like much the real benefit for creators is that everyone who follows The Creative Fund on Kickstarter will receive an email altering them to the campaigns they back. So by backing a campaign, even at a dollar, means that campaign gets additional exposure.

In time The Creative Fund hopes to be able to give more money to each campaign and, in order to do so, they have set up a Patreon to help. For every $2000 they raise through Patreon they will donate an additional dollar to each Kickstarter campaign that launches.

For more information on The Creative Fund please check out their website and Patreon page.


If you like what we do here at EN World (the Forums, Columns, News, ENnies, etc) and would like to help support us to bring you MORE please consider supporting our Patreon. Even a single dollar helps Thanks!


If you have a forthcoming Kickstarter, or see one that excites you, please feel free to drop me an email on angus.abranson@gmail.com You can follow me on Twitter @ Angus_A or on Facebook where I often post about gaming.

Until next week, have fun and happy gaming!

Angus Abranson

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