Kickstarter Scavenger: Crimson Catalyst is live!

My new project for DnD 5E, Crimson Catalyst, is live! Invoke the power of alien forces to save your world from extinction in this 5E setting book. Overcome cataclysms with Scavenger: Crimson Catalyst, an otherworldly Bronze Age epic for DnD 5E.

This book creates a visceral science fantasy setting:

  • Risk humanity to transcend your limits
  • Scavenge deadly alien dimensions for world-saving secrets
  • Survive deadly intrigues in ancient cities
  • Wield evolving artifacts through Force of Will, with over 70 magic items in the book
  • Overcome 50+ hyperdimensional foes deadly, desperate, and weird
  • Rebel against cataclysms with new player options

What is Scavenger? Scavenger is a world queer, punk, and extreme. It is born from weird fantasy surrealism and the grit-filled insanity of the post-apocalyptic; collapsing Bronze Age civilizations wherein the first epics were born; contemporary science, and the possibilities of magic drawn from ideas these nascent Akarans can hardly fathom. The people of Akara are diverse, and what divides them is ambition and Cataclysm, not skin color or sexuality.

If you're new to the setting, the Odium tier comes with the 236-page PDF for SCAVENGER: Nomads of Uncharted Worlds. This book contains dozens of full-color illustrations; gameable lore in the form of engaging NPCs, adventure hooks, and action-packed locations; magic items, new subclasses, and variant class features to give scavengers an edge over foes; and much, much more.

If you're interested in the setting, you can get the full color PDF as a part of Crimson Catalyst, or you can check out our quickstart here.

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