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<ref name="Dragon #270">Reynolds first entered the [[role-playing game]] industry in 1995, when he was hired by [[TSR, Inc.|TSR]] as their online coordinator,<ref name="Dragon #270"> beating out [[Bruce Cordell]] for the same position.<ref name="hiredatTSR"> According to Reynolds, "I had two goals: to get TSR a website, and to change the company's then-restrictive online policy to something more reasonable."<ref name="Dragon #270"> When TSR was bought out by [[Wizards of the Coast]], Reynolds moved to Washington and worked on Wizards' pre-existing website.<ref name="Dragon #270"> Reynolds considers one of his greatest achievements of this time to be the fact that he got TSR/Wotc to relax its "draconian" online policy—enforcement of which in the past was the cause of much bad blood between the company and fans.<ref name="hiredatTSR">" </ref> Wizards of the Coast had a much more open online policy, so Reynolds applied for a job in the company's R&D division as a game designer. He designed such products as ''[[The Scarlet Brotherhood]]'' for ''AD&D'', ''Beyond Science: A Guide to FX'' for the ''[[Alternity]]'' game, and ''The Green Goblin's Guide to Crime'' for the ''Marvel Super Heroes Adventure Game''.<ref name="Dragon #270"> Reynolds also did some design work such as writing [[RPGA]] adventures and contributing to ''Children of the Night: Ghosts''.

By 1998, Reynolds had left his web position and was working full-time for WotC as a designer as part of "Team [[Greyhawk]]," the creative team tasked with revitalizing TSR/WotC's oldest [[campaign setting]].

Reynolds also contributed to the 3rd edition ''D&D'' ''[[Monster Manual]]'', introducing some new creatures such as the [[krenshar]].<ref name="Dragon #270"> Reynolds was laid off from WotC in 2002, and afterwards formed his own self-publishing company, "Sean K Reynolds Games." He continued to freelance in the d20 industry while working as an IP developer at [[Upper Deck]]. In July 2008, Paizo hired Reynolds as a developer on the [[Pathfinder Roleplaying Game]].</ref></ref></ref></ref></ref></ref></ref>

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