RPG Crowdfunding News 111: Main Gauche, The Next World, Domina Magica, Folklore, Entromancy, plus Fi

Welcome back to our weekly look at tabletop roleplaying game, and accessories, crowdfunding roundup! Each week we look at a few campaigns currently running that have caught our eye and this week we have everything from dark and gritty to magical girl, superhero to cyberpunk, and more!

MAIN GAUCHE chaos supplement for ZWEIHANDER Grim & Perilous by Daniel Fox

(Campaign Ends : Thursday 6th September 2018; 03:32 UTC)
On the back of winning the 2018 Best Game and Product of the Year at the ENnie’s this year, Zweihander: Grim & Perilous has returned to Kickstarter to raise funds for Main Gauche, an all-new gritty and dark supplement.

Aiming to clock in at between 300-400 pages, Main Gauche will include:

  • Table of Contents – overview of chapters & various topics
  • Introduction Story – as told by Danziger Eckhardt in our video
  • Designer's Note – Daniel's POV on the book
  • Chapter I: Liber Mortalis – 18 regular Professions, 44 Expert Professions & revised progress tables for all Professions across both books
  • Chapter II: Liber Arma – new materials, weapons, armor, war machines & shields
  • Chapter III: Liber Vehiculum – vehicles, fantastic machines & vehicle-based combat
  • Chapter IV: Liber Alchemia – alchemy, Wytch-science, intoxicants, treatments & more
  • Chapter V: Liber Daemonium – 13 Daemons & their worship, Daemonic Gifts & mutations expanded
  • Chapter VI: Liber Umbra – introduces 99 Covenant Magic spells & all-new Rituals
  • Chapter VII: Liber Malus – bespoke monsters & NPC creation
  • Chapter VIII: Liber Conspiratio - rules for conspiracies & investigations
  • Chapter IX: There's Something About Marie - an investigative adventure
  • Appendix – a useable postscript to find what you need

The book will be printed in “old school black & white glory”, with a color cover.

Legacy: Life Among the Ruins - The Next World by Jay Iles
(Campaign Ends : Thursday 13th September 2018; 16:16 UTC)

Last year over 1700 backers supported the Legacy: Life Among the Ruins Second Edition, campaign. Now it’s time to return to the ruins of the wasteland with this new campaign aiming to bring us three new supplements – bringing new characters, families rules, wonders, adventures, and an entirely new setting to the game.

Each of the three books; The Engine of Life, End Game, and Free From the Yoke, will be available as a 120 page PDF or Hardcover.

Domina Magica – A Magical Girl RPG by Emily Reinhart
(Campaign Ends : Friday 7th September 2018; 02:00 UTC)

Domina Magica is a tabletop role-playing game designed to emulate an episode of a Magical Girl Anime. You will create and role-play a School Girl in either Elementary, Middle or High and run through the typical scenario of everyday school life. You will make friends, you might make enemies, and hopefully make your next class on time. When you and your friends encounter strange happenings around the school, it is revealed that you are the next generation of Magical Girls!!!! You have been selected to help fight the forces of evil, and only the power of love and friendship that you possess will send these dark beings back to wherever it is they came from.......and all before dinner time.

“We designed this game as a fun, light-hearted way to engage with all the iconic tropes of the Magical Girl Genre. Magical Girls is a sub-genre of the Japanese fantasy manga and anime, featuring girls with magical abilities, or who use magic to transform. This sub-genre dates back to the 1950's and has become increasingly popular due to the magical renaissance featuring shows such as Sailor Moon and Cardcaptor Sakura! When you open Domina Magica this book will guide you through the transformation from school girl to Magical Girl. Through this beautiful illustrated book you and your friends will play through a day in the life of a school girl turned Heroine.”

Domina Magica is designed to play in one session, with each game generating a different experience. One person will play as the Narrator who will help facilitate the game and control the various forces of evil. The other players will each form a team of magical girls who will discover their true identities and overcome both mystical and mundane challenges. This game has a custom made rules system, designed by Emily and Jim, that will encourage players to express their inner Magical Girls.

