RPG Freebies, Bundles, and Sales News (July 31, 2022)

Welcome to the Bundles, Freebies, and Sales News, the weekly column at EN World that helps make sure you don’t miss out on big tabletop RPG bundles, charity fundraisers, and sales from around the internet.


Freebies and Pay What You Want

Note: While “Pay What You Want” downloads are available for free, please support the creators if you are able!

Steve Jackson Games have released the classic RPG The Fantasy Trip Melee for free. The PDF contains the basic combat system for The Fantasy Trip originally released in 1977 covering all the non-magic rules for the system. Note: The magic system for The Fantasy Trip is a separate book Wizard available for $7.50.
  • Price: Free

Modiphius released a new Briefs collection for Star Trek Adventures with a collection of ten short adventures themed around First Contact. These adventures are designed for the Original Series era of play but can be easily adapted for other time periods in Star Trek. And for those interested in picking up the core rules for Star Trek Adventures at a huge discount, check out the Bundles section below.
  • Price: Pay What You Want (Suggested: $0.00)

Explorer Guild’s Publishing released a one-page adventure Ice Imp’s Impasse by Richard Davis available for 5e, Pathfinder, and Pathfinder 2nd Edition. Designed for 2nd level characters, the adventure sets the party to investigate a unique robbery where a building has been stripped bare of its valuables before sinking entirely into the ground.
  • Price: Pay What You Want (Suggested: $0.50)

Call of Cthulhu players have a new challenge with Laurie Hedge’s A Small Tremor in the Mountains, an adventure that calls to my mind at least the horror film The Descent. Thrill seekers and treasure hunters descend into a newly discovered cave system only to discover they’re not the only ones in the cramped and dark confines of stone.
  • Price: Pay What You Want (Suggested: $2.44)

If you’ve learned anything about me from this column, you know I love my random tables. And Terry Herc has brought us 1d100 Random Dragons & Treasures, a system-neutral random table for dragon lairs. The table has entries for Dragon Name and Honorifics, Locations, Guardian Threats, and Incredible Treasures to quickly assemble a dragon lair organized so you can roll once to get a collection or roll multiple times for more mix-and-match randomness.
  • Price: Pay What You Want (Suggested: $1.00)

Over on Dungeonmasters Guild, Micah Muldowney gives a hand to spellcasters with From Bigby’s Papers: A Disquisition on Magical Displacement. Yes, I am ashamed of the pun. This 5-page PDF includes personal papers from the legendary wizard Bigby with a collection of spells derived from his experimentations in the magics of space and time.
  • Price: Free

If you want some mass combat rules for Dungeons & Dragons, John Reilly released Battle at Shallow Mountain with the Crowns & Castles rules for large-scale battles taking place on maps with a 50-foot-per-square scale. There’s also the titular battle itself to test out the system featuring stats for an Elf and an Orc military unit.
  • Price: Free

Joshua Nagle’s The Mystery of Stargazer Tower is an adventure for 10th level characters set in the small druid town of Easthallow that has been beset by bad dreams following the mysterious disappearance of the wizard Oluvolor.
  • Price: Free


Bundles and Sales

The newest Dungeons & Dragons adventure is on sale at Roll20 with the anthology collection and setting book Journeys Through the Radiant Citadel. The bundle includes all thirteen adventures ready to play on the Roll20 VTT along with all the stat blocks added to your compendium, an art pack with tokens and handouts, and a detailed description of the Radiant Citadel itself.
  • Price: $29.99 (39% off)

Roll20 also has the Call of Cthulhu Keeper Bundle featuring three products set to get you playing the classic horror game right away. The bundle includes the Call of Cthulhu Starter Set with an adventure and pre-generated characters; the Call of Cthulhu Keeper Rulebook with the core rules, backgrounds, spells, and monsters of the game; and the Call of Cthulhu Keeper Screen Bundle has a collection of reference tables, scenarios, and maps to streamline your Roll20 Call of Cthulhu games.
  • Price: $84.94 (15% off)

And once you’re up and running with Call of Cthulhu, you’ll need more maps. And that’s where PenguinComics’s Cthulhu Bundle comes in with a collection of horrific maps ready for use in any virtual tabletop. The bundle includes Azathoth’s Crypt, Dimension Shift, R’lyeh Tower, and Train Bridge in multiple resolutions with and without grids.
  • Price: $5.90 (50% off)

