RPG Crowdfunding News 117: Legendary Dragons, The Sassoon Files, Sandy Petersen’s Cthulhu Mythos for

Here Be Dragons! Legendary Dragons! Joining our scaled friends (?) this week's RPG crowdfunding column are a 1920's Shanghai campaign for Call of Cthulhu, a massive tome of Cthulhu for 5th Edition, an International organization of mice protecting the world, a dark fey-themed 5th edition campaign setting and lots, lots more! Did I mention dragons?

Legendary Dragons: A 5th Edition Supplement by Jetpack 7
(Campaign Ends : Saturday 20th October 2018; 03:59 UTC)

Dragons. The most regal and iconic of creatures in the world of fantasy. Red dragons, black dragons, green dragons, gold dragons, dragons come in all sizes and colours and have spawned dozens of related races that have graced our settings.

Jetpack 7’s Legendary Dragons is a sourcebook for 5th Edition that delves not only into the history and motivations of a dozen or more legendary dragons, but also brings you lore, new dragons, wyverns, drakes and hydras.

In this 100+ page full colour book, written by a fantastic team including James Haeck (Waterdeep: Dragon Heist; Critical Role Tal’Dorei Campaign Setting) and Dan Dillon (Tome of Beasts, Creature Codex) the book also brings you information on Dragon Cults, Lairs, Dragon Hunters and Hunting Factions, Dragon hoard items, Aerial Combat Options, new Kobolds, and so much more.

A truly indispensable book to breathe new life into your dragons and dragon encounters – and that’s not even mentioning the absolutely fantastic artwork in this campaign!

The Sassoon Files by Sons of the Singularity LLC
(Campaign Ends : Friday 19th October 2018; 14:01 UTC)

The Sassoon Files is an adventure and campaign sourcebook set in 1920’s Shanghai for both Chaosium’s Call of Cthulhu and Pelgrane Press’ Gumshoe system, so playable with their Itrail of Cthulhu RPG.

Shanghai in the 1920’s was an international city of intrigue, espionage, style and violence, and that is captured in this 150-200 page book. The book includes a range of scenarios that can either be played as ‘one-offs’ of as part of a larger campaign. The scenarios will be tied together by common locations, characters, threats and themes.

The Sassoon Files will include the history of Shanghai and some of the primary factions that competed for influence and power: the Communists and Nationalists who played a game of deadly cat and mouse; the Jewish tycoon who provided succor to refugees; the Triad societies who competed to provide vice for the city's residents; the Japanese who were moving closer to invasion. The Sassoon Files will also explore the secret history of the Mythos, and the local factions who sought to exploit that which could not be fully comprehended.

Sandy Petersen’s Cthulhu Mythos for 5e by Sandy Petersen
(Campaign Ends : Monday 22nd October 2018; 23:00 UTC)

Staying with Cthulhu for our next entry, we see the original creator of the Call of Cthulhu RPG, Sandy Petersen, turn his sights on creating the definitive guide for the Mythos for 5th Edition gaming. Having completed a highly successful campaign for a Pathfinder version of this tome back in 2016 it was really only a matter of time before a 5th Edition version made its way to our gaming tables. The book is a “a reimagining and expansion” of the Pathfinder edition and will clock in at over 400 pages, all in full colour. Over 70 new illustrations have been commissioned, as well as new content (such as dozens of new monsters).

Over 100 monster stat blocks are included, with full colour illustrations, and a new type of stat block has been created for encountering 26 Great Old Ones and Outer Gods. The book also offers four new playable races (Dreamlands Cats, Mythos Ghouls, Gnorri, and Zoogs), as well as new character options, professions, feats, rules for insanity and dreaming, 40 new spells and 30 rituals (a new magic ruleset), doizens of mythos items and artifacts and a whole range of Cults.

Rodent Rangers: Small heroes, big adventures! By Jacob S Kellogg
(Campaign Ends : Thursday 25th October 2018; 12:34 UTC)

Rodent Rangers is a “family-friendly RPG inspired by classic cartoons of mousey adventures!”, from Purple Aether Games, where your characters are field agents of an international organization of problem solvers.

Rodent Rangers is set in the modern world, with mice (and other small critters) living right under the noses of oblivious humans. While humans continue under the delusion that theirs is the only civilization, mice live happily in the walls, basements and sewers of human cities, furnishing themselves with the scavenged scraps of the humans' materials and tech.

The organization known as the Rodent Rangers is headquartered in the basement of the American Red Cross building in Washington, D.C. From there, teams of agents with a variety of skill sets are sent all over the globe on missions to help others, whether by rescuing lost or stranded civilians, bringing supplies to disaster sites, recovering stolen relics, or unraveling mysteries.

The Runewild – A Dark Fairy-Tale Setting for 5E by Matthew J. Hanson
(Campaign Ends : Friday 19th October 2018; 02:00 UTC)

The Runewild Campaign Setting is a dark fairy-tale hex-crawl for use with 5th Edition. Designed for character levels 1 through 10, it provides locations, encounters, and NPCs to support a campaign lasting months or years, or to be adapted into other campaigns.

The 160+ page book will include a history of the Runewild and its surrounding settlements, 100 detailed encounter areas, new optional rules for exploring and resting, new Runewild-specific backgrounds (such as hag-owned, time-lost knight or polymorphed animal), over a dozen new magic items, 32 new monsters (including clockwork dwarves, fey lions and the Golden Bodach), a load of information on the witches of the Runewild and dozens of random tables designed to help GMs make the Runewild campaign their own.

