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Searching for the Thievery 101 series of adventures.

Michael Kos

First Post
Does anyone remember the old Thievery 101 series of 3.0 adventures from Wyvern's Claw Design (an OGL company)? Well, I've been looking (unsuccessfully) for two of their solo thieving modules: "Joining the Watchers" and its follow up "The Periapt of Famidon." Does anyone have a copy of either, in pdf or paper format, that they wouldn't mind sending my way? I wouldn't mind paying or trading for it. Thanks!

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They used to have the first module posted as a free download on ENWorld per the Internet Archive @ Wayback Machine but the old files aren't here any longer, it seems. You might poke around in the archive to see if you can find another old link that still works.


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