Release Sacred, Fatal, Blazing: The TTRPG Bronze-Age World Of Fragments Of The Past Is Here For You



Imagine the hypnotic hum of cicadas in the fragrant air, the clash of shields, the intense glare of the Sun, and the dark smoke over the sacrificial pyres.

Hello everyone! I'm Silvia of the Dev9k publishing studio, and I want to welcome you to Fragments of the Past, the setting that is redefining the Mediterranean fantasy.
It is a rules-light TTRPG set in a sacred, fatal, and blazing world inspired by Tolkien, Homer, and the archaeology of the Bronze Age.

It is a journey into a forgotten past that could have been but never was.

The game is for those who love diving into vast settings, dreaming about archaic civilizations, and immersing themselves in the atmosphere of epic poems and tragedies.

In Fragments of the Past, conflicts are resolved on a roll of a d10 or a d100. Epithets, Passions, and Gifts define your character: they describe past experiences and torments, inspire narrative plots, and interact directly with the rules. You can be a "Lotophagus ", "Fallen Prince of a distant Thalassocracy ", "Heir of an Ancient Warrior Tradition ", and "Possessed by Madness". At the same time, Fortuna points and Hybris points describe your relationship with the Immortal Gods and the extent of transgressions you will inevitably commit during your life.

On November 9, 2022, we released the four books created for the project in full-color hardcover and PDF:
  1. The Roleplaying Game (the core manual)
  2. The Roleplaying Game - Collector's Edition
  3. The Designbook
  4. The Narrative Artbook - Collection I – XLII
Find out more about Fragments of the Past:
Fragments of the Past Official Discord Server: Join the Dev9k Discord Server!

Printed Books are available on our Lulu Store (
PDF Books are available on our Lulu Store (, ArtStation (, ITCH.IO (Dev9k -
Quickstart is available through our Newsletter (, ITCH.IO (, and DriveThruRPG (

As you can see, we decided to go for a direct release rather than crowdfunding to give players a finished product at the time of purchase. Our press kit ( provides more insights into why Fragments of The Past is redefining the Mediterranean fantasy genre, presenting all the products and explaining why we chose to publish without Kickstarter.

Fragments of the Past - The Roleplaying Game Collector's Edition includes:

  • A two-page cheat sheet with all the rules.
  • 122 Epiteths, Gifts, and Passions.
  • 197 pages filled with artworks to nurture your imagination and worldbuilding.
  • New Fragments that continue the collection of the Narrative Artbook (44 - 52).
  • Many in-game examples of the mechanics, character creation, and guidelines to support Storytellers and Players in running the game.
  • A rich collection of story prompts to inspire and aid improvisation, like Talismans, sacred processions, ritual duels, shipwrecks, and joyous banquets.
  • A one-shot adventure with 4 pre-generated characters, "The Destiny of the City of Moray Eels", to begin your story in the continent of Askedoria.


Founded in 2013, Dev9k ( is a publisher based in Estonia with an Italian soul. We develop video games, tabletop RPGs, books, and IPs focused on atmosphere and strong narratives. The human soul is far greater than we are inclined to think in our contemporary society, and it needs to explore vast and blazing horizons. If you are like us, my friend, you come from another time.

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