RPG News: Quick Bullet Points

This is a new column idea I'm experimenting with -- a quick weekly bullet-point roundup of news items. It's basically a copy/paste from RPGnews.com. Let me know in the comments if it's of interest!


  • TaleSpire Is A Massive, Beautiful Building Tool For Your Next Tabletop RPG - TaleSpire is the brainchild of a small team of developers at Bouncyrock, based in Norway. With a background in modding isometric role-playing games on PC, they know a thing or two about creating and manipulating digital assets, and they’ve put all of that experience into the interface for TaleSpire. I spent the morning tinkering with an early […]
  • 5E D&D Mars Attacks! Monstrous Mantis - Monstrous mantises are not particularly bright and, given their unique set of abilities, have difficulty ambushing targets who easily see them. They have no functioning wings, a defect bred intentionally by the Martians. As a result, they usually starve before motivated to look for food.
  • RPG Crowdfunding News – Fateforge, Red Carnations on a Black Grave, Hearts of Magic, The Roleplayer’s Guide To Heists, and More - Happy almost Independence Day, America! Happy Wednesday, Morrus and Pete (whose weekly podcast is worth checking out). This week I review RPG crowdfunding projects, as well as a convention, that end between July 12th and the 18th.
  • [PR] Isola Illyon Edizioni Presents Kisarta for 5th Edition - The italian publishing house Isola Illyon Edizioni is happy to present Kisarta, a new Setting Rulebook for the 5th Edition that will lead all the players straight to the otherworld. In this book players will find themselves in the dark land of Kisarta after their death, keeping some of the extraordinary skills that they had […]
  • [PR] GameFor and Gen Con Partner to Promote Pop-Up Gen Con Events - GameFor LLC is excited to announce the collaboration with Gen Con LLC, The Best Four Days in Gaming, to help bring even more gamers to the Gen Con experience by specially promoting Gen Con’s new Pop-Up Gen Con events in the GameFor app. Tabletop gamers who can’t make it to Gen Con in downtown Indianapolis, […]
  • [PR] Solomon Kane Returns to Cabinet Entertainment After a Fantastic Decade with Savage Worlds - There are two roads to Torkertown. Those words begin Robert E Howard’s tales of Solomon Kane, a world we’re proud to have explored with Cabinet Entertainment for nearly a decade. Now it’s time for each company to walk different paths and concentrate on their own properties. As of December 31st, 2019, the license for Solomon […]
  • The Spy Game is a 5E-Powered Espionage RPG - Espionage has joined the long list of 5E-powered games with The Spy Game from Black Cats Gaming, headed up by Sam Web from Modiphius. It describes itself as “… a world of international stealth and intrigue in a modern setting, powered by 5E, from the developer behind Star Trek: Adventures.” And it’s on Kickstarter!
  • 5E D&D Gamma World Monster: Frid Esk (Phoenix Hedge) - They are called phoenix hedges because they can be hacked, burned, radiated, chemically defoliated, etc. and they will still grow back within a week. The only way to destroy them is to dig underground and rip out their short, thick roots. The problem with this is that when their roots are exposed to the light […]
  • On Dungeons, Lasers, and 3-D Terrain for RPGs - Maps, miniatures, and dungeon tiles are a major part of many D&D games these days. I’ve used them extensively in most of my past games and nothing beats a well-painted, easy-to-use miniature or piece of terrain. Terrain itself figures prominently into most miniature-based wargames, but in my experience, there’s always been a lack of high-quality […]
  • [PR] Fallout RPG now available in PDF! - Today we’re delighted to announce that the Fallout: Wasteland Warfare RPG Expansion book is now available to buy as a standalone PDF.The Fallout: Wasteland Warfare RPG Expansion is available in PDF on Modiphius.net as part of ourFallout: Wasteland Warfare collection and also on DriveThruRPG.com. You can also pre-order either standard or Special Edition print versions of the book and still receive the PDF […]
  • Encounter of the Week: Trollclaw Terrors - Our heroes journey south past the ruins of Dragonspear Castle and enter the treacherous hills known as the Trollclaws. Perhaps the name makes it all too obvious what sort of dangers they’ll find in wait there…
  • Mythological Figures: Harry Houdini (5E) 2 days ago - So far in the Mythological Figures column / A Touch More Class foray we’ve looked at Sherlock Holmes (a savant), Nikola Tesla (using the tinkerer), Billy the Kidd (the gunfighter), and even Paul Bunyan (with Babe the blue ox thanks to the monster tamer class). The Kickstarter has been live for a while now and we’re at that tricky part in the middle where folks have either already pledged […]
  • Con Report: PortConMaine is More Welcoming Than Ever 2 days ago - I’ve attended PortConMaine in the past to game with my friends in the area, but this is the first time I went with no plans whatsoever. My wife and kids join me on Sunday and we always have a great time. This year, the convention did not disappoint.
  • WotC Looking For A New D&D Producer? 2 days ago - WotC is advertising for a new Executive Producer – D&D, which it describes as “head of D&D TRPG, runs the D&D TRPG business unit and P&L at Wizards of the Coast”.
  • Review – Saltmarsh Encounters 2 days ago - Saltmarsh Encounters seeks to provide a range of encounters for lower levels D&D 5th edition. It certainly delivers. However, the encounters could easily be used in Pathfinder or Dungeon World with little conversion.
  • Acquisitions Incorporated – Review 2 days ago - We now have an opportunity to start our own franchise! The Acquisitions Incorporated book gives us some fairly detailed tools to explore the business side of adventuring. As I am taking some classes for an MBA, I am really digging these write-ups. I know that a lot of this is tongue in cheek, but there was a […]