The Runewild Campaign Setting is a hex-crawl first and foremost, but as the player characters explore the Runewild, they're sure to find themselves caught up in the many conflicts that threaten the ancient forest. Here are just a few of the larger story arcs that might become a part of your Runewild campaign:

Ianto the Red: A powerful bandit lord named Ianto the Red controls a network of murderers and thieves who plague the roads between settlements. Rumor has it Ianto traded his soul to a coven of witches in exchange for eternal life.

The Thistlewhip Children: Cort and Cora Thistlewhip's seven children are missing. Unbeknownst to their parents, the children undertook a quest for King Wobbly-Odd, a Runish lord who fell prey to a fey curse centuries ago. Unless someone recovers the children, the Thistlewhips may become lost in the Runewild forever.

The Broken King: In the heart of the Runewild, a mysterious figure known as the Broken King assembles an army of goblins. No one knows what the Broken King wants, but the trail of petrified victims his goblins leave behind may provide a clue.

The Witch Queen Griselda: Humans and elves united to defeat Griselda's forces during the Witch Wars, but the hag herself survived and fled into the Cronemarsh. Now she plots revenge and rebuilds her network of allies. Griselda rarely leaves her home, but an ancient curse demands she visit the dreams of anyone who slays a witch within the Runewild's borders.

Dungeon Discoveries – Card Decks for any TTRPG by LoreSmyth
(Campaign Ends : Sunday 21st October 2018; 13:36 UTC)

Dungeon Discoveries is a range of themed 50-card, system neutral, decks designed to help world building with the flip of a card. Each card set has 400 ‘seeds’ that when you combine two, or more, can give you tens of thousands of results to help GMs come up with adventure ideas, or encounters, on the go.

The three sets in the campaign are:

Fumbled Searches – Dungeons are never truly empty. Whether it’s some heavily decomposed rat droppings, a discarded old coin pouch, or an oddly coloured stone in the far wall, there’s always something to find.

Curious Treasure – Not all that glitters is gold. Are you looking for something different than magical swords and gold coins to reward your players? Perhaps an NPC surprises your players with a peculiar trinket as gratitude for their loyal service to the king. This card set lets you create an endless stream of exciting treasure, in the broadest sense, ranging from musical instruments, art objects, and curio.

The third theme set has yet to be decided, and will be chosen via a backer poll during the campaign.

The following campaigns are finishing in the next week

The Epic of Dreams: Unbound Fantasy Roleplay by Drew Cochran
(Campaign Ends : Friday 12th October 2018; 03:59 UTC)

“The Epic of Dreams is a tabletop RPG aimed to make your games vehement and legendary.”

Ral Partha’s Chaos Wars – Wave 3 by Iron Wind Metals Company
(Campaign Ends : Friday 12th October 2018; 04:00 UTC)

“Rank and Flank Tabletop Fantasy War Gaming. Chaos Knights, Dryads, and Fae miniatures by Meier, Mize, Saunders, and others.”

The Angry Dwraves Plush. Your new best friends! By Karine Homier
(Campaign Ends : Saturday 13th October 2018; 12:59 UTC)

“As long as you don't try to steal their gold, these 3 plushes will be faithful companions and will protect you from all dangers!”

Baby Bestiary 2019 Calendar by Baby Bestiary
(Campaign Ends : Saturday 13th October 2018; 16:00 UTC)

“The time has to come and collect on our 5th adorable annual calendar, featuring all your favorite beasties, illustrated by April Prime.”

The Props of Nyarlathotep, the Peru chapter by delphes desvoivres
(Campaign Ends : Sunday 14th October 2018; 21:59 UTC)

“Handcrafted props for the whole new prologue created for the awarded Call of Cthulhu RPG Campaign : the Masks of Nyarlathotep.”

Mutant Mayhem Minis – RPG Post-Apocalyptic Figures for MCC by Dark-Platypus Studio
(Campaign Ends : Tuesday 16th October 2018; 05:30 UTC)

“Mutant Crawl Classics Miniatures --a line of high-quality pewter figures featuring characters and monsters with post-apocalyptic flavor”

A Dream of Aztera by Dave McCarron
(Campaign Ends : Wednesday 17th October 2018; 16:49 UTC)

“A storytelling Fifth Edition Dungeons & Dragons podcast.”

Twisting Catacombs – Litchmyre Dungeon by Zealot Miniatures
(Campaign Ends : Wednesday 17th October 2018; 19:02 UTC)

“Fantasy Dungeon Heroes and Monsters for RPG and Board Games. A Classic Theme, Modernized in High Detail Resin or Metal”

FROM BEYOND:OUTPOST 49 SciFi RPG Starfinder Roleplay Adv by Davide Tramma
(Campaign Ends : Wednesday 17th October 2018; 20:46 UTC)

"The fourth of six Starfinder RPG compatible adventures, a mystery to add to your game or create a new one.”

The Lost Dragons: 3D Printable Fantasy Dragons by Danny Herrero
(Campaign Ends : Thursday 18th October 2018; 00:01 UTC)

“Creating a set of unique, highly-detailed 3D models of fantasy dragons for home 3D printing.”

Dreggons – Baby Dragon Plush Toys! By PlanetPlush
(Campaign Ends : Thursday 18th October 2018; 14:57 UTC)

“Dreggons are baby dragons from a magical world called Draconia! Meet Death Rattle, Pibble, & Sundancer in this designer plush series!”


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