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RPG Crowdfunding News 107: Flotsam: Adrift Amongst the Stars, Ancient Worlds: Atisi, Woodfall, Esote

This week brings us a GM-and-dice-less game of those we usually overlook in our sci-fi games, an Egyptian themed setting for Dungeon World, a system-neutral hexcrawl setting that'll be great for your OSR games, modern occultists, zombie survivors, music to keep your adventurers entertained, and a fantastic new dice set inspired by Japanese temples. Yes, this is the weekly RPG Crowdfunding News!

Flotsam: Adrift Amongst the Stars by Josh Fox and Becky Annison
(Campaign Ends : Thursday 9th August 2018; 08:33 UTC)

Flotsam: Adrift Amongst the Stars is a roleplaying game about outcasts, renegades and misfits living in the belly of a space station, in the shadow of a more prosperous society. You play through their everyday lives, interpersonal relationships and small-scale drama in the Below, a dangerous world where poverty, social strife and gang conflict sit side-by-side with alien technology and supernatural weirdness.

Imagine the Belters of the Expanse watching as Earth and Mars shape their lives, the civilians in Battlestar Galactica living with the decisions made by the military and the folk of Downbelow in Babylon 5, abandoned to destitution and squalor by those who built the station. This game is about characters like that.

The game is GMless and diceless, with rules that point your characters at each other and bring their relationships into sharp focus. They help you create a rich setting, flawed characters, and charged relationships which develop over time.

The game needs 3-5 people to play. It gives everyone a Primary character to play and a Situation to run the rest of the time, so you’ll be fully engaged in the game at all times, and every scene will harness the full creative power of the group. Clean, simple rules enable you to juggle those roles without difficulty, even if you're not used to playing without a GM.

The game also includes quick-start scenarios which enable you to leap straight into a tense social situation full of charged relationships, perfect for one-shot play. You can play a satisfying Flotsam scenario in 3-4 hours.

Ancient Worlds: Atisi by Marcelo Paschoalin
(Campaign Ends : Sunday 12th August 2018)

This Indiegogo campaign, from Marcelo Paschoalin of Brazil, bring us a Bronze Age RPG setting for Dungeon World inspired by Egyptian Mythology. Originally funded a two years ago for a Brazilian edition, this campaign is to publish an English-language edition. The book has already been translated, edited and proofread and the money raised will largely be going on art costs.

The 280 page 6x9 book features:

  • Major rules changes for Dungeon World, including tweaks to the basic moves, bonds, playbooks (classes), and magic. After all, a Bronze Age setting inspired by Egyptian Mythology is different from standard DW. The land you hail from shapes you, and when you deal with the corrupting power of magic you are subject to taints that will mark your mind and body.
    [*]Information about the setting, including descriptions of locations and questions about them. Major points of interest, like pyramids, monuments and cities include the right amount of detail to inspire GMs without restricting the group's input in customizing the world.
    [*]Monsters and creatures, including their stats, moves, instincts and descriptions. Are you ready to face the dreadful m'siseks or confront cultists blessed by dark powers?
    [*]Common equipment and tools. A bronze weapon is different from one made of steel, but both are lethal: when you are on the battlefield, you don't ask your opponent what material her kopesh is made of.

  • Five compendium classes the heroes can follow. Will you become a jade acolyte or will you bow your head to the lower powers and accept your fate as a dark servant?
  • Mystical artifacts and magical items the heroes can discover. Some of these aren't what they seem... Everything has a price; even when you receive a boon, sooner or later you'll discover banes attached to it. Some may change you, others may tempt you.
  • Game Master (GM) tips and rules needed to run a game. Do you have what it takes to make this world your own?

Woodfall – A mini hexcrawl setting by Shane Walshe
(Campaign Ends : Friday 10th August 2018; 16:28 UTC)

Woodfall is a system-neutral dark fantasy mini-setting that has been designed to be easy for DMs to pick up and run in their own campaigns.

Explore a dark fairytale setting, wade through a misty swamp, get caught up in the fighting between warring monster clans, discover a strange town of witches and thieves, and search for forgotten treasure.

Woodfall is a swamp belonging to a king where witches, thieves and outlaws are squatting. They have built a town on top of the swamp and have resisted several evictions. The town is a hub for black market activity and magical folk.

The surrounding forest and swamp is a hexcrawl filled with various monster factions.

The 6x9 digest sized book will be about 100 pages and feature everything from new monsters to weird shops, from the towns Legal system and Thieves Guild to a hexcrawl with 12 keyed locations, plus plenty of random tables and lots more!

Esoterica Tabletop Roleplaying Game by Greg Saunders
(Campaign Ends : Sunday 12th August 2018; 07:08 UTC)

Esoterica is a new 200-page, digest sized, RPG of modern magicians and occultists using the Open d6 system. The game sees players take on rules of Adepts seeking to increase their powers, and further their own agendas.

