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In February (barring unforeseen circumstances), I’ll be thrilled to bring you the second release from Speaks & Spells Publishing: Secrets of the Selkies! Although the centerpiece and unifying theme of this release is the selkie heritage (fey/humanoids that can shapeshift into seals and sea lions at will), the packet will contain so much more! That’s why leading up to the release, I’ll be posting teasers of what you can expect to see in this thread! (Specifics may differ from final product.)

Let’s come out the gate swinging by taking a peak at a brand new combat tradition, the Selfless Sentinel!

Selfless Sentinel Maneuvers​

Devotion, Protection, Selflessness
True strength lies not in the ability to overpower the weak, but in the willingness to suffer what others cannot. Those who follow the Selfless Sentinel tradition cultivate a willingness to sacrifice themselves for others, even to the point of laying down their lives if necessary.

Bodyguard Stance (1 points)​

1st degree Selfless Sentinel bonus action (stance)
Instead of half cover, you provide three-quarters cover to allies within 5 feet of you.

Selfless Shove (1–3 points)​

1st degree Selfless Sentinel reaction
As a reaction to an ally within 5 feet of you and no more than one size larger than you being forced to make a saving throw against a harmful effect that targets an area, you may enter your ally’s space and shove them in any direction away from you a number of feet equal to 10 + 5 for every point of exertion spent on this maneuver, potentially removing them from the area of effect but subjecting you to it. This movement does not provoke opportunity attacks.

Stay Close (1 point)​

1st degree Selfless Sentinel bonus action
Choose an ally within 5 feet of you when you activate this maneuver. Until the end of your turn, whenever you use your movement, your ally can use their reaction to move along with you so long as they remain within 5 feet of you and do not move a distance greater than their speed.

Take the Hit (1 point)​

1st degree Selfless Sentinel reaction
In reaction to a creature within 5 feet of you being hit by an attack, you may use your reaction to swap places with them, becoming the target of the attack instead. This movement does not provoke opportunity attacks.
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Secrets of the Selkies contains not one, not two, but SEVEN new archetypes for players to choose from, including two for the new classes in MoAR: Complete, the Elementalist and the Wielder. Let’s glance at a few features from the Wielder archetype: The Crowned

Crowned (Wielder)​

The rulers of all nations and peoples possess regalia: objects which confirm their legitimacy and strengthen their power. In a few cases, however, such artifacts are more than mere symbols. Crowned wielders, by virtue of their bond with the relic they bear, are the rightful bearers of authority in their domain, and although not all have yet ascended to positions of power, their destiny is clear. Whatever form the relic they bear takes, they will one day bear the crown.

Recognized Authority​

At 10th level, your authority becomes undeniable to all but the truly mighty. You gain an expertise die on all Charisma checks made against creatures whose CR or level is equal to or less than your level.

In addition, you gain the Lawful alignment trait, and your Prestige bonus increases by 1.

All Hail​

At 18th level, your authority is unquestionable and pervasive. Once per long rest, you may cast dominate monster, and it is considered a wielder spell for you.

In addition, your Prestige bonus increases by 1.


This week, I'm giving you more than just a taste of what's to come in Secrets of the Selkies! Enjoy the Homecoming Destiny, complete and ready to play! (Final representation and content may differ.)


Today is both Valentine’s Day and Ash Wednesday, so in honor of this coincidence, I’m previewing not one, but two archetypes from Secrets of the Selkies! What’s more, I’m previewing the initial levels so that if you want to get an early start with these archetypes, you can!

Pilgrim (Cleric)​

Pilgrims are clerics that seek to access the divine by undertaking a journey of great significance. For some, a single destination defines the entirety of their lives, while others visit a variety of holy sites in their time. For others still, the end destination is unimportant or even entirely unknown; it is instead the journey itself which chiefly forges their soul. Whatever their path, these holy travelers are always on the road, beckoned ever forward by the calling in their souls.

Table: Pilgrim Spells​

Level Spell
1st longstrider, traveler’s ward
3rd magic map (DDG), pass without trace
5th phantom steed, tiny hut
7th freedom of movement, awaken portal (DDG)
9th commune with nature, teleportation circle

Sacred Journey​

At 1st level, you know how to contemplate the divine at all times, no matter where you or what you’re doing. You can perform the Pray journey activity simultaneously with any other journey activity. In addition, you gain the Righteous Path sign of faith.

Wisdom of the Road​

Also at 1st level, you are prepared to get by in any environment, whether traveling down bustling, urban streets or remote, forgotten roads. You gain proficiency in Culture and Survival (or an expertise die if you are already proficient), and may always use Wisdom when making a check with these abilities. In addition, you learn the friends and shillelagh cantrips.

Channel Divinity: Make Straight the Way​

At 2nd level, you may use an action and expend a use of Channel Divinity to clear a 20-foot square or 10-foot by 40-foot line of difficult terrain within 60 feet of you for 10 minutes.

Lovesworn (Herald)​

Among heralds, Lovesworn perhaps possess the distinction of drawing their power from the most common of oaths: to remain faithful and united with those they love, even to the end of their days. While many Lovesworn first discover this font of strength in the passions of romance, such fleeting passions do not ultimately sustain them. Rather, these heralds draw power from their faithfulness and service to those they hold most dear, even in quiet, hidden moments devoid of obvious heroics and fanfare. As such, these heralds need not be engaged in romance at all, with many making their pledges to other family members or platonic friends. In fact, the vast majority discover that their pledge of fidelity broadens their love rather than restricting it, allowing their devotion to ultimately extend to all they encounter.

Tenets of the Lovesworn​

All Lovesworn hold similar tenets, regardless of the object of their devotion.
  • As You Wish. No task is too great, nor too small, in the service of those you love.
  • Ever Faithful. Within the bounds of your conscience, you never break trust with a loved one.
  • Selfless. You always prefer the good of those you love, even at your own expense.
  • Thick and Thin. You share in both the bounties and the sufferings of those you love.

Archetype School​

Add the utility school of magic to your list of herald spells.

Channel Divinity​

At 3rd level, you gain the following Channel Divinity options.

Fidelity. As an action, you grant a creature you touch immunity to the charmed condition and spells of the compulsion school until the start of your next turn, ending any such effects. Being subject to any of the aforementioned effects cannot prevent you from using this Channel Divinity option.

Second Self. When you cast a spell that targets a creature or are targeted by such a spell, you may use your reaction to also target an additional willing creature within 30 feet of you. Either the original or the additional target must be yourself, and all creatures targeted by the spell must be willing targets or the Channel Divinity fails.


Do you have a release date? I really liked Arcane Exterminator and look forward to Secrets of the Selkies :)
Lovelorn seems fun, and I enjoy shifter heritages.
Before the end of the month! I’m putting the finishing touches on it, and then there’s some proofreading that some kind folks are doing for me, and then it’s off to the races!

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