WOIN Seeker Upgrade on ranged weapons


So the Seeker upgrade gives a +2d6 bonus on top of weapon quality to attacks but can only be used once per round.

Does this mean that the weapon can only be shot once per round (Every shot being a seeking shot), or that you can take 2 shots each round with one being a seeking shot?
I could see the GM ruling either way but wanted to see peoples thoughts.

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IMHO, I'd lean towards the former if it were my game. I'd be inclined to think that seeker ammo and non-seeker ammo would be sufficiently different as to not be compatible for loading together in the same magazine. I'd say the user could change magazines and flip a selector switch on the weapon (or the weapon could detect the difference in magazines automatically) to change from seeker to non-seeker mode.


I see where you're coming from but then you're playing with different ammunitions and the projectile is able to change directions after being fired, a self guiding shot. As the descriptor says: "enhanced target-finding AI instantaneously calculate the exact distance and direction of the target" I would see it more as the gun deciding the perfect time to fire, not a change in what's being fired.

"Seeker" might be the wrong word for this upgrade then if it's not a homing shot. "Advanced Targetting System" may of been better. Could still see it rule either way with whether it has to be only Seeker shots or can switch between.

I threw this upgrade on an exceptional Disintegration weapon that an NPC would have hung on the wall, long disused and out of power. Held by an Ogron Veteran living in a small hut in a swamp, that even without the Disintegration weapon could wipe out the entire party.
Let's see how the players choose to play it :LOL:


Well, that was fun
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The rule (and intention) is as written: seeking weapons can only be fired once per round.

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