See The Tomb Of Horrors Modelled In 3D

Josh Plunkett, over his blog Down Under DM, has been building the complete Tomb of Horrors in 3D using tiles and Hirst Arts molds, along with dungeon dressing models from Lady Sabelle Designs. There are spoilers within (though, to be fair, the adventure is nearly 40 years old). I've shown a couple of images below, but click on either to head over to his blog to see the rest.



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First Post
Even if they did the whole thing is modular with the rest of my setup so this will all be used for years to come

Hooping to provide some pics of the entire thing together and the rest of the rooms in the next two weeks.


First Post
Ran it last night with my 10-13 year old nephews. Havn't laughed so hard in a long time. One of them was rather angry when he lost all his physical items. I lost count on how many times he went back through the mist trying to trigger a change in the pattern.

They gave up half way and decided to return to town for a rest to come back next time :)

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