Folklore: Creatures of Myth and Legend of Fifth Edition D&D by D6 Games
(Campaign Ends : Thursday 6th September 2018; 22:04 UTC)

Based upon real world folklore, urban legends, and Lovecraftian horror, Folklore: Creatures of Myth and Legend is a collection of 50 beasts, legends, and other things that go £”bump” in the night for 5th Edition.

Each of the monsters, which also includes some brand new original creations, comes with their own sets of lore and legends, as well as ideas and prompts for encounters, scenario hooks, and other ideas.

“Creatures like the Wendigo that wreak with eldritch horror and the scale and aspects of said beast to be under-represented; the horrifying Nuckelavee, a creature whose existence is made of plague and rot from the cold salty depths of the sea; the light-hearted Seto Taishō, a piece of dishware hellbent on harassing kitchen staff to bow down to its supremacy...”

The Wendigo is often depicted as just a mindless, bloodthirsty frost ghoul, but in reality that's what it turns us into. Its form is immense and it dwells within the coldest darkest areas, preying on those unfortunate enough to come across it. It targets the weakest in a group and slowly breaks their body and mind until they're a shell of themselves — the perfect place to store its evil. We've tried to reflect that in its abilities and range of skills. The Wendigo, being one of the more challenging creatures, has the ability to change the forest around the players and make them truly fear their surroundings, making the woods extremely inhospitable for any living thing. It has the ability to pass from this realm to the ethereal with no effort, as well as the ability to create spooky frost ghouls out of its prey.

The Nukelavee’s presence on the coast spells doom for the people who live there. Its rotting breath plagues crops and destroys life, spreading the horrid mortasheen disease — its very existence is vengeance from the sea. This monster represents the lost hope of the gods of the sea — and is at it's most dangerous there.

The Seto Taishō a self-built automaton made from discarded fine crockery and tossed-away wine bottles, and it comes back with the personality of a great indomitable warlord that clumsily harasses kitchen staff. It pulls tricks — from magically making the food taste horrid or creating its own terrible take on the dish, to chasing people with blunted knives and chopstick spears. Because the dreaded Seto Taishō can rebuild itself endlessly, submission is the only option.

Entromancy: A Cyberpunk Fantasy Roleplaying Game by M. S. Farzan
(Campaign Ends : Friday 7th September 2018; 04:00 UTC)

Entromancy takes us into a cyberpunk urban fantasy world filled with magic, espionage, hacking and gunslinging action! Set in San Francisco, in the late 21st century, and using a system based upon 5th Edition, the game see’s the emergence of a new race of people, and various forms of long-forgotten magic appear, with the discovery and use of ceridium, a newly discovered element that revolutionizes the energy industry.

Want to stealth hack your way into enemy territory as a Vanguard, enhancing your faction standing with the underrace nation of Aurichome? You can do that. Interested in putting together a crew of NIGHT Agents to clean out San Francisco's Presidio of zombie-like ragers? We've got you covered. Striving to climb the ranks of the Unaligned so that you can unlock the ferociously powerful, chaos-based magic of the Entromancer? No one's stopping you...other than the other two power hungry factions standing in your way.

The game has five races to initially choose from, and five classes that can then be customized by selecting feats, talents and/or spells. The five classes are:

  • NIGHT Agent. NIGHT Agents are special agents of the highest order, members of a paramilitary force that is called upon to enforce peace among aurics and humans -- sometimes using extreme measures. As a Night Agent, you’re skilled in espionage and magical combat, and will have to decide between the paths of dark and light for your archetype.
  • Revolutionary. Revolutionaries are allied to the underrace nation of Aurichome, sacrificing the comforts of the status quo for the promise of equality for all underraces. As a Revolutionary, you’re trained in all manner of ranged combat, and are unparalleled in your understanding of modern vehicles.
  • Technomancer. Technomancers are gifted to the extreme in hacking, robotics, and manipulating any type of machinery. As a Technomancer, your training allows you to get closer to the metal with feats and spells than any other class.
  • Terramancer. Terramancers have dedicated their lives towards communing with nature, drawing their inspiration from the flora and fauna around them. As a Terramancer, your proficiency with healing magic is unmatched, as is your ability to throw projectiles with deadly effect.
  • Vanguard. Vanguards thrive in the shadows, specializing in the arts of stealth, assassination, and subterfuge. As a Vanguard, your skills in remaining unseen and getting the drop on your opponents is unparalleled.

