DDAL Season 8 Adventurer's League (Waterdeep) as a home campaign?


Has anyone run Season 8 adventures as a home game and how did they play? My group played through Dragon Heist and loved it but some 5E mechanics issues broke our game down around level 7 while in Undermountain and we decided to switch back to 2E for a while. Ultimately we decided that while we all had a long AD&D background most of the players now preferred 5E so we returned. They made new characters and we played through a small homebrew intro adventure where they traveled from Waterdeep to Saltmarsh at level 1. Then we ran Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh and Danger at Dunwater. I ran a couple sessions of homebrew after that and ended up guiding the players back to Waterdeep. The group is currently level 4 so I will do some minor upgrades to bring the adventures to APL 4 or 5 as they progress. They really enjoyed the open ended play in the city and got into the roleplay a lot so Waterdeep is a great place for them.

I briefly looked over season 8 and really liked the idea of the players working in the service of Artor Morlin so I introduced Map with no Name. This week the players are going to start following the clues on the map. I have only fully read through DDAL08-01 Map with no Name and DDAL08-02 Beneath the City of the Dead. I like the story but I feel the adventures themselves need some work, especially for a home setting where time isn't a constraint.

So anyone with experience running the Season 8 adventures in a home setting or in a public AL game care to share their experiences with these adventures? Love to hear about the strong and weak points. At first glance it appears that these might require a fair amount of work to make them acceptable for home use.

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Urriak Uruk

Gaming is fun, and fun is for everyone
Haven't actually run them, but I'm thinking of using some of them in conjunction with Dragon Heist.

So using the first couple about the missing maps to introduce Jarlaxle and his boats, then the time-travel one with Manshoon, and the ones in Skullport for Xanathar (who does show up in those). Then I can use all the lair maps from the Dragon Heist book.


How about those that ran them as AL adventures? Any opinions of the content? Are they any good or did you find them lacking? Just trying to decide if it's worth the effort or should I just work on something else.

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