SerlingFest 2021: A Celebration of the Life, Words and Imagination of Rod Serling


Hey fans of Rod Serling's The Twilight Zone, Night Gallery, and Planet of the Apes! I'm on the Board of Directors of the Rod Serling Memorial Foundation, and this weekend in Binghamton NY (Rod Serling's hometown and mine as well), we are hosting SerlingFest 2021. All events are free to the public so if you are in the Binghamton area please feel free to stop by. We will also be live streaming the events on our Facebook page if you want to watch. Here's the official SerlingFest 2021 page for this weekend with the schedule of events and links to the live stream: SerlingFest 2021 | OCT 16-17 | BINGHAMTON, NY & ONLINE - Rod Serling Memorial Foundation
Saturday, Oct 16 and Sunday, Oct 17, 2021!

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