Welcome to the Secret World...

Esoterica is a game about conflicts between mystics, magicians and occultists in the modern day world. Called Adepts, these people have come to understand that the mundane world is just a facet of the true, greater reality, hidden by a barrier called the Veil. They seek to Ascend through the Veil to a better life beyond, and to this end have learnt to master some of the energies that permeate through the barrier. But power comes at a great cost - a corruption of the mortal form. Only Soul Jars, mystical objects imbued with power, can keep this corruption at bay. But the secret of their construction is lost, so they must either be recovered from the past or stolen from those that hoard them.

Do have what it takes to Ascend?

Esoterica is about action, conflict and greed in a morally bankrupt world of modern occultism.

Zombie World: A Card-Based Tabletop RPG of Zombie Horror by Brendan G. Conway
(Campaign Ends : Monday 13th August 2018; 03:59 UTC)

Zombie World is a card-based tabletop roleplaying game of survivors fighting against the living and the dead for their own place in the world. The game is designed for easy, quick, and intense play.

In Zombie World, you take on the roles of ordinary people caught up in a zombie apocalypse, struggling to survive day after day, month after month, year after year, in a world destroyed by the restless dead. Maybe you’re just an accountant who took up a machete to keep her friends and family safe. Maybe you’re an escaped inmate trying to keep your criminal past a secret from your fellow survivors. Maybe you’re a soldier trying to lead and protect your whole enclave in this ruined world.

Zombie World has its roots in the Powered by the Apocalypse system used by tabletop RPGs like Apocalypse World, Monsterhearts, and Masks: A New Generation, but it takes that system in new directions, using special cards to generate characters, create situations, and resolve conflicts. Making a new character takes minutes: you draw a few cards, and you’re ready to go. Every time you take an interesting action in the game, you draw a few cards that will tell you what happens to your survivor.

In Zombie World, your story is about the larger group of characters more than it is about any single one of them, as you struggle, sacrifice, and strive to create a place where you and your allies might not just survive...but where you might live.

Zombie World comes with all the cards, the playmats, the rules, and even a dry erase marker—everything you need in a small box you can easily fit into your bag and play on the fly. If you’re a fan of The Walking Dead, Night of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead, 28 Days Later, or World War Z, then Zombie World is the perfect game to satisfy your hunger!

In Zombie World, you create your character by drawing three cards—a past, a present, and a trauma—generating a survivor with a unique history, role in the community, and emotional reaction to the zombie apocalypse.

When you start playing, your past and your trauma start face down—hidden to everyone but you. You may reveal them over the course of play. But until you actually reveal your card, it’s not public knowledge and its mechanical effects on your character don’t come into play yet. It’s still true, though—your past was your past, whether or not anybody knows it.

When you create your character, you’ll draw just one past and just one trauma—but you’ll get your choice of two potential present cards.

Each game of Zombie World is centered around an enclave—the place where you and your fellow survivors have holed up for safety. The exact details will vary depending upon which enclave cards you use and the choices your group makes when you set up the enclave at the start of play.

A typical game of Zombie World kicks off with the Gamemaster (the single player running the game, playing the world) pulling a Fate card to find out what new problems have arisen for the enclave...and you’re off!

“Inn of the Red Dragon” – Audio For Table Top Adventures by Darkraven Games
(Campaign Ends : Thursday 9th August 2018; 10:52 UTC)

Darkraven Games are at it again with their latest collection of audio tracks, and music, for tabletop gaming. This time round they visit the ‘Inn of the Red Dragon’, bringing us a collection of music and sounds set in a busy inn. The basic pack gives us 30 minutes, including 10 songs, with further options including the soundtrack without the songs on a busy night, or even with a harsh and windy winters evenings being kept at bay the other side of the taverns walls. Higher levels also give access to tracks from past Darkraven campaigns.

Inn of the Red Dragon is the first of the supplemental packs to Vivat Imperium, which supplied over 25 hours of sounds from an exotic imperial capital city.

TERA DICE – Traditional Japanese Architectural Design Dice by Moonmares Games
(Campaign Ends : Monday 13th August 2018; 23:58 UTC)

Tera is the Japanese word for Temple, and this new dice from Moonmares Games is a 7-layered dice inspired by stunning Japanese architectural design. Each of the layers of the dice are designing with different dimensions, and form the full range of dice types from d2 up to d20. There is also a Kickstarter special edition design if you fancy a choice of colours.


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Until next week, have fun and happy gaming!

Angus Abranson



I've heard nothing but great stuff about Zombie World from those who have playtested it. It was an insta-back for me. Can't wait!

Woodfall also has my attention. I love the art and it seems to be put together in a really useful-at-the-table way.


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