RPG Freebies, Bundles, and Sales News (September 18, 2022)

Welcome to the Bundles, Freebies, and Sales News, the weekly column at EN World that helps make sure you don’t miss out on big tabletop RPG bundles, charity fundraisers, and sales from around the internet.


Freebies and Pay What You Want

Note: While “Pay What You Want” downloads are available for free, please support the creators if you are able!

With the spooky season upon us, it’s time to make sure you’re ready for your horror games. And Knightmap has four modern day maps ready for your horror games. Camping Horror, Forest Horror, House Horror, and Street Horror are all available in 4K JPGs for a 40x30 map with versions with and without grids and mist effects. And if you like these, there’s a collection available with Cornfield Horror with multiple maps of cornfields with different weather effects available for $1.99 (80% off).
  • Price: Pay What You Want (Suggested: $0.00)

Goblin Scrawl Games released The Horned Emperor, a 5e adventure for a party of 4th to 6th level characters. The minotaur king of a long-dead goblinoid empire was sealed in his timb to prevent him from reigning from beyond the grave before being lost to time…until now. The bundle also comes with complete stat blocks for all monsters to cut down on cross-referencing and a VTT-ready map.
  • Price: Free

You know I love my random table products for their use in brainstorming and quick prep, and Christian Blair has a great one with D100 Desert Encounters & Events. The collection of 100 events vary in complexity and challenge with both combat encounters and random events to use for possible adventure hooks.
  • Price: Pay What You Want (Suggested: $1.99)

Keeping track of consumable items can sometimes be a pain, but Flash Hammer Creative Studios has a solution with the Alchemist Shop – Player Set. This set of ready-to-print cards can be cut out and used to keep track of who has what potion when along with a generic-rules description of their effects (though it may require some adapting for your fantasy RPG system of choice).
  • Price: Pay What You Want (Suggested: $0.00)

Over on DMs Guild, Lucas Romo released Classic Spelljammer Ships which updates over 100 ships from the classic setting for use in 5e. Currently the PDF only includes the stats and weapons for each ship and requires the classic Spelljammer supplements for the descriptions, though the author states they may update the product with the descriptions in the future.
  • Price: Pay What You Want (Suggested: $4.00)

I don’t know why, but for some reason creators on Dungeonmasters Guild seem to run in tends with a lot of related content popping up at the same time. This week, we got a ton of new classes and subclasses from a wide variety of creators. All these titles are Pay What You Want with the suggest price listed at the end.


Bundles and Sales

Note: I have included end dates when listed for the following sales, but please be warned that those without published end dates may end suddenly so be sure to plan purchases accordingly.

Green Ronin Publishing released a megabundle for Mutants & Masterminds that lives up to the name with 56 PDFs from both first and second edition. The bundle includes the core rulebooks for both first and second editions, the Freedom City campaign setting for both editions, and a giant collection of additional sourcebooks, adventures, campaign settings, and more.
  • Price: $29.99 (94% off)

Roll20 also has their own megabundle, this time with Paizo for Pathfinder 2nd Edition. The Pathfinder Mega Bundle includes Pathfinder Bestiary 1, Pathfinder Bestiary 2, the stand-alone adventure The Fall of Plaguestone, the adventure anthology Troubles in Otari, a short one-shot adventure Dinner at Lionlodge, and the first adventures in two different Adventure Paths: Extinction Curse: The Show Must Go On and Strength of Thousands: Kindled Magic. You can also pick up the Pathfinder Core Rulebook on sale separately at Roll20 for $19.99 (66% off).
  • Price: $49.98 (75% off)

Color Spray Games is celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month on Itch.io with a bundle of work from creator Simon Moody. The bundle features ten RPGs from a variety of genres and inspirations including stone age fantasy, borderpunk, survival horror, souls-lite, and even a musical RPG.
  • Price: $30.00 (51% off)
  • End Date: October 15, 2022

The DriveThruRPG September System Sale is onto its third week with the Year Zero System. Pick up some amazing games from Free League including Alien RPG, Tales from the Loop, Vaesen, Twilight: 2000, and a lot more including sourcebooks and adventures.
  • Price: Varies (up to 40% off)
  • End Date: September 22, 2022


Charity Bundles and Sales

Over on Bundle of Holding, the newest bundle features “acid-fantasy” adventure RPG Troika! The Starter Collection includes the Troika Numinous Edition Core Rulebook along with three third-party adventures and campaigns, while the Bonus Collection adds on three more adventures plus the six issue compilation Aetherjack’s Almanac.
  • Price: $12.95 (72% off) with variable cost Level-Up option
  • End Date: October 2, 2022
  • Charity: Direct Relief (10%)