Dungeonmasters Guild has the Volo’s & Elminster’s Stupendous Shops bundle featuring the two-book set of Elminster’s Excellent Establishments and Volo’s Vetted Vendors. Each book highlights 20 different unique enterprises from across the Forgotten Realms including information about the proprietor, the wares a party might be able to purchase, secrets about the owner, and adventure seeds to draw the party in. There’s also a print bundle available for the two books in full-color softcover that includes the PDFs.
  • PDF Price: $14.98 (19% off)
  • Print Price: $29.98 (49% off)

Charity Bundles and Sales

Over on Bundle of Holding, Expeditious Retreat Press has the Arden Vul Bundle with the retro megadungeon The Halls of Arden Vul. The bundle features the complete megadungeon for use with Dungeons & Dragons, Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, and other fantasy RPGs with more than 2000 encounters across 10 main levels and 15 sublevels along with all the files necessary to play on your favorite virtual tabletop.
  • Price: $24.95 (77% off)
  • End Date: August 9, 2022
  • Charity: Direct Relief (10%)

Legendary Games brings us the Legendary Epic Monsters Bundle for 5e featuring three complete monster manuals for epic-level play in 5e. The core level features Sea Monsters, Mythos Monsters, and Latin American Monsters and the level-up Epic Collection adds on the rules for running epic-level campaigns in 5e, a book of epic-level treasures, three epic-level adventures, and two collections of VTT monster tokens.
  • Price: $12.95 (74% off) with variable-cost Level Up option
  • End Date: August 16, 2022
  • Charity: Direct Relief (10%)

The transhumanist RPG Eclipse Phase 2nd Edition bundle has the core rulebook, three adventures, and four Phase Nano Ops. In Eclipse Phase, you’re no longer shackled to your body as you can just upload your consciousness to a new shell, but this technology hasn’t saved us from a war with AI that humanity is losing.
  • Price: $14.95 (72% off)
  • End Date: August 4, 2022
  • Charity: Direct Relief (10%)

Space. The final frontier. These are the voyages of whatever ship you want to play on. Your mission. Explore strange new worlds. To seek out new life and new civilizations. To boldy roll 2d20 to determine degrees of success or failure! Yes, there’s a Star Trek Adventures bundle on Humble Bundle featuring a vast library of books for the Modiphius game. The $1 tier gets you the Star Trek Adventures Starter Set and the IDW Year Five Tie-In in PDF along with a 20% off coupon in Modiphius’s store, the $20 tier adds on the Player’s Guide and Gamemaster’s Guide for both Federation and Klingon campaigns and the Shackleton Expanse campaign setting, while the top tier for $30 features a whopping 32 titles adding to the above the Core Rulebook, all three division supplements for Command, Science, and Operations, character packs for Deep Space Nine and Voyager, supplements covering both the Alpha and Beta quadrants, map tiles, adventures, and more.
  • Price: $1/$20/$30 (94% off at top tier)
  • End Date: August 11, 2022
  • Charity: National Park Rescue (user-defined, default 5%)

If you’re familiar with me at all, you know I’d never pass up the chance to talk about the Catalyst Game Labs Humble Bundle for Shadowrun Sixth World. While there are three levels, the first two are more for those who already have the core rules and are looking to fill out books they’ve missed. However, the top tier of $18 includes the Shadowrun Sixth World Core Rules City Edition along with fifteen other sourcebooks, event books, character option books, gear books, and adventures which counts for almost all the books released so far for the newest edition of Shadowrun.
  • Price: $1/$10/$18 (94% off at top tier)
  • End Date: August 4, 2022
  • Charity: Action Against Hunger (user-defined, default 5%)

For those looking to create their own RPG video game, the RPG Maker Resurrection Bundle has been extended and gives you everything you need to create your own video games. Not only does the bundle include multiple versions of the RPG Maker Engine but a library of assets, tile sets, scripts, animations, sound effects, music, and more to craft the RPG video game you’ve always wanted.
  • Price: $1/$15/$25/$35 (96% off at top tier)
  • End Date: August 8, 2022
  • Charity: AbleGamers (user-defined, default 5%)

That’s all for this week! If you know of any bundles or sales starting soon, please contact me on the EN World Discord or send me a message here on EN World. Discount percentages have been rounded to the nearest whole number and are based on the standard retail price provided by the site. Note: Links to Amazon, Humble Store, Humble Bundle, Fantasy Grounds, and/or DriveThruRPG may contain affiliate links with the proceeds going to the author of this column.

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Darryl Mott


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What happened this week with it?
It's free. It was previously $7.50. I'm also not sure if it's a timed discount or if Melee is going to be permanently free, the post on Steve Jackson Games's website wasn't clear.

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