Sand Table

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It's just wet sand, molded to mimic the natural undulations of a landscape, then covered as necessary with flock and other ground cover, with trees and rocks and such added in as well.


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I've played on a sand table, yes. My friend actually had one in his living room for years, until he got engaged and his SO made him ditch it for something more practical.


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More practical than a Sand table? Like what?

Formal dining
: remold the sand to conform to the fine china, and not a bit of it will even think about falling off the table.

Non-gaming parlor entertainment
: flatten out the center section...packing it down hard. Dig a hole at each corner and one equidistant down the 2 longest sides. Play pool. Bonus: you can repair a gouge in seconds.

Non-gaming sports
: practice getting out of sand traps, even when its storming outside!

And remember, its great for cat sitting too!

The only time we played on a sand table (my second OD&D group), the DM would flip the massive plywood lids onto his table and we would use it as a regular table. A few times there were whole miniature battles going on in there that we'd look at prior to game setup.

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