Serenity/Firefly non-game resources?


What are some non-rpg rules/supplements that are available for the Serenity/Firefly universe? I have looked on Amazon and it is a mish-mash of materials I can’t really evaluate and the best search terms escape me.

I am not really interested in the books published for the Serenity rpg, unless the consensus is there is nothing else worthwhile.

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Have you tried the comics? I read the first four, I think, and they were quite good. They explain what happens to the "Two by two, hands of blue" agents, for instance.

Just on a tangent you are aware that Serenity and Firefly, both published by MWP, are very different systems? I massively prefer the (later) Firefly system but it's a light comedic game with limited injury rules.

Of course there is the online wikis - Looks like 3 of them are with Fandom, and I'd probably go through these before going for paid in-depth options like Firefly: A Celebration, The Serenity Handbook, Firefly Encyclopedia, Hidden Universe Travel Guides: Firefly: A Traveler's Companion to the 'Verse. I don't personally own any of these but they are made for fans not for RPGs, so its probably not as gameable.

The comics were fun and an easy read. The first novel didn't keep my attention though.


There was a script book released (as usual, slightly different than the final film after reshoots and editing) which had additional notes, photos, and concept art. Depending on whether you like where Serenity the movie took things, it could be a good bit of extra background material.

There's also Finding Serenity, an essay book on the series. No universe information per se, but it does delve into the themes and motifs that could be useful to help guide and frame a campaign to follow those themes and motifs.


There have also been half a dozen or more novels published, all of new stories in the same 'Verse, some of them better than others.


aramis erak

The Firefly: The Board Game (Gale Force 9) can be very easily used as both a job generator and a complication generator. I have used it in prep more than once. It also gives a passably fun map upon which a party can track their travels...

Likewise, there's Firefly: Out to the Black card game. It seems to be OOP. It's got a good stack of jobs and complications, too. Yes, I've used it, too.

Probably the best resource is a fan-done one: The Verse In Numbers. It gives a really good overview of the system.
TVIN via Since TVIN is licensed under CC, it's not an ethical issue to point to it.
I adapted TVIN to Traveller stats, but my stats sheets don't include the illos; it's an appendix, not a replacement.
Aramis' Firefly Page it's the third entry.


Thanks everyone. I bought the two Legacy edition trade paperbacks that collect most of the Dark Horse comic series. I wasnt aware of the book series but am looking at that now, and will see about some of the books.

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