RPG Sales of 2020


AAW is having a sale on its PDF products. It looks like 75% off the 292-page 5e Mini Dungeon Tome Collection and 25% off everything else.
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From Frog Gods:
30% off Swords & Wizardry Sale Extended
(16 Days Left)
Due to the success of the Swords and Wizardry going on right now, we have decided to extend the 30% off sale for the entire month of February.

We are doing a 30% off sale on all things Swords & Wizardry at the main site. (This includes physical and pdf)

Excludes: Tegel Manor
Excludes: Sea King's Malice
Excludes: The last 3 Indiegogo's

Some things are in limited quantity like the S&W Cards, and the S&W Complete Rulebook.

Sale Link: On Sale – Frog God Games