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RPGObjects: Boss for a day


Pretend you owned RPGObjects. I work for you, Im on salary and can design anything you desire (god this makes it sound good to be Chris doesn't it).

What would YOU want me to work on?

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A project that would earn me a gazillion dollars. :)

But seriously, I'd like to see the Prometheus setting fleshed out more.


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B&V2 would probably rank high on my list. I like(d) the system alot, but I do think there are quite a few places it could be improved.

The market is sort of focused on M&M, yea, but I really liked the ability to drop supers on top of d20Modern ... I especially liked the IDEA of Advanced Training ... but having played quite a few B&V games, the guy with the Advanced Training usually lagged behind the others. By a steady margin. While powers like Fast Healing needed to be recosted out. (Everybody had Fast Healing 1, well, other than the schmuck who took Advanced Training!)

In fact, I think my group will be playing a BnV game on Wednesday since I'll be missing the game.



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kingpaul said:
I'd like to see the Prometheus setting fleshed out more.
Second voice for this! Turn Prometheus into a fully fleshed setting, at a level like Dawning Star. Also, focus on the setting's fluff, not on new crunch, since there is already enough of it around. Also, if there could be a planet where Darwin World's rules could be used, that would be nice.
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I don't know if there is any relationship between RPGobjects and RPGnow, and this is a small comment, but I've been spending a lot of time shuffling through PDFs over at the latter, and I have a small comment.

I'm contemplating a big purchase right now, and there are some things I simply can't afford right now. I am very grateful for the Wish List feature, and sometimes I move items out of my cart and onto my Wish List for later.

Unfortunately, when something is in your cart, the site doesn't allow you to add it to your Wish List. You have to remove it from your cart, then add it to your list. I would like it if you could add it to your Wish List, and then remove it from your cart, because that would be a 2-step process, instead of Remove -> Back up -> Wish List.

Small comment, and probably nobody noticed that but me.

Also, I wanted to say that I appreciate the fact that adding something to your Wish List opens up another window, instead of taking you in your primary window to the Wish List.


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You would think I would have noticed that I could actually add things from the cart to the Wish List while I was actually in the cart.

Never mind.

Johnny Angel

Peterson said:
Blood & Circuits: Starships? (What? Someone had to say it. although I AM serious.)

Blood & Space 2: Starship Construction Manual is the extension of the Blood & Circuits system to starships.

Personally, I've been meaning for a while to post something to the effect that I wish RPGObjects would do for the Creature Factory what they did for gadgets. I find that the d20 Modern Core Book gives only the broadest idea how to assign CR to custom creatures or Level Adjustment to custom races.

Also, something that would mesh the computer creation rules in Blood & Circuits with the VRNet rules would be swell.


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Johnny Angel said:
Blood & Space 2: Starship Construction Manual is the extension of the Blood & Circuits system to starships.

Yeah, I know. I got it. And, while its not bad, it...doesn't fix my problem. I need a complete overhaul/redesign of how d20 Modern handles Starships (especially the construction).

Truth be told, I wouldn't have actually stated this request (since its not a request for the community at large, but rather my own selfish desires), but blame Chuck. I do.

HE said "If YOU were MY boss for the day...", which I naturally took to mean that he wanted me to provide selfish requests. ;)

Heh. So I'm tired. What's new?


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