  • Abyssal Chickens? Chwingas? Gnome Flayers? 2 days ago - Over onD&D Beyondlast week, three new monsters were mentioned. The Abyssal Chicken is from Baldur's Gate: Descent into Avernus, while the Chwinga, a small elemental spirit, is from another future product.
  • Solasta: Crown of the Magister D&D Video Game Coming To Kickstarter 3 days ago - This Summer, Tactical Adventures will be launching the Kickstarter for Solasta: Crown of the Magister, a video game based on the D&D rules. “Roll for initiative, take attacks of opportunity, manage player location and the verticality of the battle field in this upcoming Tactical RPG by Tactical Adventures. In Solasta, you make the choices, dice decide your […]
  • Gamer Stats From White Dwarf in the 80s 3 days ago - Phil on Twitter has posted a few interesting stats from White Dwarf back in the 80s. These include what games were being played in 1987, and a letter about male/female ratios in the same era. Short version: mainly D&D, very few women.
  • Check Out This Preview Of Chivalry & Sorcery 5th Edition! 3 days ago - Chivalry & Sorcery was first published back in 1977, and portrayed a more ‘realistic’ medieval setting. It has had several editions over the years, and Britannia Game Designs is bringing it back for a brand new edition this week on Kickstarter. BGD has kindly sent over a preview in advance of the big launch!
  • 5E D&D Gamma World Monster: Ekola (Fur Ball) 4 days ago - When hopping, the tail is wound around the body trunk to protect it. Naturalists believe that an ekola’s tail is as sensitive as a human fingertip and can easily sort and pick up even minute items. Their body is covered with soft, long fur that is either all white, all black, or black and white […]
  • Mists of Akuma: Honorable Wills (5E) 4 days ago - The eastern fantasy noir steampunk campaign setting Mists of Akuma has a new adventure out! 92 pages of intrigue, honor restored, and violent conflicts across two prefectures and through a fully-detailed beautifully mapped 3-level dungeon!
  • 5E D&D Star Wars Monster: Felucian 5 days ago - The Felucians are naturally sensitive to the Force and are in tune with their home planet’s ever-changing balance of that energy field. The Felucians possess no advanced technology and live a somewhat primitive lifestyle. Unlike many other primitive species, the Felucians are not divided into multiple tribes; rather, they are all members of a single […]
  • I Wrote a Book: Starting Over 5 days ago - This is a series of posts about taking the plunge into self-publishing on multiple platforms with different media, including books and comics, but it can equally apply to tabletop role-playing games. I published three books in 2010 (The Evolution of Fantasy Role-Playing Games), 2011 (The Well of Stars), and 2012 (Awfully Familiar) and produced a […]
  • TSR’s Amazing Accounting Department 6 days ago - The time is 1997 and I was the Vice President of the design and editors. It was a great job because TSR had amazing people doing the design and editing of product. I wasn’t liked much by upper management at TSR after Gary left the company. I don’t do well with authority figures that I […]
  • Interview with Tomas Härenstam (Free League’s ALIEN RPG) 6 days ago - Tomas Härenstam, CEO of Free League and the creator behind the ALIEN RPG, discussed ALIEN, their game engine, their awards, the new Year Zero Engine OGL, the aftermath of the UK Expo incident, their upcoming Cthuhlu projects, and if they’re pursuing the Predator license, among other topics.
  • Humble Bundle 5e OGL Charity “Beast of a Bundle” Benefitting RAINN 7 days ago - Humble has partnered with a slew of OGL publishers including Troll Lord, Kobold Press, Nerdarchy, Frog God, Fail Squad, TPK Games, and more for a bundle of 5e compatible DRM-free books (affiliate link)
  • Origins Up 11%; Maintains #4 Spot 7 days ago - Origins Game Fair has reported 20,000 unique attendees this year, which is an increase of 11% on last year. Last month, UK Games Expo reported an increase of 18% to 25,704 unique attendees. Turnstile was up 1% to 71,237. This cements UKGE and Origins as the #3 and #4 largest tabletop gaming conventions in the world respectively for the second […]
  • Free Digital Upgrade for Shadowrun Sixth World Beginner Box 7 days ago - Catalyst Game Labs released a free bonus pre-gen character for the Shadowrun Sixth World Beginner Box, Emu – Human Rigger
  • Morrus’ Unofficial Tabletop RPG Talk #54: 13th Age with ASH LAW 7 days ago - This week, Morrus and Peter are joined by ASH LAW to talk about 13th Age! In the news, new Dungeons & Dragons products released, SLA Industries getting a second edition, new miniatures for Star Trek Adventures and for D&D, and an exclusive announcement from ASH LAW about Ponyfinder! Plus Our Favorite Game in All the […]

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Agree about the spacing.

I'd also be more likely to use the list if the bullet points were even shorter than the blurbs they are now. Basically just enough of a title / summary to tell me if I want to click on the link for more.


TaleSpire Is A Massive, Beautiful Building Tool For Your Next Tabletop RPG -

Take away the marketing speak "massive, beautiful" and just tell me "TaleSpire is modular game building software for your tabletop RPG" or something.

5E D&D Mars Attacks! Monstrous Mantis -

Fine as is.

RPG Crowdfunding News – Fateforge, Red Carnations on a Black Grave, Hearts of Magic, The Roleplayer’s Guide To Heists, and More

Fine as is. The part after the title doesn't tell me anything useful, anyway.


Yep, some space would be welcome. Otherwise, I like it. I tend to miss things that interest me through all the 5e chatter.

For example, did not know about Solomon Kane/Pinnacle split. Hopeful to see a non Savage Worlds version in the near future. Though I have a bad feeling about it becoming the next 2d20 game.

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