Saturday AM: Attack of the Amazon Mummies (HEX)


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The third installment of the Sword of Atlantis series. Ann and her friends descend into the Hollow Earth. They have to deal with Nazis, Dinos, scantily clad Amazons, and pirates.

1. ExploderWizard
2. GeeksDreamGirl
3. evilhat
4. Eviltwinskippie
5. Funeris
6. Cutter XXIII

Alt 1. madwabbit
Alt 2. D'Karr
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Let's go ahead and move me to an alternate slot, assuming you're doing alternates, so we can free up the spot for anyone else who can definitely play (since opening session admin stuff and kid-watching duty may keep me busy).

Level Up: Advanced 5th Edition Starter Box

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