Rules volume and play focus.


Prophet of the profane (She/Her)
This seems like a fresh take. In Modos RPG, a character must have attribute scores (fairly neutral), at least one skill, perks (generally meta non-skills, but several help in combat), hero points (designed by the player) and... that's it. So you can't create a character who has no skill and can't do something "heroic" at least once per day.

What's the play focus?

Seinfeld, I guess. It's a game about nothing. 😱 By page count, it's about conflict (rules that quantify it) at 10 pages, or magic at 8 pages. By rule count, it's about combat (21 rules), general conflict (17 rules), character creation, magic, and least about basics.

The play focus, from my games anyway, is about 2/3 what the players want, and 1/3 what I want. Which has been much less conflict than the rule or page counts might imply, and closer to the "who can't I create" idea.
It's possible for intended focus to be determined by the "end users". I'm not familiar with Modos, but in, say, Fate there's no hard prescribed constraints: it's a game about whatever the hell you want it to be, and the only requirements are that the characters must be proactive, dramatic, competent and relevant to the campaign.

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