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WOIN Sample characters' defense scores



I'm new to WOIN and just got the O.L.D. core rules. I have been working my way through character creation and am now pondering the defense scores (melee, ranged, mental, and vital). I think I get how it's calculated: for melee defense for instance you make a dice pool from either STR or AGI (whichever is highest) + skill (either acrobatics, dodging, or foresight) + quality equipment (if you have it; not higher than your skill). You multiply the resulting number of dice with 3.5 to arrive at a number to which you add +2 if you are small, and +1, +2, or +3 if you are carrying a small, medium, or large shield respectively, and -2 or -4 if you wear medium or heavy armor (compensated by skill in armor). Some exploits (such as Fortitude) may also apply. If I got any of this wrong, please tell me.

When I compare what I think I know to the sample characters however (from page 290 onwards), the listed melee defense values do not add up. For instance with Gimnor the mountain dwarf I would calculate as follows:
AGI = 3d6
no melee defense skill
no quality weapons or armor (and skill=0, so it wouldn't count anyway)
His dice pool is 3d6, so his melee defense value is 11 (3.5 times 3, rounded up)
+2 because of being small
+0 no shield
+0 wearing light armor
+0 no exploits that give a bonus (or penalty) to melee defense
Final melee defense value is 11+2 = 13

However the book (page 290) says melee defense value is 22. What am I not seeing? Or is the defense value from the sample characters simply not correct?

Thanks for any answer!

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Well, that was fun
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I haven't got the book to had to look at the numbers, but does he not have a melee weapon skill?


I did indeed failed to include his melee weapon, which he has at 5d6 (shortsword), but that would bring his dicepool to his maximum of 5d6, and his defense value to 20 (5 times 3.5 rounded up, +2 for being small). Closer, but still not equal to the 22.

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