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Selling to Noble Knight?


Anyone have any experience with this? I have a bunch of RPG books I want to sell, and am looking at routes other than (or in addition to) Amazon marketplace.

Specifically, I'm wondering which approach they take when you send them a list. Do they 1) Buy everything, but just pay pennies for undesirable product, or B) Pick and choose choice items? Or C) Somewhere in-between?

As a side note, why isn't there a trading forum here anymore? Would love to see that again.

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I’ve done a few transactions with Noble Knight. Each was for a bunch o RPG books plus some trade comics.

It’s been a little over a year since my last interaction with them so I can’t remember if they ask for desired payment method as part of submitting your list or after you submit it. You can get store credit or cash. Either way, I only got the total they were willing to pay for all the items, no breakdown by book. They will give you a breakdown by payment method if you want.

Unsurprisingly, you’ll get more for store credit than cash. Even then you’ll most likely get more selling the books online than the store credit. It’s good if you just want to get rid of a bunch of books without the hassle of online sales.

Noble Knight does provide you with a paid shipping label.

All my transactions with them have been smooth and professional. I’d do business with them again, probably once I get my piles RPG books and trades organized.


I have also dealt with them. Only once when I was cleaning house and getting rid of a lot of clutter that I no longer needed/wanted.

Like Elodan states, they give you a price for the lot, or what the store credit would be, and you get to choose. They provide the shipping label or labels to get the stuff out to them. They receive it, take a couple of days to review the quality and then confirm your payment and/or credit.

I had a smooth transaction with them and took the sale price they offered, as while I knew that I likely could double or triple the income I made if I went the Ebay or Amazon Marketplace route, the time that would take for me to run it properly also had a value that I did not want to invest. They made the process easy to deal with.

In answer to your specific question, in my case the answer was 1) paying pennies for undesirable product that I had a few of, but that was more than made up for by the fact I no longer had to worry about how else I was going to unload those undesirable products anywhere else.

Cheers :)


I live about 15 minutes from Noble Knight.

I've sold quite a few things to them.

Sell to them for the convenience, not because of the offer they'll make on your books or games. Given the overhead in their service, the GIANT building storing 700K+ games/books/etc., I expect to receive in store credit about 1/5th of the (used) price for an item I'm selling. But, even that is just an average. If the item you're selling has low demand or they already have several copies, the offer will be lower. When I've sold in the store, they've explained a little about what's valuable and what's not.

If you've ever sold books to a used book store, the financial experience is about the same: satisfying to eliminate clutter and a little pocket change as a result.

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