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Kickstarter Sanction: A Tabletop Roleplaying Game of Challenges and Hacks

Sanction is a complete game based on the award-winning RPG The Dee Sanction, a game of Elizabethan supernatural horror and investigation.

Sanction - Core Goal.png

Sanction is a game focused on somewhat extraordinary folk facing and meeting challenges in pursuit of a goal—battling a raging spirit, uncovering a government conspiracy, or finding the cause of a catastrophic jumpdrive failure.

Adapting the game to a setting requires just a little work by the Game Moderator—configuring a set of skill-focused tables to generate characters; defining any unique mechanics, like angelic favours, expendable gadgets, or uncanny good luck; and customising unpredictable but determined foes to stand between success and failure.

For all of this, Sanction offers a toolbox of advice and a range of off-the-shelf settings and adventures to use immediately.

The campaign will fund a 36-page black-and-white illustrated compact book (A5, 148 x 210mm/5.8 x 8.3 inches) printed in black ink on 115gsm silk pages with a 230gsm board cover in maroon with cover art and a bookmarked and hyperlinked PDF.

In addition to the standard softcover, we also offer a hardcover option, with the same length and dimensions. Cased in red Wibalin Buckram, with 2.25mm boards, foiled in white with the Sanction title, and printed on heavier 150gsm silk paper stock.

The campaign plans to bring Sanction to print with original cover art by Marcin Ściolny and internal art by J E Shields. Stretch goals are digital — focusing on setting enhancements and digital extras.

Sanction Plates Combined.png

Each genre supplement will run to approximately 8 – 12 pages, featuring character generation tables, setting details, unique features, plus sample threats and enemies.

The Agency: Dysfunctional intelligence operatives wage a secret war against enemies too dark or obscure for the public face of espionage to handle. An off-the-books spy setting. It is funded at £4,000.

The £4,000 goal will also embed The Agency setting into the printed Core Rules book, expanding the overall count to 44 pages — including an additional piece of J E Shields art.

Thruster Gold: With the Overlord defeated and the hero apparently dead, chaos reigns amongst the factious rebels, and only your gaggle of mismatched minions can handle it. A pulp setting. It is funded at £6,000.

The £6,000 goal will also unlock a Third Party Community Licence allowing anyone to make adventures, adversaries, or hacks for Sanction, whether to sell or publish for free.

Safety Lies in Fear: Henry VIII shattered the monastic network of Catholicism and took the wealth and power for his own, but something remains for the treasure-seekers and scavengers... something waits to be found. A prequel to The Dee Sanction. It is funded at £8,000.

In the Midst of Shades: In the enlightened age of science, industry and expansion under the benevolent patronage of Queen Victoria, you are the vilified, disproven and ridiculed members of the Ghost Society, and there's something strange afoot... is this an invasion from beyond? A setting of Victorian supernatural investigation. It is funded at £10,000.

Should we reach this lofty goal, we have more settings in the pipeline, more creators, and the possibility for more original art.

Sanction - Pledge Levels.png

There are four main pledge levels:

The Shade Hunter: For £6, you get the PDF of Sanction and all applicable digital stretch goals.

The Eager Minion: For £10, you get the printed softcover, the PDF of Sanction, and all applicable digital stretch goals. Shipping for the book is paid after the project closes — add nothing extra now.

The Red Agent: For £20, you get the printed hardcover, the PDF of Sanction, and all applicable digital stretch goals. Shipping for the book is paid after the project closes — add nothing extra now.

The Treasure Seeker: For £40, you get a Sanction folding neoprene dice tray, an All Rolled Up Dice Bag of Holding, the printed hardcover (optionally signed), a PDF of Sanction, and all applicable digital stretch goals. Shipping for the rewards is paid after the project closes — add nothing extra now.

Follow and support the Sanction campaign on Kickstarter.

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SANCTION Wrought Zero Gee.png

Unlocked at £6,000, the Community Created Content licence for Sanction opens up the opportunity to use the system and guidance to create materials of your own — for free or for sale — Wrought By Sanction. More details to follow. In the meantime, onward (or backward?) to The Dee Sanction prequel setting, Safety Lies in Fear.

Follow and support the Sanction campaign on Kickstarter.

SANCTION - Safety poster.png

Wanderers seeking their fortune, explore the ruins of broken faith left in the aftermath of Henry's Dissolution of the Monasteries, in the hope of finding forgotten treasures.

Alas, the steep and thorny way, into channels dank and dark, leads only into danger and despair. But, to the challenge you cry false, for safety lies in fear.

We're halfway to funding the prequel to The Dee SanctionSafety Lies in Fear—as the next stretch goal for Sanction.



We have reached £8,000 and the third Stretch Goal—Safety Lies in Fear.

A spirited rally gives us a ghost of a chance to wraith onwards to our next stretch goal—In the Midst of Shades.

Five days remain in this campaign. Thank you for your continued support—you meet the challenge to make anything possible with your enthusiasm, sharing and support.

Check out the Sanction RPG Kickstarter.

We have just three days to go on the Sanction RPG campaign. There's a real possibility that your enthusiasm will see us over the line to our next stretch goal, which will be BRILLIANT!

If you're wondering, the hardcover is a Kickstarter exclusive, so once the campaign ends, availability will be limited to fulfilment add-ons and those few retailers who also backed the campaign. So, if you're enamoured of the red fabric, white foiled hardcover, either back at The Red Agent or above. Or, ask your Friendly Local Game Store to back the campaign.

SANCTION CUBE 3 Days Remain.png


It's the final day for Sanction RPG. The final 9 hours.

The game was funded in an hour-and-change and now stretches to include a setting in the core book—The Agency—along with extra art from Marcin Ściolny (Against the Darkmaster).

In addition, all backers receive digital stretch goals for new settings The Agency (espionage), Thruster Gold (pulp sci-fi), Safety Lies in Fear (Tudor treasure-hunters in Dee Sanction prequel), and In the Midst of Shades (urban Victorian ghost-hunting).

There are TWO exclusives for the Kickstarter: if you pledge for a copy of the exclusive hardcover with a white-foiled logo, you will also receive the exclusive PDF adventure, The Red Drop.

You can check out the campaign here: http://bit.ly/SanctionRPG

Sanction Cover Plates - Hardcover.png

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