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Release [Savage Worlds - Gold & Glory] Garden of Bones released!


Garden of Bones is available on drivethru!

The Garden of Bones was created by a powerful necromancer to be given as a present to a love interest of theirs. Once the gift was rejected, the necromancer turned the garden into a place of nightmares and horrific creations they built to externalize their frustration. It fell into obscurity after the ages passed away, and it became a myth.

Now, a scholar with sinister interests has located a map they believe to lead to this mythical garden and desires to be taken there to admire the garden and possibly collect the legendary Ghost Lotus.

The Garden of Bones is a legendary place covered in mystery and peril, full of dark wonders and incredible treasures.

Written by acclaimed Neo-OSR designer Diogo Nogueira, this Gold & Glory dungeon adventure features unique rewards and a very dangerous environment, a worthy challenge for truly Heroic characters!

Due to its theme and features, The Garden of Bones can be dropped into any fantasy, grimdark, or sword & sorcery campaign.

Garden of Bones features:
  • 8 New Monsters
  • 7 mundane and magic hazards and traps
  • 3 new magic items to loot
  • 3 magic devices that will drive the group to visit the garden again and again… assuming they make it out alive!

Garden of Bones: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product...arden-of-Bones

Gold & Glory: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product...enture-Edition

You have an RPG blog, podcast, stream, channel, etc, and think you might be interested in playing or reviewing Garden of Bones or any other product from the Gold & Glory line? Good! PM me for a complimentary copy!

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