After players have completed five or more missions they will unlock one of five powerful destinies, depending on what standing in their faction they have.

  • Aurikar Elite. Guns and spells have their places, but you prefer to get your hands dirty. You’ve mastered the art of hand-to-hand combat through training with King Thog’run’s special forces, and have sworn fealty to the crown as one of Aurichome’s elite defenders.
  • Entromancer. You’ve spent time, energy, and no small amount of personal sacrifice chipping away at the mysteries of the universe. Ever so slowly, entropy begins to respond to your will.
  • Infiltrator. When a job requires subtlety, they call for an assassin. When it requires a ghost, they call you.
  • Inquisitor. You’ve entered the elite ranks of NIGHT leadership, empowered with some of the most devastating –- and manipulative -- spells known to humankind.
  • Weapon Master. Some heroes are born; others are forged through discipline and forbearance. You have become a master of arms, dedicating your life to the study of weaponry.

The following campaigns are finishing in the next 7 days

Grim and the Wicked – A D&D 5e Campaign by JP “GeoQuester” Quinn
(Campaign Ends : Saturday 1st September 2018; 03:59 UTC)

“Bring characters from creation to 20th level in this mad dash against time across the North.”

Nights of Payne Town: a new story arc for City of Mist RPG! By Amit Moshe
(Campaign Ends : Saturday 1st September 2018; 03:59 UTC)

“Hit the streets of a neon-noir city as detectives and vigilantes with legendary powers! A new story arc, rulebooks, expansion, and more”

Cthulhu Enamel Pins by strange arcade
(Campaign Ends : Saturday 1st September 2018; 10:00 UTC)

“38mm cthulhu pin set inspired by the works and mythos of H.P Lovecraft.”

Dark Naga – OSR Haunting of Hastur Modules by Dark Nage Adventures (Kevin Watson)
(Campaign Ends : Sunday 2nd September 2018; 23:00 UTC)

“All five parts of the Haunting of Hastur series in print for the OSR.”

Brindlemarsh, a 1E & 5E adventure of Dragons and Dungeons by Lloyd Metcalf
(Campaign Ends : Saturday 1st September 2018; 23:59 UTC)

“Brindlemarsh (BR-2) is the second in the Brindle series of OSRIC & Fifth Edition adventures from Fail Squad Games.”

Creatures from fairy-tales and myth by Andrew Valkauskas
(Campaign Ends : Monday 3rd September 2018; 15:57 UTC)

“A book about the monsters found in fairy tales and myth (Fate of the Norns: Ragnarok + d20)”

Galloping Stars RPG – A Pony-Inspired Sci-Fi RPG – Relaunch! By Changeling Games
(Campaign Ends : Monday 3rd September 2018; 19:17 UTC)

“Galloping Stars is a pony-inspired, sci-fi, tabletop RPG system being developed by Changeling Games. Lay a hoof upon your destiny...”

Total Party Kill Handbook Volume 2: 5th Edition Encounters by 2CGaming
(Campaign Ends : Tuesday 4th September 2018; 04:00 UTC)

“Twenty lethal encounters for 5th Edition, ready to drop right into your game. Tell your players to bring their best.”

Afterverse: Scifi Tabletop RPG by Ray Nothnagel
(Campaign Ends : Wednesday 5th September 2018; 02:30 UTC)

“Afterverse is a scifi tabletop RPG featuring an expansive and versatile world and the D6 Bank game system.”


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