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Release Rumour Maker - Sci-Fi Edition from Ennead Games


Rumour Maker - Sci-Fi Edition

Rumours are the source of many adventures - They can tell you about possible intrigue, fabulous riches, or tall-tales. In worlds of a fantastical-nature, they can be heard in taverns, from passing bards and so-on. A science-fiction based setting has its version of this, from spaceport with travellers from across the galaxy to scoundrels looking to con a gullible rube out of their credits.

The Rumour Generator - Sci-Fi Edition is designed yo help you come up with some rumours, who they were heard from, what juicy gossip they cover and how true, or not, they are.

  • A table to tell you how true or false the rumour is
  • Rumour opener
  • A quick table for the species type
  • Various prefixes for the subject of the rumour (famous, etc)
  • A table for the subject of the rumour
  • A table for related groups
  • Topic Prefix
  • The topic of the rumour itself
  • Who it might have been heard from

Available now at DrivethruRPG (product link)

Open Gaming Store & Paizo online stores very soon (store links)

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