Sean's Pick of the Day (110216): Imago Mortis

Our friends in Poland are at it again as GRAmel wades into the "hardboiled supernatural noir" space (some would say side-by-side with Deadlands Noir, Trail of Cthulhu and Bloodshadows) with their latest release, Imago Mortis. Syle and substance come together in a very nice-looking and well-executed package as GRAmel continues to hone its collective craft to a fine edge.


Old world’s metropolis are getting wicked, night after night. There is more corruption, more violence, more madness than usual, and the criminals are becoming crueler.

In the meantime, in the corners of reality, someone is starting to see weird things: phantoms, paranormal activities, hauntings…

And a few people think there is a common pattern in that.

Prophecies and investigations point to the same direction, signs and clues are both used to solve cases, Spiritists and Private Eyes are starting to co-operate.

And there is something Inhuman rising from the Underworld…

Imago Mortis is a hardboiled horror Savage Setting, focused on the classic ingredients of noir and crime fiction, mixed with ghastly and paranormal elements.

This is a mix of genres that Savage Worlds handles exceedingly well, especially if you're keen to have a healthy dose of action with your detective stories.

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