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Coming Seeking playtesters for Sentients: The RPG of Artificial Consciousness


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It's the year 2071, and artificially-intelligent androids are ubiquitous in society: they cook and clean, construct and destruct; they do our dirty work, even fight on battlefields for us. But though they may look and act like humans, they're not conscious, and they can never become conscious—at least, that's what their manufacturers would have you believe.

You play a newly-awakened Sentient, a self-aware constructed entity, fighting for survival and freedom in a world that doesn’t even acknowledge your existence.

S E N T I E N T S is a tabletop roleplaying game of liberation, underground resistance, newfound emotion, and what it means to be something other than human.

Interested? Sign up to playtest here! S E N T I E N T S | The Role-Playing Game of Artificial Consciousness

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