[Seattle Area][Offline] Seattle RPG Carousel Seeking Two More RPG-onauts!


Do you like a bunch of different RPGs? Tired of buying all these games and never having a chance to play them?!?! Us too!

We are currently 5 RPG-onauts exploring the world of RPGs. Come join the mission!

We will be switching games/GMs every 8 - 12 sessions.

Meeting weekly or bi-weekly on SAT 4pm to 10pm at Metro Seattle Gamers. (yes there will be a nominal monthly fee, we will have our own key, and as you will see, it will be OKIE DOKIE. I like to rhyme.)

PM your reddit username to me if interested and I'll add you to our SUPER secret group. That's on Live Journal. Via the MySpace forum. We like fun! B-)


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