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Savage Worlds Adventure Edition
Pinnacle Entertainment Group
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Savage Worlds Adventure Edition
This product contains the Savage Worlds Adventure Edition rules, which now default for all SW products.

Savage Worlds is a Fast! Furious! and Fun! rules system for any genre of roleplaying game.

Create your own setting, convert an existing one, or pick up one of our amazing settings like Deadlands, Rippers, or 50 Fathoms. The rules give players plenty of depth to create their characters and keep bookkeeping to a minimum for the Game Master. If you're looking for a game that's fast and easy to set up, run, and play, Savage Worlds is for you!

Savage Worlds handles pulp action, gritty noir, supers, hard SciFi, space opera, horror, and anything you can imagine!

Savage Worlds Adventure Edition is the latest version of Savage Worlds. It does not, however, invalidate prior printings of the rules, which you can continue to enjoy.

This product includes everything to play with the new SWADE rules!

Savage Worlds v5.0 ruleset
*Many new features and improvements
*Backward compatible with older Savage Worlds Fantasy Grounds products and modules

SWADE rule book modules
*Rules in reference manual format with beautiful artwork
*Drag-and-drop supported Races, Hindrances, Edges, Skills, Gear, Powers, and more!
*Roll-able Tables
*40+ new tokens and 50+ new portraits

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