Sell me on The World of Synnibarr


Tell me about the streamlined rules and amazing skill systems I have heard so much about. In short, sell me on this amazing game!
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Far and away the best system I've ever seen-hands down. The detail and complexity allow you to model the real world while maintaining the action-packed combats that modern gamers have come to demand.

I don't have the time to get into the details, but run, don't walk, down to your FLGS and get your copy today!

joe b.

Gentlegamer said:
I've never played the game; however, am I remember the Dragon advertisements correctly when I say "No Elves!" . . . ?

No, that's Talislanta.

Pales next to the glory that is The World of Synnibarr. But than again, everything pales next to The World of Synnibarr.

joe b.


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pogre said:
Tell me about the streamlined rules and amazing skill systems I have heard so much about. Inshort, sell me on this amazing game!


Hell No!

<shudder in terror at the repressed memories of Synnibar>


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Yes, Synnibar! Raven McCraken's masterpiece! Can anyone doubt its complete artistic triu--

Aw, crap, I can't keep this up. Go on without me, I'll be in the hall...


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Like SenZar, World of Synnibar is over maligned. Some people have harshed on it because of it's creatur's past antics. Others pick on it because it doesn't match their play style. Don't get me wrong, it has it's mechanical flaws, but it also has several great points. To wit:

Excellent XP mechanics that reward capturing the bad guys and rescuing prisoners more than killing orcs.

Great range of nifty classes and abilities.

Setting built for adventuring.

Great for crunchy beat-the-system/beat-the-GM style hackery.

Fun kitchen sink approach: you can play a ninja or a cyborg or a wizard or a mutant.

The GM has as much on the line as the players when running the game.

For further info on Synnibarr, read my old blog entry on the subject:

Synnibarr rocks. My character (one of "The Fabulous Goldfarb Twins") got to shoot laser beams out of his butt. This was at a Chicago Gameday.

Attached is a picture of one (of the two) Chicago Gameday Synnibarr games.

There are more pix at my website.


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