Palladium has the Heroes Unlimited Bundle featuring all you need for Kevin Siembieda’s superhero RPG. The Starter Collection features Heroes Unlimited 2e, Powers Unlimited, Villains Unlimited, Century Station and Mutant Underground. The Bonus Collection adds on the Game Master’s Guide and four more setting and campaign books plus a collection of paper miniatures.
  • Price: $14.95 (73% off) with variable cost Level-Up option
  • End Date: September 22, 2022
  • Charity: National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (10%)

Green Ronin brings us a bundle for True20, the streamlined d20-based RPG derived from Mutants & Masterminds. The Core Collection gets you the True20 Revised Corebook and the True20 Bestiary with everything you need to play, while the Bonus Collection adds on three True20 role handbooks along with expansions for fantasy paths, true sorcery, and cybernetics.
  • Price: $7.95 (80% off) with variable cost Level-Up option
  • End Date: September 19, 2022
  • Charity: Direct Relief (10%)

3D printer owners, are you ready for another huge collection of ready to print STL files? The Humble Bundle 3D Printable Dungeons, Creatures, and More Bundle from Fat Dragon Games features terrain, minis, buildings, accessories, decorations, and even plans for a holder for minis to ease painting. The bundle comes in three tiers but I’m not even going to attempt to summarize what’s included as each of the items is itself a bundle of related STL files making for the “58 items” listed as the top tier purchase a misnomer as it includes hundreds of designs.
  • Price: $1/$10/$18 (96% off at top tier)
  • End Date: October 8, 2022
  • Charity: Extra Life/Children’s Miracle Network Hospital (user-defined, default 5%)

The Black Library is back on Humble Bundle with a collection of Warhammer 40,000 audio books and fully produced audio dramas. The lowest level gets you five full novels including the first books in the series Vaults of Terra, Watchers of the Throne, Dawn of Fire, and Dark Imperium series plus the novel Eye of the Night and a sampler collection, while the second tier adds on an additional seven titles (including the second books in each of those series) and the top tier contains a total of 21 books finishing out all those series plus a lot more.
  • Price: $1/$10/$18 (98% off at top tier)
  • End Date: October 6, 2022
  • Charity: EveryLibrary Institute (user-defined, default 5%)

Humble Bundle and Cubicle 7 is ready to help you have adventures across time and space with their Doctor Who bundle. This isn’t the 5th Edition version, but the BBC-licensed custom rules system built specifically for adventures in the TARDIS. Even the base $1 level gets you the first edition core rulebook for the custom rules system along with three adventures while the $10 level adds on the Aliens & Creatures guide and sourcebooks for the first three incarnations of The Doctor and the top-tier $18 level gets you the Twelfth Doctor Edition of the core rulebook, sourcebooks for all the Doctors up to the Twelfth, books for Companions, UNIT, and the Black Archive, and a lot more for a total library of 28 books.
  • Price: $1/$10/$18 (97% off at top tier)
  • End Date: September 28, 2022
  • Charity: BBC Children in Need (user-defined, default 5%)

The Pathfinder: Strength of Thousands Bundle for Pathfinder 2nd Edition on Humble Bundle has been extended. This bundle has three tiers of PF2e material starting with the $5 tier with the first two entries in the Strength of Thousands Adventure Path, the Pathfinder 2e GM Screen, a pack of character sheets, two map packs, and two Pathfinder Bounty collections. The $15 tier adds on eleven more books including the third through fifth entries in the Strength of Thousands AP, Lost Omens: The Mwangi Expanse, the stand-alone adventure The Slithering, a trio of Pathfinder Society adventures from the Year of the Open Road, and an additional trio of map packs. And for those who haven’t jumped into Pathfinder 2e yet, the top tier of $25 gets you the full core book and sourcebook set of the Pathfinder Core Rulebook, Bestiary, Lost Omen’s World Guide, Advanced Player’s Guide, Lost Omens Character Guide, plus two more stand-alone adventures and the closing entry in the Strength of Thousands.
  • Price: $5/$15/$25 (94% off at highest tier)
  • End Date: September 22, 2022
  • Charity: Comic Books for Kids! (user-defined, default 5%)

That’s all for this week! If you know of any bundles or sales starting soon, please contact me on the EN World Discord or send me a message here on EN World. Discount percentages have been rounded to the nearest whole number and are based on the standard retail price provided by the site. Note: Links to Amazon, Humble Store, Humble Bundle, Fantasy Grounds, and/or DriveThruRPG may contain affiliate links with the proceeds going to the author of this column.
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Darryl Mott

Darryl Mott


Just so you know, the "Classic Spelljammer Ships" link is still wrong up the page. It goes to a Warlock Patron.

Also, thanks for providing all of us the info you put together every week. I always look forward to it and am grateful for your efforts.

That M&M bundle has a number of books never offered in PDF form, going to have to get that.

Good bundle on PbtA titles just announced:


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