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Hello All! I would like to introduce a RPG site called World of Pocket Monsters which is as mentioned an RPG site based on the Pokémon fandom entirely! There is many things to do on this wonderful site, once you create your character (name, age, etc) you will answer questions to get sorted into a team! Which one will you get? Harmony? Instinct? Mystic? Or maybe Valor? After you get sorted you can take a quiz to get your starter Pokemon that will accompany you on your Pokémon adventure, because really what is a rookie without their start Pokémon?

The community is so great on this RPG site and there is so much more to do, homework based off the fandom, you can grade other peoples homeworks, solve anagrams and riddles to earn in-game money, oh, did I mention doing homework and such gets you points for your team? Everything here is really fantastic!

WoPM is a RPG site for ages 13+ so now, the question is, are you ready to join and start your pokemon adventure? Check out the link below and good luck on your sorting!

Online Pocket Monsters RPG universe - Worldofpocketmonsters.com

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